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Warning: Lots of swear words ahead. Reader discretion is advised. And demonetization is inevitable for this, a good sacrifice must be done for the sake of humanity.

「Call a healer over right this instance! Quickly!」


I was surprised when Sylphy ran into my room and shouted……But after hearing the circumstances, I was shocked for the second time.


I can’t believe it’s that Tamers Ring, it seems like they have dived into the new dungeon before Myne and his friends, and one of the member was used as a meatshield by Tales, the leader of the clan, and thus suffered a serious injury that could cause his death.


That Tales….I know that his character can sometimes be crude, but I didn’t think he would even use his teammates in such a way. What’s more using his teammate as a shield to block damage, then leaving him as is without even treating him. That is seriously something that I can’t tolerate as a person.

Seems like it’s necessary for me to report this to Dear father to review the suspension of the Tamers Ring clan’s certification.


Anyways, seems like we got quite the troublesome poison coming from the man that Myne has sent, unfortunately however, we already knew that there is no chance of recovery.


If a Saint were to come to our palace to heal him, then there might be a chance. However, that is if the Saint is even at this city to begin with.


「Brother, Tales might be that way, but this guy named Kappore has a rather difficult attitude as well. Once he wakes up, even if the person is you, he would shout and speak in a rude tone demanding for something. So I suggest that once you treat him, immediately sent him out of the palace, there’s no point having to arrest someone that has committed a lese-majesty that we just saved, right?」


Sylphy said with a serious tone…..which meant that they are not in good terms whatsoever.

Well, since it’s an order from Sylphy, no point making things difficult for her.


「……Who! Is there anyone here?」




「…..It’s an unfamiliar ceiling. Where the hell am I?」


When I opened my eyes, I found myself in an unfamiliar place.


Remembering back from before, I was at the new dungeon and Tales killed me and left me….

Then that brat Myne and his party were…..Aaah! So that brat has completely recovered me huh! So I guess he was that quick in bringing me back to the capital to heal up huh.


「Cyuncyuncyuncyu~n, cyuncyuncyuncyu-n! !」 (TLN : Nani the fk)

※ 『Master, I’m so glad that you’re alive chun! I have to absolutely thank Waffle and Kuu for this!』


Hm? Oh it’s chunsuke, what the… even he managed to live.

Even though he’s weak as hell, I guess the only thing that he has is an abundant of luck.


Anyways, seeing that I’m sick right now, hearing him chirping near my ear is seriously fucking annoying! !


For now I don’t have a suitable tamed demon by my side….but just you wait one day!

With my talent, I’ll never lose to that Tales! I’ll get an even more awesome demon than that useless Dark Spirit that Tales possess!


「Aah, Kappore-san. I see that you have awaken?」


Huh? Who’s this elderly man, based on his clothes, is he even a healer?

And, seriously where the hell am I ! ?


「Aah? Who’re you? And where the hell am I?」


As the elderly man walked closer to me, I hastily bombarded him with questions.


「This is the capital’s hospital.The royal family was able to treat you as you were suddenly brought here urgently.」


The capital’s hospital! ? How in the….Aah, is it that Myne brat that brought me?

Now that I think about it, that brat’s married to Princess Sylphid.

I see now, so he’s connected to the royal family?

Seriously, what a stupid bastard. If he can do that from the start, he shouldn’t have wasted time blabbering about and just bring me here! I don’t need your useless amateur healing magic.


…..Hm? That’s weird, why can’t I move my right arm? What’s happening here?


As if seeing the changes in my expression, the elderly man in front of me changed to a troubled expression.


「Kappore-san, please listen calmly to me.」




「It is about your right arm….I’m afraid, you will never be able to move it again. It is the after effects of an extremely strong neurotoxin.」 (TLN: Shit I thought he’s gonna die)


Wh, what did he say!? Wait a second? You fucking kidding me! Isn’t this the capitals’ hospital?

Since he’s connected to the royal family, won’t he bring a super class healer? Why would I have to sacrifice my arm?

Why wouldn’t it heal? That’s just weird?


「Don’t fuck with me ! ! ! ! ! Fucking heal me right this instance! ! !」


I stood up, and tried to grab the elderly man’s collar….but because my right feet couldn’t muster any strength, so I lost balance and fell to the ground.


「……Please do not force yourself. Your right feet might be weak as well from the after-effects.」


「Damn it, it’s all his fault…..that bastard must’ve used some sort of half-assed healing magic on me.」


Yes, it must’ve been that Myne brat’s fault!

Because he used some useless ass healing magic, that now I can’t be healed properly!

If he didn’t do anything unnecessary, I would’ve been completely healed! That mother fucker!


「It appears that you might have a misunderstanding, as I have said, the emergency treatment was actually necessary. If they did not do that, you would have been long dead. You should be thankful, instead of blaming and cursing at them.」


「Chun X5!」 (TLN: Just no)

※ 『Master, you can’t act this way! You must properly thank them !』


「Shut the hell up! If they weren’t there, my arms and legs would’ve been completely fine! What’s wrong in speaking the truth! And chunsuke, shut the fuck up with your bloody chun chun yapping! You didn’t even do a single goddamn thing you useless bird, so shut up!」



※ 『……Master.』


「Aah, I’m sorry, are you guys busy?」


Hm? Who’s this! Can’t you bloody see that you’re disturbing us!

Out of nowhere, this plated armour knight walked in through the front door.


「……..Who the hell are you!? What do you want in a hospital?」


Huh? Seeing the response of the elderly man, it seems like he’s someone important?

Now that I look at it, it seems like he’s wearing a luxurious armour.


「Aah, you don’t have to be so fearful towards me, what I’m looking for is that person…or more like, that sparrow monster.」


What? It’s not me, but Chunsuke? What the hell is happening?


「…..Who are you really?」


「Aah, I’m so sorry. I’m the captain of the second knights division of this capital, the names Cecil. You’re the former Tamers Ring, Kappore right? I’m here to scout you all today.」


A knight’s division is here to scout!? And what’s more it’s the captain that personally came?


「Fufufu, you’re showing a clueless face.」


Tsk, I don’t know about this guy, but he’s bloody cocky huh this bastard.

Since he’s a captain, I’ll listen quietly for now…..but if it’s some boring ass conversation then that’s it. Well, it’s not bad to listen to him talk for now.


「It’s not “former”, but the ace of one of the three major clans, Tamers Ring, you’re looking at this Kappore-sama! So what is the great captain, talking about this scouting?」


「The person that we wanted to hire as a scout suddenly decided to quit. So in place of that, we wanted to find someone that is able to use a tamed monster like yours, so we came to find you.」


Ah, so to use us as scouts?

Since Chunsuke can fly, and I can order him.

It’s better to have Chunsuke scout from the sky rather than from the ground.


「…..Oh, and there’s one thing I would like to confirm. Can you communicate with your tamed monster? If you can’t then there’s no meaning to this.」


To communicate…..? There’s no need for that shit. As long as he listens to me then it’s all good.

However, it’s better to say that I can communicate.

Well, it’s better to say something appropriate to him.


「Aah, obviously. My bond with Chunsuke is very close.」



※ 『Master! I didn’t know you thought that way of me! ! ! !』


「Then there’s no problems. How about it? Want to join our Knights Division?」


「Yeah, I won’t let ya down. So I would be a knight as well?」


Hell yeah, seems like my luck has turned and a chance has shown.

Author’s Note:

Thanks for reading.

LN books are out, arts are out (shown before)


TLN Note: Oh my gosh if I need to translate another few more chapters of this, I will kill someone. Ughh….Always hated to translate these sorts of chapters, but can’t be helped, gotta advance the plot and maybe get to kill off this shitty Kappore as well. Never know?


Side Note: Totes forgotten that Tales died, so hurray!!! CELEBRATE!!!

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