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Even when we went all our way to chase them here…..we let them escaped just like that.

I’m for certain that the next time I face against him, having all my trump cards revealed, he’ll be stronger than before.


「Myne-kun! This is bad! ! ! !」


While being absorbed by the fact that I allowed Xanadu and Rosalie escaped, Aisha cried out to me. She sounds rather impatient…..Aah!? It’s that Tales!? Oh right, that’s bad!


I hurriedly ran over to Tales, and what I saw was a large gaping hole on his torso rapidly flowing large amounts of blood and black mist. This black mist… this venom!?


「He was already weak to begin with, but to be hit by that attack just now…..」


『Onii-sama, he’s already beyond saving….isn’t it better to just cut his skills before he dies.』


Kuu suggested. Indeed, with such a severe injury, there’s no longer time for magic, and there’s no way to treat the venom even if the wound was healed. It’s the same case with Kappore.

If I were to use 【Regeneration】, he might be saved, but I have no obligation to let him know about my 【Cut & Paste】 skill, and there’s no point risking my secret being found.


So no matter what others say, be it cold hearted, there’s no reason to use 【Regeneration】 on Tales.


I wonder if I can use the stolen skill 【Dead Puppet】 which I’ve gotten from Rosalie earlier, and revive him as a dead spirit. However, if I were to bring him back from the dead, he’ll never be him anymore, so in the end, there’s no way to help him.


…..Soon, his life is getting dimmer.

Him being in this state, it’s better to just steal his skill, but I was still hesitating even when I’m cold hearted…..But there’s no point either way, I rather follow what Kuu said.


Name: Tales

LV: 34

Race: Hume

Gender: Male

Age: 39 years old

Job: Tamer




See Through (Something like a third eye?)

One-handed Axe・Extreme


For now, let’s just 【Cut】 them…..

Hmm, I wonder if it’s thanks to 【Tame・Large】 that he’s able to even tame a spirit.

Oh right, where did that Dark Spirit that he has went?

…..Either way, it’s not like I can see the Dark Spirit, so there’s no way to confirm.


Wait a minute? There’s a weird skill that he possesses. This 【See Through】?


【See Through】: Being able to see hidden things.


Eh??…..To see hidden things?

…..Aah, so that’s how he found out the secret passage back at the Gargoyle’s room!?

Which meant that, it wasn’t a coincidence that they found the room, but because of this skill.


Thinking about it, does a lie counts as “seeing through”?

I should try it next time.




Though it was weak, but I know he was crying for help…..and I can’t even hear his complaint.

Tales’s life has been blown off.


Even though he was evil, and the worst of the worst…..let’s pray for him for just this moment.

With this, I don’t know whether he can go to heaven or not. (TLN:NOPE)


I discussed with Sylphy and ended up taking the corpse of Tales back by stuffing him inside the storage bag. This kinda person is still one of the 3 major clans. It’s better to report it back to King-sama.

Well, I wonder if this case would result the Tamers Ring Clan to be disbanded?


「Well, you did a good job.」


I’m sure….Sylphy deliberately said that. She’s blatantly telling that to everyone.


「That’s right. The threat of this dungeon has mostly been cleared off? Well since it’s still here, it’s about time that we head to the final floor…..and it’s an extremely high possibility that the Demon from before was the one who created this dungeon.」


Aisha then answered back.


『Myne, Myne, what do we do about that?』


Waffle pointed out Pillows with his paws as he asked me.


…..Aah, that’s right! I’ve completely forgotten about her.

Since Xanadu isn’t here anymore, I can 【Cut】 the slave contract from her.


Name: Pillows

LV: 49+16

Race: Elf race 【Fallen into darkness】

Gender: Female





【Protection of the World Tree】



Uhm, for now let’s 【Cut】 that out.

Since I’m able to 【Cut】 the Protection of the World Tree, I think I should be able to cut the slave contract out.


Problem is, where do I paste the 【Slave 【Xanadu】】 at?

If I simply paste it, they’ll be under Xanadu.


If I were to paste it on the ground, would this entire dungeon be under him?


Since that in itself is troublesome, it’s a pass.

I guess I should just paste it at my usual pebbles?

However, I can’t help but feel anxious carrying such pebble around me.


….Regardless, I should test it. What would happen if you 【Cut】 a skill and paste it on something, then immediately 【Cut】 another skill  and paste it on the first one.


Will it be overwritten and disappear, and what happens if I were to use 【Cut】 twice.

If perchance the skill disappears, I’ll be troubled, so I used 【Constant:Power】 as my sacrifice as I have an abundant of it.


Alright, 【Cut】….then again paste it on the pebble.

Then using Appraisal….Alright! It’s 【Constant:Power】! Which meant that 【Slave 【Xanadu】】 has been overwritten!

However, I shan’t be careless. If I were to do that with some really important skills, it’ll be overwritten.


I pasted the 【Support Magic・Gradual Recovery Large(Stamina)】 and thought of something, if there’s no physical damage, will you regain consciousness and able to talk normally?


Thus, I left Pillows to Sylphy, and tested one more thing.


『Myne, what are you doing~?』



Leaving Pillows, I went to the defeated Chimera’s corpse.

Waffle and Kuu were curious as to why I went to the monster that they defeated and asked.


Yes, I wanted to test out the 【Dead Puppet】 that I stole from Rosalie on this.

Speaking of Evil spirits, you might imagine something bad, but it can be used during emergencies or as a shield if you use it right.

Maybe I can do something about 【Summoning the Dead】 if something unexpected occurs?


「Alright, let’s try it!」


After using 【Dead Puppet】, the dead Chimera started to shine in purple.


「!? What’s happening??」


Aisha suddenly saw the situation and raised her voice.

Sylphy and Pillows who heard her looked towards me.




A strong roar was heard and the Chimera stood up.


The body that was once white changed to a purplish colour which was darker than Waffle.

Then, after turning black, its head faced towards me and fell down.


「…..Myne-kun, what’s going on?」


Aisha turned and asked, then I explained the skills that I stole from Rosalie.


「What!? An instant death skill?….And, to be able to resurrect the dead into an evil spirit like that Chimera over there…..I don’t know what to say…..If it wasn’t against Danna-sama, I don’t think we would’ve stand a chance.」


It’s as they said.

I’m so glad that I have this 【Cut & Paste】.


…..By the way, this Waffle and Kuu? Can they stop playing around with the dead Chimera’s body?


Author’s Note:

Thanks for reading~

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