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「Listen here, okay Chunsuke? There’s a monster that’s never been seen before sighted in this forest. Find it and report it to me. You got it?」


After following Master, we have finally arrived at our destination chun.

Seems like Master’s job is to find that unknown monster.

Even if it’s a huge forest, if I were to look at it from above, it’s gonna be easy to spot it chun!


Replying to Master’s order by nodding and saying 「I got it」, I immediately flapped my wings and flew.

Let’s head to the west side first chun!


Setting course, I carefully surveyed around the forest not to overlook for any minor changes.


「It doesn’t look like there’s anything weird happening chun….」


The monsters spotted are Goblins, Orcs, caterpillars, beetles….Meaning there’s no weird monsters sighted.


「For now, let’s fly all the way towards the end chun!」


This is just the start of my investigation. Even if I don’t find anything, since Master said there’s something, then there must be one chun.


If I can find that monster, Master will definitely be proud of me chun!

With that in mind, my motivation to do this has increased chun!


I wonder if he’ll praise me if I can find it?


『Chunsuke, you’ve worked hard! As expected of my tamed monster!』


Mumumu! I’m getting so hyped right now chun!


「A, what is that chun!?」


When I looked closely, it was an eagle type monster, and it’s chasing after a sparrow typed monster like me chun!

This is bad! I have to save it before it gets eaten chun!


I flew behind the eagle, then with all my might, I used my race skill 【Sparrow attack】 at it.


「Chu~n, Chun chun! !」


The skill 【Sparrow attack】 will harden my body for one minute, and I can fly at the speed of sound!


As it didn’t notice my presence of ambush until the end, as it was so absorbed in wanting to eat that sparrow of which is related to me.

Thus, my 【Sparrow attack】 did a huge blow to its back.


「Pigyaa——! !」


The eagle let go of the sparrow, and crashed towards the ground.

Thinking that it might retaliate, I once again used 【Sparrow attack】 on it.

Crashing on the ground, its body was already fidgeting and shaking, the attack landed on it, bursting it alive.


「I did it chun!」


I hurriedly flew back to where the sparrow was.


「Are you alright chun!? It’s alright! The eagle is long gone chun!」


It seems like the eagle has bitten it strongly, as the wings were bend and the feathers torn. Blood was also running down from the body.


! ! ! ! !


Then, as I looked at the sparrow’s face, my heart was pulsing.




Yes, it was my lovely childhood friend lying miserably there.


Awawawa, what should I do? Chunbi-chan is going to die! !


『Wafu! Here Chunsuke, I’ll give this to you!』


Ahh, I remembered back on what Waffle said. I’ve received a medicine from Waffle and the rest! ! And it seems like it was created by his Master.


And it seems like it’s always placed at their collars in case of emergency.


I hurriedly used the medicine on Chunbi-chan, and the blood that was flowing immediately stopped, and slowly recovered.

For now, it seems like I’ve saved Chunbi-chan….However, I can’t leave her as is.

I have to bring Chuncubi-chan to the doctor.


Fow now, let’s bring Chunbi-chan back to Master.

I’m sure Master would help Chunbi-chan like he helped me chun!




「Chunbi-chan! Have you awaken!? I’m Chunsuke!」


「……Am I…not…..dead?」


「It’s alright chun! I’ll never let Chunbi-chan die chun!」


「Th, ank you…..Chunsuke….」




『Master————!, Master——————! !』


I brought the weakened Chunbi-chan to Master.


「Hm? Isn’t that fast of ya…..Ahh? What’s this dead sparrow?」


『Master! This is my childhood friend Chunbi-chan! I wish for you to save her! Please ! !」


I desperately gestured Master to save her.

I’m cursing as I cannot communicate with Master telepathically right now ! !

Master please save Chunbi-chan! !


「Hm? Did ya bring tonight’s side dish here? As I expect from Chunsuke, you’re really putting yer all! Alright, it looks delicious as well.」


T, that’s wrong chun! ! ! Don’t do it chun! ! !  Master, it’s a misunderstanding! ! !

Chunbi-chan is not a food ! ! !


My words could not be conveyed to Master.

Master tried to pick up Chunbi-chan from behind me.


『Master, please don’t eat her ! ! !』


In a panic, I dodged master’s hands, and flew off.

This is not the time to do such a thing chun! Chunbi-chan is going to die chun ! !


「Aaah!? What the hell are you doing! Chunsuke! ! ! Hurry up and give that to me now !」




「You bastard Chunsuke! ! ! You’re not gonna heed my orders ! ! You useless fuck!」


I can’t do this anymore, tears are rolling down my eyes.

The time when Master saved me is slowly disappearing from my memories…..


『Master ! I wish to rescue Chunbi-chan ! ! So I beg you….please….』


But nothing is going through him.

In his head, he just wants to eat her.



Even if you pleaded me to give Chunbi-chan to you, I’ll never give! ! !


Master…this is goodbye then….


I can only think of one place where they can save Chunbi-chan.

I have to find Waffle and his master, it’s time to head back to the royal palace.


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