Level 1 Guy: Chapter 207 – A magical Bullet

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Featured Image; Reimu with her yin yang bullets


Selen Dungeon, the deepest floor.

The air was clearly filled with [impurity], as the Dungeon Master Bicorn is loitering around.


Even after encountering it a few times, I find that it is a rare monster indeed.


Bicorn, and Unicorn.

Uni meaning 1 , and Bi meaning 2.

As you could’ve guessed, based on the name itself, the Bicorn has two horns, compared to a unicorn.


[Repetition.] (Ryouta)


Using my magic, I instantly killed it.

Then, using the Infinite Recovery bullet, I fired multiple times on myself.


As I don’t have any necessary training with a Dungeon Master, I used Repetition on it instead.

Plus, if I were to let it live for long, it would affect the other adventurers who wants to make money in the dungeon.


Thus, I want for practicality over training.


[Phew, that’s done. So this year’s work ends of with this huh.] (Ryouta)


I mumbled as I recovered from my fatigue.

However, seems like it’s not over yet.


I thought that I would get the Bicorn Horn that Celeste is using, but that was wishful thinking.


It was a stair leading down.

Even though this is the final floor, there’s another staircase.


Seems like this leads to the dungeon spirit room.


[……So it even appears when I defeat Dungeon Masters huh.] (Ryouta)


Thus, I went down—-and after reaching the last step, the stairs behind me disappeared.

And down that stairway, there was a corridor with nothing but [white].


[So it’s even the same as the other two.] (Ryouta)


It was a white path, and following that path, it lead to a wide area.


And at that end, there was a monster (?) there.


Its height was around 160cm, a rather tall lady.

With a long hair, she gave of a cool beauty look.

And around that beautiful lady, was a softball sized light ball floating.

It was as if she was a planet, with stars orbiting around her.


There were 7 of the balls, and all of them had different colours. (DRAGON BALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

7 coloured balls…..From it’s strange and unimaginable appearance, it’s without a doubt a magical ball.


[Can you speak? Or are you—–] (Ryouta)


As soon as I opened my mouth, she pointed at me.

Her fair and smooth skin, and fingers white and soft.


And at the tip of her finger, came a flame….!


[I knew it, huh!] (Ryouta)


I evaded the flames that was coming at my direction, then I tried using normal and homing bullets at her.


The normal bullets flew straight at her, and from behind was the homing bullet locking on to its target.


The lady once again lifted up her hands, and this time one of the blue magical balls released an icicle shield which blocked the bullets.

If its that then—-With fast reactions, I changed to my Flaming Bullet and the Slashing bullet and fired them at the same time.


They fused, and the Flame Slashing bullet cut through the icicle shield like paper.

Now for—–


[Ugh!] (Ryouta)


A sudden impact came from my side, I tried dodging away quickly, but I couldn’t completely soften the impact and was blown away.


[Guaaaaa!] (Ryouta)


I felt a burning pain on my entire body twice.

This is—–Electric shock!?


From the ground I immediately rolled away, then I got up from my knees.

From where I was just now, the lady released electricity using the balls floating around her.


Without wasting a second, she flew towards me.

Not the magical balls, but the person herself.


She held onto one of the magical balls.


『Summon, Katana.』


I thought I could hear her voice, but wasn’t the time.

The magical ball then take on the shape of a katana.

I didn’t have the time to dodge it, so I did a cross guard with my arms.




Something strange happened.

The sword didn’t cut my sleeves, but instead my clothes, my skin was sliced and blood started spewing out.


The sensation of my skin being burned was felt, a slash kind of pain.

In a panic, I randomly fired the normal bullet, and immediately kicked the ground and gained some distance.


Before I used my recovery bullet, I looked at my body.

My clothes were fine, but my skin was cut.


I fired multiple shots of Recovery Bullets, before the wounds closed up.


While holding onto the katana, she rushed towards me with considerable speed.


Not knowing how she did that, I again rapidly fired the normal bullets, and some Trash Bullets as well.


The high speed normal bullet was cut in half by the katana, and the slow Trash bullet which was behind.


[! !]

[Too bad, that thing doesn’t move.] (Ryouta)


The super slow speed Trash Bullet that moved at its own pace, wasn’t cut by her katana.


Right, I did hear her saying a katana.


So a sword that can only cut through human.


I kinda get it—-but.


[I can’t really drag this any further.] (Ryouta)


Immediately after slashing at me, the other magical balls started glowing.

Wondering what might happen next, I prepared myself.

It’s gonna be disadvantageous for me to drag this any longer, so I have to defeat her at one go.


Giving my all, I fired the Speed Up bullet onto myself.


The world around me stopped.


Within the accelerated world, I cross countered the lady.


She was blown backwards, but the response was ambiguous.

The magical ball that was flown with her, shone for a split second, before her impact weakened.


[Protection? Or is it a substitute? Either way I have to defeat her now.] (Ryouta)


I only have 30 seconds with the Speed up bullet.

I rushed again, this time towards the magical balls.


But as expected of the lady, she is worthy of being the guardian of this area.

Being able to retaliate even while I’m inside the accelerated world.

But it was still slow, to put it in layman terms, it’s like a three year old baby’s movement.


I dodged the sword, then at fast speed——but I could see the magical ball trying to attack me, so I dodged that as well.


And with the closest possible distance, I fired the Penetration Bullet at the magical ball.


The magical ball slowly shattered into pieces.

While the lady’s expression was slowly changing, I aimed the muzzle at zero distance, and fired the normal bullet.


[Phew….What a strong opponent….] (Ryouta)


After the accelerate was over, I let out the excess air out from my lunges.


I waited for the lady to slowly vanish.

However, I was still on guard for any other possible outcomes.


After she disappeared, a single bullet was the drop, and another floor appeared that leads even deeper.


I’m sure that room is the room of the spirit, as it was the case from before.

The spirit, Selen.


[Moreover, this time the bullet just straight up dropped.] (Ryouta)


Back when I was at Aurum, it was a power up for my bullets, and it’s my first time seeing such a weird bullet.

Characters and patterns that were crawling on the bullets were engraved.


I took that, and immediately loaded it.


When I picked it up, I immediately knew it was that “infinite” bullet sort of premise.

Then, I can’t contain my excitement, I fired a test shot at nothingness.


After I fired, a cylinder light appeared.

Then firing it again, the new bullet appeared was fired from within the cylinder.


The shape of the bullet was slightly different from the normal bullet, and the speed was slightly slower, and also, there doesn’t seem to be any special effects, but.


When I fired again, as expected, it fired out from the cylinder shape.

I was reminded of the monster.

It’s as if the bullet was shining even more brightly after I fire.

And the glow is similar to that of a monster growing stronger each time.


[…..A bullet that gets stronger each time you fire it?] (Ryouta)


Inside my mind, a swordsman that sucks the life force out of another person to become strong appeared.


TLN Note: Nani the fuck?

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