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Alright, I guess we’re mostly done with this conversation, so should we end it for the day?

…..Which means, should we have dinner and a bath?


「For now, we’ve roughly planned out what we’re gonna do, so should we start preparing for our meals?」


Everyone except Amy-san didn’t have a decent meal.

We can’t think on an empty stomach, now can we.


「Myne-kun, for our dinner, Amy-san and I will go and prepare it now, so why don’t you head to the bathroom and prepare that instead? Shouldn’t we bring Pillows-san to our pride and joy of our bathroom?」


Our number one chef in the Fortuna Family, Aisha suggested.

The Clan House’s bathroom is indeed nice, but nothing beats our home’s bathroom!

And if Pillows-san goes inside the bathroom with Amy-san, they can chat about old times!


「Un, alright then!」


I gently picked up Waffle who was sleeping soundly on top of my head and laid him on the carpet.

Since he loves to take a bath, should I wake him up as well?

But he looks like he’s having such a great sleep, I’m hesitant to wake him up.


Thinking about it for a second, I moved to the bathroom and used 【Cleaning】 before pouring in hot water.


Since all of us loves to use the bathroom, I always imagine that someone would be inside the bathroom when I’m at home. Especially Waffle and Kuu, if we don’t check up on them, they could really stay inside the bathroom from day till night.

I would usually clean the bathroom, but since I have a chance now, it’s better to thoroughly clean it until it’s spick and span.


After the hot water was filled, I pasted the 【Constant:Water】 and 【Constant: Heat】 on the pebbles.


「Alright, the bathtub has been set!」


Normally, it would take me 5 minutes or so to set up the bathtub, but since I was cleaning the entire bathroom, it took quite some time. When I returned to the living room, the food has already been prepared, and Amy-san was bringing various dishes from the kitchen.


Before the Clan House was built, Amy-san was living together with us, so Amy-san’s skills are surprisingly good. Even Pillows-san who was watching her went 「Hou」 or 「Fumu」.


「…..Originally, Amy is also a homely person, so it’s obvious that she’ll be skilled with these? Based on her movements from the past, it’s much more refined now.」


I understand that her being skilled because of the time spent in our home…but her movement?……Aah, maybe it’s because she leveled up? Back when we were in the Dungeon of the World Tree, Amy-san was leveling up like crazy there. Based on their levels alone, I can safely say that Amy-san would be stronger than Pillows-san without her fallen into darkness status….


「….Ehehe, is that so? When Pillows said that, it kinda brightens me up.」


Hearing Pillows-san praising her, her ears were twitching like crazy, as if she was extremely happy.


…..I felt that after Pillows-san is here, Amy-san’s mood has started to brighten up.

Previously, she was like an honour student, but now she’s like your yearly(?) adorable girl.


Aisha and Pillows-san who noticed that as well….questioned her during dinner, and she was really surprised, but we can all tell that it was right.




「Danna-sama, what should we do for tomorrow?」


While we were eating our dinner, Sylphy suddenly asked as if just remembering.


「Yeah, I’m thinking of dividing it into two things.」


There’s two urgent things to do for tomorrow.

First, is to meet with King-sama and report.

Then, after the report, I would need to announce about the existence of Pillows-san as well.

…..And about the new skills that I’ve gotten….Like the 【Repatriation of the Dead】, I think it’s also best to report that as well.

And I don’t think it’s a good idea to just bring the Chimera to the royal palace as well, but I do have to show it to them…..

When I used this skill without telling any of them, there were various problems as it shocked my family.

Aah right, I have to tell King-sama about what happened to the Tamers Ring.

Also, what happened to Tales as well.

…..And it’s better to talk about that Kappore too.


The next thing is to find the “Bracelet of Bewitching” at the elf’s ruins.

It’s an urgent matter to hide Pillows-san’s true identity.

One can say that once this has been settled, she could freely live her life.


「….I see, it’s true that both are important matters to attend. However, Danna-sama…..Can we move it to a later time for Pillows-san to meet with Fenrir-sama?」


「Hmm, based on the order, that has to be the last? Well, it’s not like we’re in a hurry for that anyways.」


Guess I’ll still have to keep my skills a secret before she meets with Fenrir-sama first.


It’s certain that once she receives the “Contract of the DIvine Beast”, I could tell her about my skills…..

But to me, I feel like knowing Pillows-san as a person first, even for a little more.

Is it really okay for me to tell her about my skill? That was what’s running through my mind. So it’s better to get to know her first.


「Then, Myne-kun. Since you’ve divided it into two, how are we gonna go about it?」


「Hmm, for meeting with King-sama, I was thinking that Sylphy and I would go. Then as for the elf’s ruin, that would be Aisha, Pillows-san, and also Amy-san.」


It’s better to bring Sylphy along to the royal palace.

And to report the matters, obviously the representative has to be there.

For the elf’s ruins, it’s obviously better for more people to be there. And to have two former residents living there, it might be easier for them to locate the bracelet.


『How about Waffle and Kuu?』


Being lured by the smell of the food, I asked Waffle and Kuu who just woke up from it.


『I want to follow Myne!』


As expected right!

….I’m fine with it, but Waffle….you’re drooling all over….just how deeply were you sleeping?


『I would like to meet with Dear Mother, so I shall follow Aisha onee-sama.』


Aah, I see.

Since they’re heading near the Dungeon of the World Tree, she can meet with Cetus-sama.

Waffle has met with his siblings and Fenrir-sama a good few times, but since Kuu came here, she hasn’t meet with her mother for quite awhile now.

So since she has the time now, it’s a chance for her.

….I’m sorry Kuu, I didn’t consider your feelings.


Getting the plans ready for tomorrow, it was now time for Waffle’s bath time.


At first, it was Amy-san and Pillows-san who shall get in first, then only our family that goes in.

But now it turned into Waffle and Kuu joining with Amy-san to bath first.


Well then, after bathing…..better to head to bed early for our big day tomorrow.

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