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「Chunbi-chan, keep it together!」


I’ve already used up 5 recovery medicine that I’ve gotten from Waffle.

I heard that even if you use many at once, the effect would still be weak, so right now I’m only prolonging Chunbi-chan’s death chun. I have to somehow keep her alive before I reach the royal palace…..


I can’t believe that Master would want to eat Chunbi-chan, it’s really too much chun. Even if he wanted to eat me (….well, I don’t think I would taste that great either way chun), but to eat Chunbi-chan is just outrageous! I’m sure after what I did to him, he won’t want me to come back anymore.


Master, you have took care of me chun.

Even if Chunsuke is not there anymore, please eat your meals properly.

And please wake up early in the morning chun….


….Well then, I’ve managed to run away from my former master, but right now…..

The only place I can find help is the two friends that I’ve recently met, the wolf monster Waffle, and the whale monster Kuu.

….But, I don’t know where they are living chun…

So, the first place I thought of was the royal palace chun.

If it’s that doctor, I’m sure even he can treat Chunbi-chan!

He even fed me bread crumbs when Master wasn’t looking! So I’m sure he’s a good person chun! !

And if I manage to find Waffle and co, I’m sure they’ll definitely help Chunbi-chan! So please, don’t die on me now…..

If you stay alive, I will share you the secret stash bread that I’ve kept!….So please ! !


With all these thoughts, I speed up even more.

It wasn’t the time for these sobbing stories, I’ll have to be even quicker chun!


With the kingdom’s direction in mind, I desperately flapped my wings.




「……So he flew away huh.」


Coming down from behind the horse, the knight looked towards the way Chunsuke flew away and said.


「Chunsukeeeeee, come back right now! ! ! Aren’t ya gonna heed my orders! !」


Damn that dumb ass sparrow ! ! Who was the one who allowed you to be alive until now.

What’s more, isn’t he under tamed, why wouldn’t he heed my orders?

This never happened before!  What did he want to do with that half dead sparrow anyway?

With that wounds, it’s gonna die anyways. Wouldn’t it be better to just cook it up and fill my stomach. Why can’t he even understand something that simple !


「Well, what are we gonna do right now?」




What the fuck is he saying.

I already hated when he would always look at me from on top! And now he asks what am I gonna do?

Say it in a better tone towards me okay! ! !


「…..Haah, that’s why I’ve said that I was opposed to put such a guy into the knight’s division. He doesn’t even know the situation he’s in, what an idiot. Listen here? I’ll tell it to you that even your dumbass head would understand.」


「Huuh? Who are you to use those sorts of words in front of huh! I’m one of the person who was invited directly by Captain Cecil as their saving hope! Is it alright to use that kind of tone towards me!? HUH!?!」


「Please, think e-e-e-extra carefully why would the knights division even bothered to called such a useless being such as yourself here. What was the order you took from Captain Cecil? It’s a reconnaissance mission at the sky right. And now your tamed monster has runned off. So, how are you gonna complete your mission now?」


….What the? Now that I think about it, that’s true.

I was tasked to find that unknown monster, so in order to find it before the First Knights Division…..We have to search from the sky.

It’s as this person said, if I don’t have Chunsuke…..but he ignored my order and just flew away.


「….Th, that is….」


「Now do you realise how dire the situation is?…..So, what are you gonna do now? Saving hope-kun? Since you were using such a bossy tone at me until just now, I’m sure you would have something in mind?」


Damn it, this bastard….this person knew that I don’t have a plan at all.

The only tamed monster I have is Chunsuke.

If he isn’t here, then I have nothing….Wait a minute?




「Hm? Have you finally gone mad?」


「Wahahahahahahahahahaha! ! You wanna hear a plan right? Then that’s fine, I’ll let you in on it. Haven’t you forgotten what my job is? It’s alright, let me teach you so that your shitty brain can understand as well! That’s right, I’m a tamer! Which means, as long as I get a new monster to tame, then the problem is gone! Kukuku.」


That’s right, it’s not like I need that Chunsuke.

At any rate, that damn sparrow would’ve died sooner or later.

Then, why not just get one since that deadbeat is finally gone?


If that Chunsuke brought over a half dead sparrow over, it means there’s a sparrow race inside this forest.


Well, Sparrows are kinda rare, but this time I needed a flying monster.

Guess I have to compromise with it.


「Which means, ride me to a place where there’s sparrows.」


With that let’s get a move on.

Freaking find a sparrow and tame that bird.


「What kind of foolish things are you even saying? Why would I need to listen to your orders?」


「Huhh? Are you stupid? Aren’t you here because the captain gave you an assignment as well? If I don’t tame it then this mission will fail. So won’t you be in trouble as well? Huh?」


That’s right, you will drag together with me. Obviously to avoid failing his mission, he’ll have to work with me.

Not even knowing something simple as that, these knights ain’t really good ‘nyways, seriously.


「…..Kappore, seems like you’re misunderstanding something.」


Huh? A misunderstanding?


「My mission is to bring you to the forest. The reconnaissance mission is part of my job scope. Which means, there’s not a single reason I have to follow you. Can you understand now? Hm?」


…………………What !!?


「Yo, you serious!? You know what the hell you’re saying! That’s obviously not the case!?」


「Well, good luck then! I’ll definitely report to you the next job you have to do from the captain! Bye bye!」


This bastard….Leaving me here….and going back.

Are you kidding, leaving me alone in a place like this….


This is the first time in my life that I’ve experienced a physiological phenomenon of cold sweat running down my spine.




「…..J, just a little more….I can…see the palace….Chunbi-chan, don’t give up….Just a little….more.」


Without resting even once, I continued to fly.

There was only one more recovery medicine left from Waffle.

But with this recovery medicine, I’m able to keep Chunbi-chan alive till now.


「…..Chunsuke…..Instead of using it on me….Use it on yourself…or you’ll die!」


「….I’m alright, so don’t waste your breath in worrying about me and rest…We’re almost at the kingdom….」


I’ve resolved not to give up. If I give up now, what would happen to Chunbi-chan!?

With the remaining strength I have left, I used that to flap my wings.

1 meter, another 1 more meter….and the kingdom is right in front of me.


Just a few more meters to visit the doctor chun.

So dont’ give up! ! Don’t…..give….up…..hmm….th…is…is….weird…



No, I can’t fall right now.

I’ll have to save….Chunbi-chan…..


「Ch, Chunsukeeeee! ! !」


My consciousness is starting to fade away.

This is weird….I can’t….see the kingdom….




「No, No—–Chunsuke, don’t die on me!」


『Wafuuu! ! ! ! ! !』


Before I lost consciousness, I could hear….my friend…Waffle’s voice.


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