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「It doesn’t look good for you huh? Xanadu.」


Suddenly, someone appeared from within the shadows.

…..The figure was fully covered with a robe, but it was really difficult to differentiate whether its a guy or a girl….young or old…….But based on the conversation, it’s a friend of Xanadu.


「…..Gu, why did you even come here….Rosalie.」


「What~ I was even worried for you. Anyways, Demon King-sama is calling for you…..The kingdom of Laurasia is likely to be tough battle.」




Apparently they’re ignoring me and started talking. And they mentioned about the kingdom of Laurasia….I wonder why?

For now, let’s use 【Appraisal】.


Name: Rosalie・Faircruze

LV: 105

Race: Demon

Gender: Female



Dead Puppet

Repatriate the Dead

Unique Magic・Instant Death

! ! ! !


I used 【Appraisal】 on her!?…..However, these skills…..!

This is seriously bad… really bad! If she were to use it, it’ll seriously spell trouble! !

I’ll have to immediately 【Cut】 them ! !


【Dead Puppet】: Give a deceased(regardless of race) a temporary life, and make it a servant of the user.


【Repatriate the Dead】: Return a contracted servant.


【Unique Magic・Instant Death】: Instantly invokes death to an opponent who has a lower level than the user.


So 【Dead Puppet】 and 【Repatriate the Dead】 works as a set?

Is it something like bringing back the dead into an evil soul?

If she were to use it on the Chimera, it’s gonna be even more of a problem…..


And the main issue is that dangerous sounding magic, 【Unique Magic・Instant Death】.

It’s probable that this Demon has the highest level than any of us, so she could just kill any of us anytime she wants. Then, using 【Dead Puppet】 to turn us into an evil soul which thinking about it, sends shivers down my spine.

If I become an evil spirit, just imagining me attacking my family, that thought alone trembles me.


The Orc・King’s skills were already broken enough, but this Demon girls skill is just full on broken.


I think I’m extremely lucky that the opponent didn’t suddenly make me an “enemy”.

In a sense, I’m thankful that she’s only interested in Xanadu.


While I was taking the new skills from the demon named Rosalie, their conversation seemed to have ended. (TLN: All y’all complaining he didn’t immediately steal the skills, here you go~ XD)


「…..Myne, let’s give this game to you. We will withdraw from here as you wished.」


I’m sure him withdrawing has something to do with that Laurasia Kingdom…..


Though I would’ve been thankful if he would’ve done that before we fought…..

Well, the situation has drastically changed since we’ve fought.


As you know, Xanadu’s ability is extremely dangerous. I can’t even read his skills.

This time I was able to successfully caught him off guard as it was our first time meeting, but I don’t know whether I can deal damage to him the next time we meet.

Hence since he’s damaged, I wanted to defeat Xanadu right here right now.


「I’m sorry, I can’t let you go any further. You’re too dangerous….The next time we meet, I’m not sure whether I can win anymore, so I’m not gonna let you escape.」


「…..Interesting, you’re not as sweet as you look.」


Rosalie then broke into the conversation between me and Xanadu.

It seems that she hasn’t noticed that I’ve already taken her skills.


「You’re an extremely daunting boy, I’m telling you to let him go right now. Can’t you be a good boy and let us go? It’s true that Xanadu is like that, but I’m also here as well you know.」


Seeing you suddenly appear out of nowhere without interfering, are you sure you care about Xanadu?

…..No wait, is the word “friends” even in their dictionary as a prideful demon?


Well, I don’t really care either way.

Remembering back the scene of the town being massacred by the demon race. Even though they appear to be normal, but they’re the ones who’re doing the slaughtering.

It’s never good to show weakness to my opponent….Plus their levels are clearly higher than us. Even Xanadu who I can’t use 【Appraisal】 on.


「It doesn’t matter if you escape. I’m gonna settle this right now.」


「Then, you will die!」


As she declared so, Rosalie raised her right hand and shook it down to me.

Perhaps she was trying to use 【Unique Magic・Instant Death】….No, she was intending to use it.


….But naturally it does not activate as I’ve already stole them.


「…… ! ! ! !」


I can’t see her face because of the hood, but I’m sure she’s surprised.

Again she swing her hands down towards me, but obviously the result didn’t change.

Xanadu was also making a strange face as he was observing all this. And of course he knows what Rosalie’s gonna do.


After repeating the same action over and over with no avail. Rosalie finally rolled up her sleeves which exposes her real face before shouting at me with anger.


「You bastard! ! ! What the hell did you do to me!?」


Obviously I didn’t need to answer that.


「…..That reminds me, Pillows acted strange as well.」


Xanadu suddenly muttered as if remembering.


「…..I have no personal grudge against the both of you, but as a Hume race, I will have to defeat you here. I will avenge those who died in that flame.」


After saying that, I held Lighting Edge which was cladded with lighting, and declared so to the two demons.


…..There were also bodies of young children in that town.


I’m sure they felt pain, and they were scared….Why did they have to die, they wouldn’t have known before their death. All of them must’ve have a dream, they would’ve have had hope if they didn’t suffer.


I absolutely cannot forgive them. I know that by killing these two demons, it would not bring back those people, but I feel that it will help even if a bit.


「……”In that flame”? What the hell are you saying…..」


Xanadu reacted to my words, then…..


「! ! ! !」


I knew that person I saw was Xanadu.


「….Now I get it, at that time, it was you who was on the back of that huge dragon, it must’ve slipped my mind.」


…..!? This Xanadu suddenly appeared before my eyes again! ! !

This is bad!? 【Paste】 isn’t fixated on my feet….I won’t be able to sustain the hit! !


As expected, I couldn’t stop in time and was knocked hard against the wall.


Well, thanks to 【Physical Attack Nullifier】, the damage was not received, but the entire surface of the armor has become carbonized and crumbled. Then, the smell of burning surfaced and severe pain coursed throughout my body.




While I was kneeling, Rosalie came closed to me with a two-handed metallic club.


「Die, you bastard!」


However, Rosalie’s attack didn’t connect.


….That’s because.




Her club dropped to the ground, and 3 lights were pierced into the back of the defenseless Rosalie….And you guessed it, it was Aisha’s arrows.


A little while ago, she mentioned “I’m also here too”. However we too have our dependable family like Aisha who shot at her!


Immediately, I grabbed Rosalie with my left arm.


「Eat this! 【Martial Arts: Heavy Shock Fist】! !」


The grappling move, heavy shock fist. Although I was using one hand, releasing at this kind of timing will also be able to let out substantial damage.


Rosalie was blown away.


…..Aah, shit. Seems like my fist has broken.

At this current timing, I was unable to equip Cestus, so it can’t be helped…..


「Tsk, you tough bastards! !」


Xanadu who was using polite tone up until a moment ago suddenly shouted while swearing.

Well this is his territory. Just now he was fooling around with us, but now he can afford to bring out such attitude.


While using 【Magic・Recovery L】 on my stomach and fist, I observed the appearance of Xanadu.


Seems like I was able to deal more damage to Rosalie, but it’s not to the point where I could kill her. While stressing at Xanadu’s next attack, unexpectedly he moved to Rosalie.


「…..Tch, this is regrettable but we are at a clear disadvantage. You said your name was Myne? I’ll never forget this.」


Hm? It sounds like he’s trying to escape.

I’m sorry but I’ll take you down right now.


As I took my Lighting Edge again, Xanadu threw a golden one-handed sword.

…..This improper attack will never land! Here we go, this is the end! ! ! !


I lightly dodged the sword and charge to Xanadu.






I could suddenly hear the screams of a fallen demon behind.

In a hurry, I looked behind….And it was the figure of Tales being stabbed by the One-handed sword in the chest.




I wonder if he was aiming for that timing when my attention was on Tales.

Xanadu then hugged Rosalie before throwing a dark stone on the ground.

Then, a black vortex appeared similar to when I used 【Unique Magic・Spacetime】.


Then…..the appearance of Xanadu and Rosalie disappeared.


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