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Author’s Note: The long arc of the new dungeon has finally come towards its end.

TLN Note: Apparently I was wrong this whole time about the skill 【Summoning the dead】. It’s actually 【Repatriating the Dead】 as you would soon find out in this chapter. Sorry for the confusions everybody >W<


Name: Faithfulness・Undead Chimera

LV: 1

Race: Undead

Gender: –

Status: Dead Puppet (Myne)








【Special Ability: Soul of the dead】

Soul Eater


While the children of the Divine Beasts were using the Chimera as a slide, the Chimera obediently let its head down to let me use 【Appraisal】 on it.

I see, so the 【Cut】 skills that I stole during their battle is still not present.

Also, previously it was Level 96, but now it was reverted to 1…..And also its race has changed??

……But, in exchange, what is this? There’s this dangerous looking name called the special ability that was added.


【Soul Eater】: Eat the souls of a living person and absorb them. There’s a chance to engrave the soul’s strongest essence.


Eeh!? What just a minute! ?

What does this “Chance to engrave the soul’s strongest essence” mean? Does it mean like if I want the name I’ll get it? Or is it talking about the skill?…..Either way it’s a strong sounding ability.


【Special Ability: Soul of the dead】: A special ability that is given by the user when 【Dead Puppet】 is used. The ability is randomize according to the level of the dead user.


…..Now I get it. So in exchange for its 96 levels, it has obtained this ability.

However, doesn’t that mean if you were to bring up an extremely high level creature, you’ll obtained an extremely strong ability as well?

…..Well, it’ll be a dead spirit…..


This creature…..I absolutely cannot allow anyone else to know its existence, which puts it at the same level as Waffle and Kuu.

Suddenly pulling such a monster out of nowhere will scare the living hell outta someone.


In that case, I’m even hesitant as to whether I should show this monster to King-sama and Brother-san?


Wait a minute…..would I be able to speak with it if I paste 【Telepathy】 on it?

If I can at least communicate with it, it’ll be a huge advantage for us.


Alright, let’s test it out immediately.


『Can you hear what I’m saying?』



…..Welp, I tried.


『Hey, Waffle, Kuu! Are you guys able to telepathically talk to this Chimera?』


If I can’t, I wonder if the Divine Beasts can?

After asking them, both of them started speaking with the Chimera with “wafu~wafu~” and “Kyu~Kyu~” sound effects.

After speaking for awhile, the two of them looking exhausted as they returned.


『…..Myne, this Chimera is an idiot.』

『Onii-sama, I can’t make a single conversation with it! The only thing it says are ‘gau gau’ only!』


So it’s impossible for them as well….Wait but does it listen to my orders?

I placed my hands out in front of it, then tried giving it an order.






….Hm, so it does understand to a certain extent.

However, seeing the Chimera having its hands on my hand is such a surreal scene.


「Myne-kun, what is this….」



Suddenly resurrecting a Chimera, and suddenly making them nervous when it stood up, but when they saw the scene where the Chimera is doing a dog trick, the both of them cast a blank look at me.


「……Myne-kun, please explain it from the very beginning…okay? You know that you’ve surprised us…You know that right?」


Aah, Aisha’s smile is scary….She’s angry for sure.

Sylphy is……she seems to be having a daze.


Now that I think about it, I have not explained this 【Dead Puppet】 skill to them yet.

It’s surprising to see the enemy suddenly coming back to life….I’m sorry.


「….Seriously, you lots are so absurd.」


Hm? Aah, it’s Pillows-san. So she’s awaken! I’m glad. (TLN: even though I totes forgot about her two chapters(?) ago)


「…..Judging by the looks of it… have cleared my conditions and defeated Xanadu.」


She said after looking at the Chimera and my two dazed wives.


So since she’s said that, it means I’ve cleared both of her conditions which was to defeat her and also to defeat her master.


「Yes, however unfortunately I allowed them to escape…..But I’ve completely erased the slave contract from your status.」


「Aah, seems like it. I can no longer feel the restraint coming from Xanadu.」


Seems like it went well with the cutting of the slave contract.

The next step is to crush this dungeon.


「So….are you going to keep your promise and follow us….」


「Yeah, it’s what I promised….However, I still do not completely trust you yet. If I find out that y’all are lying to me, without any question I’ll pull my sword towards you.」


Well that’s obvious. More like it’s us that can’t fully trust her yet.

I haven’t even gave her back the skills that I’ve 【Cut】 from her.


「Yes, no qualms with that! By the way, do you perhaps know where the core of this dungeon is located?」


She is once the slave of Xanadu.

So she might know a thing or two about it. If we can ask her to show us where it is, it’ll be much easier to complete King-sama’s mission.


「Aa, obviously I know. It’s just one more floor below. Follow me.」


Using 【Repatriating the dead】, I withdraw the Chimera and followed behind Pillows-san.




「It’s just over there.」


Being guided by Pillows-san, we’ve arrived at the lowest floor, which basically means it was just a simple route.


As we head down to the next floor, it was a 30 metre long corridor, and there are two rooms on each side.

And one room at the end of the corridor was a simple room with a total of 5 rooms.


The core is set up in one of the five rooms.

As we stepped into the room, I saw a transparent sphere with a diameter of about 30cm floating in the air….Is that the core of the dungeon?


Even though its just a ball storing magical powers to build the dungeon, I can feel the enormous high concentration of magical power coming from it.


「If we take this out, then this dungeon would cease to exist right?」


As I asked, Pillows-san gave a short 「Yeah.」 answer.


「…..Myne-kun, wait for a minute.」


As I was trying to grab the core, Aisha suddenly stopped me.


「What’s the matter?」


After asking, Aisha took a deep breath before explaining.


「I’m sure we’ll have to face Xanadu in the future right? So isn’t it best to collect as much 【Physical Damage Nullifier】 as we can?」


….Aah, that makes sense.


If I did not have the 【Physical Damage Nullifier】 on today’s battle against Xanadu, I might not have the chance to win.

His attack which has a similar movement skill as the Orc・King’s 【Unique Magic・Spacetime】 but a different kind of teleportation is a terrifying skill.


Being able to fire such an extreme magic without warning is deadly.


It’s weird that during the time that he wanted to escape, he purposely took out a one-handed sword to divert my attention.


But then why didn’t he just use that ability to escape? If it’s an ability to move in a flash and attack without notice.

He could’ve just used it when we were standing far apart.


But he didn’t…..this might possibily be a clue to winning Xanadu in the future.


Thus, we moved back to the first floor and kept on hunting the White Slime and defeated 100 of them (skills secured).


「I have no idea what you lots are doing.」


Pillows-san said as such, but she didn’t really complain as she just stood there with us. I feel that by heart she’s a good person, so I really want her to meet with Amy-san as soon as possible!


After hunting for about 3 hours, we finally went back down and collect the core.

Then using 【Unique Magic・Spacetime】, we went back to our home, Lucas.



Name: Myne・Fortuna

LV: 63

Race: Hume

Gender: Male

Age: 15 years old

Occupation: Hunter



Unique Magic・Thunder New!

Demon Eyes of Depression New!

Unique Magic・Aurora New!

Unique Magic・Storm New!

Demon Eyes of Deadly Poison New!

Dead Puppet New!

Repatriating of the Dead New!

Unique Magic・Instant Death New!


Name: Aisha・Fortuna

LV: 43

Race: Hume

Gender: Female

Age: 23 years old

Occupation: Archer



Physical Damage Nullifier(5/5) New!

Telepathy New!

Hitting the target New!

Unique Magic・Thunder New!


Name: Sylphy・Fortuna

LV: 69

Race: Hume

Gender: Female

Age: 19 years old

Occupation: Swordswoman



Physical Damage Nullifier(5/5) New!

Telepathy New!

Hitting the target New!

Unique Magic・Thunder New!


Name: Waffle

LV: 56 → 89 LevelUp!

Race: Divine Beast

Gender: ♂

Status: Tamed (Myne)



Physical Damage Nullifier(5/5) New!

Telepathy New!

Hitting the target New!

Demon Eyes of Depression New!



Poison needle New!

Paralysis needle New!

Sharp Nail New!

Chew New!


Name: Kuu

LV: 52 → 87 LevelUp!

Race: Divine Beast

Gender: ♀

Status: Myne’s little sister(?)



Physical Damage Nullifier(5/5) New!

Telepathy New!

Hitting the target New!

Unique Magic・Thunder New!

Demon Eyes of Depression New!



Poison needle New!

Paralysis needle New!


Pebbles: Sharp Nails x3

Demon Eyes of Depression x2

Physical Damage Nullifier (5/5) x80


Author’s Note:

Thanks for reading~

Future TLN Note: Man, first week of intern has started, and boy do I feel like shit. I wish Christmas lasted for two months.

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LV: 69

Race: Hume

Gender: Female

Age: 19 years old

Occupation: Archer

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