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「I’ve been thinking from before, but is your skill similar to the transportation stone?」


Pillows-san pointed at the black hole created by 【Unique Magic・Spacetime】 as she asked.


「Transportation stone? Oh you mean the stone that Xanadu used to escape?」


「I was unconscious during that time but….It’s something like this.」


She said it as she took a black transparent stone out of her breast.

Aah, it’s the same as what Xanadu used.

…..So it’s called a “transportation stone”. Well, based on the name, I can sort of guess its uses.


「Aah yes it’s that! So as the name describes, does it bring the user anywhere it likes?」


「Yeah, as long as the user has been to that place, they can move there.」


So basically the same then.

So there’s a magic item like this laying around huh, but would you normally distribute these stones like its nothing?

….I’m sure that’s not the case. If it’s a general item, then King-sama and the rest wouldn’t have been surprised when he saw my 【Unique Magic・Spacetime】.


….Which meant that only the demon race holds such magical items.

If that’s the case, we really need to watch out for the demons suddenly attacking.


Aah, don’t tell me….Xanadu used his attacks alongside with this transportation stone?


「Pillows-san, please teach me! Do you know the identity of Xanadu’s skills?」


If Pillows-san knows about it, then I would be able to prepare for our next fight.

I looked at Pillows-san with eyes of expectations.


「…..Looking at me with those kinds of eyes, is bothering me…..From what I know, Xanadu holds 3 skills and 1 special skill.」


A special skill!? So that’s the identity of that instant skill!?

Based on what Pillows-san said, there’s only 1 skill that she doesn’t know.


So the other skill was, first 【Extreme Arms・Flame】.

…..This is basically 【Fine Arms】 added with flames. So my armour being burnt was due to this skill huh.


The next is 【Conceal(Range)】.

I’m sure this is similar to the skill 【Conceal】 but you can designate a specific range to be concealed. I guess the reason why I can’t see his skill is due to this.


And based on what Pillows-san said, apparently Xanadu was using this skill to work on an experiment inside this new dungeon.

Now it makes sense as to why we can’t feel any magic presence when we were at the first floor.

However, what his motive was, Pillows-san didn’t ask in details.


The last skill was the special skill called 【Clairvoyance】. (TLN: I love this name 千里眼)

It’s basically an upgraded version of 【Enhance vision】, which in itself is already unbelievable.


Which meant that the last skill has something to do with that instant movement attack.

I strongly assumed that the special skill would be that.


Nonetheless, these are all useful information. As I’m sure I’ll be facing against him in the future.


「Danna-sama, shouldn’t we head to the living room as it’s weird to be talking in the Demolition room? Also, isn’t it better to call Amy-san over?」


Aah, darn. I was so in the mood.

It’s kinda bad to be talking at this kind of place for a long time.


「Can I meet with Amy-san now?」


Listening to what Sylphy said, Pillows-san replied.

It’s obvious that she wants to meet with Amy-san after a long time.


「Yeap, she’s just nearby, so I’ll go and call her.」


「No, Aisha has told me that she’ll bring her to the living room as well. Plus, she’ll said to go and prepare some snacks for us.」


Aah, no wonder I didn’t see Aisha anywhere, as she went ahead. As expected of Aisha!


「Well then, shall we switch to the living room? We can continue our discussion over there.」


As the talk after this is something important.


The reason why she’s constantly moving around is also because….Amy-san is an elf.

With how beautiful she is and plus being an elf, there are bound to be malicious intent from others.

So she used a magic tool to disguised herself right until now.


And Pillows-san who has fallen into darkness, is also an elf even though her skin is brown. But she can also be called an extreme beauty.

If Amy-san is a beauty that can be said as warmth, then Pillows-san’s beauty is a dignified look.


Hence, it is important to discuss about her future as it will be troublesome if she is known to the public.

Besides, even if she has become cooperative, it’s not like she’s trusts us a hundred percent. So, I think that if she meets with Amy-san, she’ll relax even more and we could win her trust.




As Aisha went to the Clan house to call Amy-san, I naturally went and prepared some tea.


「Hou, this is quite good.」


After Pillows-san drank the tea I made, she praised it.

Sylphy too was sitting beside me, gracefully drinking the tea.


Aah, having two beauties sitting beside me, is a blessing.


By the way, Waffle is as usual happily sitting on my head, and was about to doze off.

Kuu was also floating around Sylphy, but you can tell that she’s getting sleepy as well.

….If she completely sleeps, will she fall to the ground? You sure it’s gonna be alright?


『Wafu, Is Amy not coming yet?』

『She’s kinda late huh. However, I’m sure she’s coming?』


After answering Waffle, I could hear footsteps coming from the corridor.

Aah, speak of the devil!


「Pillows! ! ! Is that you!?」


The usual calm and collected Amy-san suddenly shouted and made a big reaction as she ran towards the living room.


「Amy! ! ! So you’re alive as well ! !  !」


Then, Pillows-san who was drinking tea just a moment ago, turned a 180 as she became a different person as she stood up and raised her voice.


The two of them hugged and tears fell from both sides.

After 10 years, they have finally reunited.


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If Amy-san is a beauty that can be said as warmth, then Pillows-san’s beauty is a dignified look.
After Pillows-san drank the tea I made, she praised it.

Sylphy too was sitting beside me, gracefully drinking the tea.

Aah, having two beauties sitting beside me, is a blessing.


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