Cut&Paste: Chapter 187 – Reporting to the King (Myne route 1)

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「Danna-sama, Danna-sama….please wake up, it’s already morning!」


While shaking at me vigorously, I could hear someone calling me up.

…..That sounds like Sylphy.


「….Another,…5 more….minutes….」


Giving a groggy answer, the shaking became stronger.

No, the level is similar to that of an earthquake.


「WAKE UP NOW———–! ! ! ! ! ! !」


! ! ! ! ! ! !


Even I who had a hard time waking up jumped up by Sylphy shouting right beside my ear.


「….So you’ve finally wake up. Wasn’t Danna-sama the one who said that we have to get up early today?」


….Aah, I vaguely remembered that.

Usually I could wake up just fine, but for some reason, today I’m feeling lethargic.

Even though we always use 【Unique Magic・Spacetime】 to head back home and sleep every night, I guess it really took a toll on me after we’ve cleared the dungeon.


Well, that goes to show that the Tamers Ring are one of the three big clans to be able to almost clear the dungeon without going back even once.


….Well, the Tamers Ring is already at a semi-destructive state.

Since the leader, Tales, has already been killed by the Demon Xanadu.

And his body is inside my time stopping storage bag.

Also, his fellow members had the same fate as him, as they were all eaten by the Chimera.


I mean it’s not like he brought his entire clan to the dungeon, as there are still some left at their clan house……Aah, now that I think about it, that Kappore is still alive. I wonder what happened to him?


Sylphy did stop by at the royal palace and spoke about the situation, and based on his actions towards us……it might be a huge possibility that he has been dismantled by them.


What comes around goes around, a word befitting of his fate, as the prosperous must decline…..It’s kinda sad to hear. We must also tighten up ourselves when we’re doing any activities in the future!


「So you’ve finally woke up, and stop sitting there naked and get dressed. Aisha’s preparing breakfast for us below.」


Now that she’s mentioned it, Aisha who was supposed to be sleeping beside me isn’t here.

Even Sylphy who sleeps beside me had already dressed up, I was the only one who woke up late.


「Sorry for oversleeping, I’ll immediately get up and head to the living room. And thanks for waking me up Sylphy!」


I got up from bed, and quickly wore some clothes.

Sylphy was still there, but she didn’t seem to mind. Well, it’s not like we’ve never seen each other naked.






Going into the living room together with Sylphy, I could see that everyone was already present.

It seems like I’ve really overslept by a lot…I feel kind of bad.


「I’m sorry everyone that I’ve slept for such a long time….」


「Don’t worry about it, it’s better to rest a bunch…..For now, we’re about to leave so have a seat first?」


As Aisha said so, I sat down and Waffle and Kuu came running along here.

Waffle sat at his fixed position, which was on top of my head, and Kuu laid on my lap.


『Wafu~! Myne, you’re finally awake! I was waiting for you!』

『KyuKyu~, Onii-sama, I’m going to separate with you today, so Kuu is lonely today!』


Right, Kuu is doing something else today.

But then again…’re meeting with your mom, Cetus-sama right?


「Kuu, cheer up. If Kuu doesn’t cheer up, Cetus-sama would be worried about you, okay?」


Did my words go through her?

She then suddenly jumped up from my lap, then flew around the ceiling in circles.


『Kuu has revived!』


Seeing her flying around energetically, all of us smiled at that sight, and our Fortuna family began our breakfast.


「Aisha, when are you leaving for the elf’s ruins?」


Since the 4 of them are heading to the elf ruins without me, they had to take a horse carriage there, so we won’t know when they’ll reach.

Thus, I thought of just sending them there with 【Unique Magic・Spacetime】 before I head off.

Then, once they want to head back, Kuu can just use 【Telepathy≪Cetus≫】 and call me to pick them up.


Just so you know, the 【Telepathy】 that we’ve gotten from the new dungeon can’t be used for long distance communication.

However, the 【Protection of the Divine Beast: Telepathy】 given by the Divine Beast can be used anywhere, anytime.


And also, the 【Contract of the Divine Beast】 that Sylphy and the rest has, though it’s better than the 【Telepathy】, the distance between us this time is too far to be of used as well.


「After we finished eating, we’ll immediately depart. It’s not like we can immediately find it as well, so it’s better to give ourselves more time to search for it.」


It’s true what Aisha said.

What’s more, we don’t know whether we can even find one to begin with.

So it’s not a bad idea to give yourselves a head start.


「Got it, as for going back, is it okay if all of you gather at the Dungeon of the World Tree? I will ask Cetus-sama if she’ll give Aisha and Sylphy her protection.」


If the both of them can receive the protection, then we could communicate with each other with endless distance.

I don’t know whether she’ll give or not, but since we’re like family, I’ll try pleading her for it.


「I got it, either way Kuu has to meet with Cetus-sama regardless.」


「However, I can’t believe this pink monster is a Divine Beast, so is that wolf…..Looks can be deceiving. I can’t blame Xanadu for being careless. And I can see how they could win against Test Subject Number 1.」


『I’m not a pink monster! My name is Kuu! ! ! !』


Since Pillows-san has the 【Telepathy】 skill, Kuu scolded her.

Yeap, that’s not a good way to call her. I can understand where she’s coming from, seeing that they’ve already introduced themselves yesterday, so obviously Kuu wanted Pillows-san to call her by her name.


『Ahh, I’m sorry.』


Pillows then bowed to Kuu and apologized.


With that, we finally finished our delicious breakfast.

Thanking Aisha for her wonderful meal, we took our plates into the kitchen.


「Once I come back, I’ll wash it.」


After that meal, we drank some hot tea to calm ourselves.


「Then, let’s go!」


I used the 【Unique Magic・Spacetime】, and opened the door to the elf ruins.


「…..The elf village huh….it’s kinda nostalgic.」


Looking at Pillows-san’s eyes immersed with emotions, I used 【Unique Magic・Spacetime】 once more to open up a gate to the royal palace.


「Bye Kuu. Do talk about the many things you’ve done with your mom okay!」


I patted her head, and her eyes were filled with joy.


Waving Aisha and co goodbye, Sylphy, Waffle and I then head off to the royal palace.




As soon as we arrived the palace, Waffle titled his head.


『What’s the matter Waffle?』


『I can feel, Chunsuke’s presence… feels like, he’s dying? ? No, someone beside him is dying?』


EH!? What did he just say? ? What is happening?

Is it that Kappore guy who did it! ! Either way, I’ll have to help him!


『Waffle, lead the way!』


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