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Author’s Note: I didn’t want to prolong this CASE, so I quickly wrote it off till (3). At least I wanted to write about Chunsuke living peacefully and Kappore having a tragic ending. I know that everyone felt pity towards Chunsuke, so hopefully this would sort things out. Thank you for understanding.

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「…..Really, Captain Cecil is so troublesome.」

「Yeah, ever since the first order of the Konoe Knights, Captain Franz isn’t here, we just won’t get a break.」

「I mean, it’s partly due to Captain Franz not being here, but I think the real reason is because the Vice Captain Melissa isn’t here, ain’t it?」


Tsk, even the so called Konoe Knights Division is just a bunch of idiots.

Complaining over and over again at the corner, so annoying.

These bloody people, acting as if I’m not here…..!

I’m yer bloody boss ya know, personally scouted here okay! If you think about it, I’m the important guest here.

Y’all should treat me with more respect ya know.


….But you know, I do understand that they are being brought up differently from me. Since they’ve given me a huge chance, let me be the one to teach them a lesson.


Watch me! I’m gonna accomplish something huge.

Right now, I only have a tiny sparrow, but I’ll definitely get an amazing monster to my side. Kukuku, even when y’all are panicking around, I won’t forgive ya bastards.


Being scouted by the 2nd Konoe Knights Captain, I have been put as an apprentice of another soldier in their group.

I was put to task for an important reconnaissance mission in case of any emergency. Other than that, my normal time would be working on chores in the dormitory.


Honestly, my payment for the day isn’t that huge. However, if I were to do some reconnaissance mission, even the lowest amount would get me 1 piece of Gold Coin.

And, if I discover something huge during the mission, I’ll be given a bonus as well.


Let me be honest, it’s way more money than when I was working with Tamers Ring. What’s more, I’m the only tamer here, which is a special job, so most of the jobs, I alone can handle them.


Hence, I’ll never want to leave this place.

If I hit big times, I’ll make these lots cry in front of me!


But man, I should really thank God for giving this tamer skill.

I could just sit my ass here and let my tamed monster do all the job.

This useless Chunsuke, I guess he has some merits huh! Gladly work for me from now on ye!




「Is Kappore here!?」


While I was resting in the lounge, I could here Captain Cecil calling out for me.


「I’m over here, Captain Cecil.」


After answering, I could see Captain Cecil pacing towards me with a slight nervousness.


「Kappore, it’s time for work. Bring your tamed monster and head to Elm forest! We have a report stating that a troublesome monster has been sighted over there. The first konoe knights have already headed out. So listen here, you must absolutely get some info of that monster. Since your tamed monster can search for the enemy in the sky, so absolutely do not let it escape. You hear me?」


「Eh Captain Cecil, I can’t move my feet you know. How am I supposed to head out to Elm forest?」


「There’s horses, and the other knights would sit on them, so you’ll ride on one of their backs. Okay, so hurry up.」


….Yare yare, I’ve heard of the rumours….

But this Captain Cecil, but the rumours are true that he has a higher standard than the first captain. You might as well say you want to take over the first captain’s place.

Anyways, there’s finally a chance for me to appeal myself.

If I can complete this mission, my position will be raised.


「Chunsukeee, it’s time for work! Come out now!」




Hm? I can hear Master calling out for me. That’s rare.

Judging by the tone of his voice, it sounds like he’s in a hurry?

Alright! Time for me to work hard! If I can work hard, I can help master move up in ranks chun!

I’ll also work hard to repay the debt from Waffle and Kuu as well chun!


I properly folded the dust cloth, then put the yoke on the edge of the bucket before fluttering my wings.


「Master, I’m coming chun~~~~!!!!」


After arriving, Master scold me by saying 「You’re late!」….

But Master, I have been working hard to cleaning the windows chun! !

….So I wish you won’t have to get mad at me chun…..


….The good thing about master is that, once he’s mad about something, after awhile he’ll forget about it! However, lately he’s been scolding me over and over again chun. It’s like master has slightly changed chun.


One year ago, master was the one who saved the weak me.

Master gave me his leftover bread just to save me chun.

At that time, I was happy beyond belief….That’s why, I lo~ve master chun!

Though I wish that the kind and gentle master would return…..chun…..


Following master from behind, he suddenly sat behind a horse that is being ride by one of the knights, before leaving off someplace.




I quickly followed from behind, however because of my small body, I do not have enough stamina to follow their pace chun.

You don’t have to go that quickly….I’m slowly falling behind.


Master, wait for me! Please wait for me chu—-n.




Hm? Where’s this Chunsuke? …..Aah, I could see him way far behind.

Tsk, completely useless.


Thinking that he could be of use, I tried feeding him, but seeing how bloody weak he is, seriously a useless piece of shit.

With this, I don’t mind leaving him behind, but today the job needs him.

Can’t be help, gotta wait for him.


「Knight-san, you mind waiting for my tamed monster from behind. Let him chase after us for a sec?」


「…..You do know that we’re in a hurry now?」


Tsk, this fucking bossy ass attitude! All this is because of that Chunsuke.

Wait, since we’re heading to the forest, can’t I just tame another monster? If I can get a good monster, then Chunsuke’s head….No, maybe I can make him into a yakitori and eat him?

But well, for now I do still need to recover Chunsuke.


「I’m really sorry boss. If I don’t have him for the mission at hand, I won’t be able to do my job. So I’m sorry but can’t ya wait for him for a little bit?」


Seems like I could convince the Knight. The speed slowed down, and turned into a light run.


After waiting for a while, Chunsuke could finally catch up with us.

I wonder if he knew we waited for him, as his flying speed suddenly went up.


「So slow!」


I scold him, then he showed an apologetic gesture before landing on my shoulder.


「I’m sorry again. Let’s go now!」


I lowered my head even though I didn’t want to, then he immediately quicken the pace again.


Then, to take up for the lost time, he started storming.


Towards the elm forest.


Author’s Note: Thanks for reading~

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