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Seeing the two elves hugging each other tightly, with tears flowing out from both sides. Tears started to roll out of my eyes as well.

I was thinking how glad it was for the two of them to finally meet up after so long.


Then, it made me realized just how much of a chaos it caused for the elf race after that great incident.

Alright, I better go find that other skill that works with my 【Appraisal • Total】 so I could save the elf race once and for all!


While keeping these thoughts in my heart, I waited for the two happy elves to finish their business while I drank some tea.


「Pillows…..I want to ask, what had happened to your skin?」


Amy-san looked at Pillows appearance, and asked.

Then, Pillows had a troubled expression before reluctantly telling Amy-san about the “fallen into darkness” situation.


It seems like when an elf were to “fall into darkness”, they would become what is known as a Dark Elf.

And it seems like once their skin turns brown, they could never revert back to their original skin colour anymore. But it seems like the abilities gain from being under that state would forever be kept by the user.


Also, although I thought that having your skin changed colours wasn’t really a demerit, but it seems that it would also change the way you fight, and also if their feelings were acting too high, they would turn into a berserk state.

During that state, you would lose consciousness and would not be able to differentiate between friends or foe, attacking anything at sight.

Worse case scenario, is that you would never gain back your consciousness even after death.


However, for Pillows-san’s case, her berserk state has calmed down after she knew about the fact that Amy-san was alive.


「Myne san, I’m really really thankful for you! ! I can’t believe the day I would be able to meet with Pillows again! And to not just save me, but her as well…..」


Amy-san repeated while grabbing onto both of my hands and waving them up and down.

Then, Pillows-san bowed down to me as well.


「I’m truly grateful that you’ve saved Amy. Even when I say that I won’t forgive those hume people, but all of you are an exception. And the story where you can save the elf race by going back in time is real too. I will definitely lend my strength…..and restore the smiles of the elf race!」


So Pillows-san finally decided to trust in us? Her facial expression definitely had a change.

When I look at her, she really is the same as Amy-san, that she is from the elf race.


「N, N, Danna-sama… long are you gonna hold onto Amy’s hands?」


Hm? ? Ahhhhhh! ! ! ! ? Sylphy pointed at the now Amy-san whose face is dyed red! I then hurriedly let go of my hands.


「….I, I’m sorry.」

「….No, I should be the one apologizing.」


Sylphy crossed her arms and glared at me.


For Aisha…..she’s smiling but her eyes aren’t! ! !

No wait, it can’t be helped right? It’s not under my control! Really! !


「……Leaving Danna-sama’s case for later…..Let’s talk about what Pillows’ gonna do from now on.」


Sylphy was still folding her arms, as she suggested.

I don’t have any complains if she wants to rest more. Of course it is up to her as even Amy-san or Aisha can decide for her.


….By the way, Waffle was already sleeping on top of my head, and Kuu is sleeping on my shoulder.

They’ve worked hard at the new dungeon! So, enjoy your well earn sleep.


「I think the number one problem, is her appearance?」


Aisha immediately answered.

It’s true, she will be the center of attention if she were to walk around the city. Seeing as the people would notice not just her beauty, but her long and pointy ears and her brown skin. Plus she’s even taller than both Aisha and Sylphy. And I’m actually only slightly taller than both of my wives.


「Uhmm…Pillows….what happened to your Bracelet of Bewitch?」


Bracelet of Bewitch…..Aah, the magic tool that Amy-san used. So it had that kind of name.

It’s true that if she had that, there wouldn’t be any problems with her appearance.


「Xanadu…..Aah, it’s the name of that Demon who enslaved me. He took it away when I was under him.」


I see, that’s too bad.

…..Wait a minute? That means…..


「Hey, Amy-san….I have a question to ask?」




「About that “Bracelet of Bewitching”. If I’m not wrong, does all of the elf race posses that?」


Based on her answer, we could solve all of this problem.


「Uhmm, it’s not like everyone has it, but quite a lot of us has it…..What about it?」


Alright! I was afraid that it was rare when she said the first half.


「Then if we were to go to the elf forest, wouldn’t we be able to find at least 1 of it?」


When I said what I thought, it wasn’t Amy-san that answered me, but Pillows.


「…..Fumu, it is true that we can find one. Some might have left it there while escaping.」


「Alright, then let’s quickly search for it starting tomorrow.」


「I don’t mind….but do you know where it is?」


「Yes, don’t worry! And we can just use the skill I used earlier to immediately reach there.」


With that, one of the problems have been solved.

Next is…..right, a place for her to live.


Problem is she hasn’t been here for long, or more like she’s just arrived.

We can have her stay at the Clan House, and if Amy-san allows, she can stay at the same room as her.

I think that I would have to report this to King-sama, and just say that she’ll be under our Eternal Sunflower, then that’ll be perfect.


I told everyone what I had in mind, and everyone agreed to my suggestion of having her under our clan.


「…..I know that I have no say on this, but is it alright? I am once your enemy you know? Are you sure it’s that easy to trust me?」


Pillows-san said with a rather troubled look.

What Pillows-san said is true, that she was a former teammate of the Demon, and that trusting her that easily is weird.


But, I have my reasons as to why I trust her.

First, she’s friends with Amy-san. I mean she might be bluffing when she hugged Amy, but based on her expression, I don’t think that is fake.


Second is that she was a slave.

It was the first time that we’ve encountered with Xanadu and his companions.

So why would they purposely come all the way to the new dungeon just to send their spies over, let alone enslaving one of their kind.

Which means, Pillows-san has already been his slave for quite some time.


However, with just these shallow reasoning, it’s not like I can say that I completely trust her.

It’s better to bring her to Fenrir-sama to see.

As if she were to be under our Eternal Sunflower, it would really increase our teams overall power.

As her strength itself is something to be feared as well.

Then, we would have more chances of getting new skills as we can go to more dangerous places.

And the most important thing is if we were to discuss about the revival of the elf race, I would have to explain about my skill.

So if Fenrir-sama can give her 【Protection of the Divine Beast】, then she’ll be the same with the royal family, and I could share my skills.


So for tomorrow, the lists are:

  • Report to King-sama about the completion of our task, and also about Pillows-san.
  • Go to the elf ruins and search for the Bracelet of Bewitching.
  • Meet with Fenrir-sama.


Author’s Note:

Thank you for reading.

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