Level 1 Guy: Chapter 200 – Intentions that are inherited

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Aurum Dungeon, Aurum’s room.

In the morning, as if sending someone to school before going to work, I dropped Aurum back to her place as per usual routine.


[Nnnngh——, alright! Let’s do our best for today as well!] (Aurum)


Aurum said after stretching her cute hands upwards and putting some energy into doing a guts pose.

As I was curious, I asked her.


[Is something different today that you have to do your best?] (Ryouta)

[I have to execute some shuffling around the dungeons today.] (Aurum)

[That sounds rough.] (Ryouta)


Part of the specialty of Aurum Dungeon is that whenever an adventurer goes in, the structure of the dungeon changes.

So, having to execute the shuffling of the dungeon can be quite annoying for the adventurers to some extent, but then again we made some rules to manage the dungeon, so it didn’t really change much.


[Low level, hurry.] (Eve)


Eve who tagged along pulled my shirt as if to drag me away.


[Today’s the promise day where bunny will have an all-you-can-eat carrot buffet.] (Eve)

[I know, I know. Then Aurum, see you in the evening.] (Ryouta)

[Un! See you then~…..Ara?] (Aurum)

[What’s wrong?] (Ryouta)


Thee expression of Aurum suddenly changed as she waved her hands goodbye.

It’s a surprised look.


[There’s someone injured.] (Aurum)

[Someone injured?] (Ryouta)

[Yeah, this is rare. The injury is quite severe. I’ll go there right now.] (Aurum)

[Now that is indeed rare.] (Ryouta)


The adventurers here in this world do not go for an adventurer, but rather a producer.

As they are the primary source of getting the products, 99% of adventurers tend to find a safe route to hunt in the dungeon.

Having someone getting a huge injury in the dungeon is like getting into a traffic incident in my former world.


Furthermore, Aurum’s dungeon floor is rather narrow and straightforward, and the variations of monsters aren’t many.

Thus, to have someone injured is seriously rare.


[I’ll have a look at it. Aurum, which floor is the adventurer at?] (Ryouta)

[Uhmm~~~] (Aurum)

[Wait, bunny’s carrots come first.] (Eve)


Even though Eve was talking monotonously, but her lips were sharp and her eyes were spilling out condemn towards me.

The only thing that can change Eve are carrots, that I know.


[Bunny will go investigate in your place. Low level will go to Teruru now.] (Eve)

[You’ll help investigate for me?] (Ryouta)

[It’s all for the sake of carrots.] (Eve)

[Wow, I can feel so much security and feelings from your words.] (Ryouta)


Well, I guess I can leave it to her.


Anyways, that’s how it is.

Eve will help with checking, and I’ll get dem carrots at Teruru second floor.



Noon, a mansion in Shikuro.

And inside the living room, I brought a mountain load of carrots for Eve.


Literally a mountain worth of carrots that is valued to be more than 100k Piros.

Having all these infront of Eve, her tension was at an all time highest.


[Wow, it’s Master’s carrots. Master, can I have one—-] (Cerberus_

[Jiii—(Stare)] (Eve)


Cerberus who suddenly saw the mountain of carrots and wanting to run towards it suddenly went for a full brake.

From an extremely good mood, Eve immediately changed her mood as if she was a savage animal as she stared at Cerberus with piercing eyes.


[These are all bunny’s carrots.] (Eve)

[U, uh okay.] (Cerberus)

[These are all bunny’s carrots.] (Eve)

[Chattering…….] (Cerberus)


Being stared by Eve, the huge dog was shivering like crazy.

It’s interesting to see the hierarchy at our home.


[By the way Eve, fill me in with the details from this morning.] (Ryouta)

[Got it. The adventurer that was transported out was named Al・Thirty. A 25 year old guy. His birthday is——] (Eve)

[Birthday? You investigated all of that in that short amount of time?] (Ryouta)

[Of course.] (Eve)


Eve puffed her chest high.


[For the sake of carrots, I will find the person’s birthdate to their horoscope. Even from today’s underwear colour till their first time and their physique. Bunny will do her best to find all of it.] (Eve)

[Amazing! Not, it’s more like one terrifying bunny.] (Ryouta)


How the heck would you find their first experience and their physique.


[You can leave those off. So what happened to him?] (Ryouta)

[It’s an adventurer that was new to Indole, and the family has a weird rule.] (Eve)

[A weird rule?] (Ryouta)

[It’s a family with strong and rookie people. And inside the dungeon, only the strong ones get permission to use recovery magic.] (Eve)

[Permission? So if they don’t have permission, they can’t heal themselves? That’s just stupid—–] (Ryouta)

[It’s as low level said.] (Eve)

[You’ve got to be kidding me!?] (Ryouta)


Oi oi oi oi, is there even such a retarded system?

But remembering back when I was in the company, there was a rule where you have to ask for permission to go to the toilet, and there are times where you can’t go to the toilet as well.

To have to give permission to heal, that’s even worse than not being able to go to the toilet.

The monsters are your enemies in the dungeon, if you don’t even have ways to heal your injuries, even something as minor as a wound would end in your demise.


[Since he can’t heal, he was transported out.] (Eve)

[……What a disturbing story.] (Ryouta)

[By the way, he immediately went back into the dungeon.] (Eve)

[What?] (Ryouta)

[There’s a drop requirement. So he went back.] (Eve)

[…..So there’s a target where they have to hit?] (Ryouta)

[Yes, if you don’t get enough, you’ll have to feed your own, so you need to meet ends meet.] (Eve)

[……] (Ryouta)


After listening to Eve, it’s been awhile since I was this boiled up.



[Eh? It’s still afternoon. What’s wrong Ryouta?] (Aurum)

[There’s something I’d like to discuss with Aurum.] (Ryouta)


After listening Eve, I thought for a moment before coming to look for Aurum.


[Something you would like to discuss?] (Aurum)

[I remember you said that you can adjust the drops in the dungeon right?] (Ryouta)

[Of course, it’s my own dungeon. Aah, but to give Ryouta zero drops is impossible. Previously, I was messing around and tried to do it, but it was impossible, the only one I can’t mess with was Ryouta.] (Aurum)

[I didn’t even know you did these things behind my back….] (Ryouta)


I unconsciously smiled bitterly.


[If that’s the case, can you make it so that before you battle, if your HP isn’t recovered, then you won’t get any drop, is that possible?] (Ryouta)

[Meaning to completely recover your HP? That’s simple you know? And it has already existed.] (Aurum)

[Ah, is that so.] (Ryouta)


Aurum nodded.

So there is such a dungeon, better keep that in mind.


[Then, can I leave that to you?] (Ryouta)

[Okie~ In return, let’s go on a date~] (Aurum)

[A date?] (Ryouta)

[Un! Since being able to leave this place, I’ve never had a date with you before yet.] (Aurum)

[I see……Uhmm I understand, I’ll think up a plan and course for our date.] (Ryouta)

[Wa~~ii, it’s a promise okay!] (Aurum)


Aurum had a huge smile on her face. Thus, after promising her, she changed the rules of the dungeon.



In front of Aurum dungeon, the central square of Indole.

Various people were gathering around the central square looking at a card that had the Dungeon Association’s name written and something else written below.


The contents of the card was simple, before a battle begins with a monster, if your HP isn’t full, then you’ll never be able to get a single drop.


The adventurers that were crowded up were talking to one another.


[It’s similar to Oganesson huh….]

[It’s fine and all, but why the sudden change.]

[Dude don’t you know….it’s because of him.]


The adventurers who were talking all stared at one of the male adventurer who was standing there.

At first, the male adventurer [sigh] at the look of the card, but after noticing the various gazes from other adventurers, he started to panic.


[Wh, what’s the matter with y’all.]

[Hey, it’s you that this is happening right.]

[It’s the subordinate that needs permission to heal yourself.]

[Wh, what’s wrong with that. My family’s rule—–]


As the guy tried to defend himself, the adventurers gathered around him.

All of them were lightly staring at him.


[You can do all that mumbo jumbo thing at other places, but please stop it at this city, it’s troublesome.]

[I, it’s not troubling right.]

[It’s because of ya that this rule is here right now.]


One of the adventurers took the card, and the rest of the adventurers were fired up.


[That’s right, that’s right.]

[So stop it at once!]

[If you don’t plan on stopping, then leave this place at once!]


Truly a place surrounded by enemies, as the guy was panicking.


Towards that guy, everyone was saying words that meant [troublesome].


[The Dungeon Association Chief over here hates anything that’s {Unreasonable}. It’s Ryouta・Satou. I’m sure you’ve heard of him before.]


[…..You don’t know???]

[Oi oi…..]

[It’s scary that he doesn’t know.]

[So stop disturbing everyone else okay.]


The people surrounding continued to blame him, and the guy’s shoulder slowly shrunk even further back.


[Ah, it’s fine that you don’t know, but either stop that permission thing or leave this city, choose one.]


After saying that, as if everyone agreed to that person’s word, everyone stared at him again.

The guy who was stared at became terrified….and wanted to defend himself again.


[Hey! You over there!]


The crowd was sliced, and a young girl was walking towards the guy.


[Hey you, you gave your subordinates a quota and if they do not achieve that quota, they’ll have to feed themselves right?]

[ [ [Eeeeeeh!?] ] ]


After hearing the girl speaking, all the adventurers let out the same sound.

The voice was even louder than before.


[Are you for real.]

[Disappear at once.]

[The Association Chief doesn’t know yet right. Then let me erase you right this instance so that you will never be an adventurer again.]


Some of the adventurers were even going to the extreme.


It’s already widely known that Ryouta・Satou is famous.

Everyone knows that if he encounters any unreasonable things, he can’t help but intervene the problem which sometimes causes a change in the environment.


Coincidently speaking, this time the drop has changed.

Originally, it is strange for the dungeon association to announce the sudden change in drops, but this town has already experienced a change in when you can go into the dungeon.

All because of one person doing overtime inside the dungeon, the rules changed.


This time it’s a similar case.

As it’s this person’s fault for changing the rules, the adventurers all gathered and had the same opinion.


At that moment, this guy has made an enemy to all of the adventurers here.


[I’m sorry, please let me pass through.]


From outside the crowd, a young man’s voice was heard, and the crowd let him into the centre of the dispute.


[What’s wrong Cliff.]


When the guy came in, the people around knew who he was.


[These people wanted to talk to him.] (Cliff)

[These people?]

[His subordinate.] (Cliff)


After explaining, Cliff looked to the side where the subordinates prepared a resignation letter.


[Because of Cliff, we have truly opened our eyes.]

[We’ll never follow you ever again!]

[We’ll handle it ourselves from now on!]

[Wa, wait all of you! You think I’ll forgive you for doing this!]


The guy wanted to scold his subordinates—-no his former subordinates, but they didn’t even bat an eye and walked away.


[What do we do with this guy.]

[For now, let’s throw him out of the city.]

[No, let’s throw him to Ryouta-san. Let Ryouta-san crush this guy’s generosity. And let Ryouta-san teach this guy a lesson before he could do something unreasonable.]


The adventurers beside were talking to him while he was scolding.

Afterwards, the adventurers handled it by themselves.

That guy will never be able to step foot into Indole nor Aurum anymore, a permanent deport from this city.



[Long time no see, Ryouta.]


I went out of Aurum dungeon wondering what I should next time such thing were to happen again, and I witnessed the fuss.

The talk proceeded steadily before I could do anything, and the talk was resolved at another place.


Then at the centre of the crowd, someone came in front of me.


[You…..You’re Cliff.] (Ryouta)



An adventurer who used to be under a black family at Shikuro, and since his Mineral drop was high, I sent him off to Indole.


[It’s been awhile. How are you doing?] (Ryouta)

[It’s thanks to Ryouta I’m doing well.] (Cliff)

[By the way, where’s your friends?] (Ryouta)

[I’ve properly helped them to escape.] (Cliff)

[I see, that’s good.] (Ryouta)




Someone cut into our conversation.

As I looked beside me, it was the adventurers that Cliff brought along.

It was the people who were involved with the black family case this time.


They turned towards Cliff and bowed.


[ [ [Thank you so much!] ] ]

[You should thank Ryouta instead of me.] (Cliff)

[Why me!?] (Ryouta)


Even I was surprised, but Cliff had a [of course it’s you] face.


[I was being put under the wings of Ryouta’s family, but it’s Ryouta the one that helped me to escape.] (Cliff)

[Aah…..I see.] (Ryouta)


It’s true that what he did was similar to what I did.

I probably would’ve done the same if I was a tad bit faster.


[Or more like, as expected of Ryouta again. You quickly changed the system of the dungeon again.] (Cliff)


[Which means he’s the one who did it?]

[He’s the one who helped us?]


The adventurers who were helped by Cliff were all shocked.


[Aah that’s right. It’s because of him that he made that rule to change the drop for y’all. That Ryouta.] (Cliff)


After saying that, the adventurers turned and looked at me. With faces of gratitude.


[ [ [ T, thank you so much.] ] ]


They bowed down and thanked me even deeper than when they thanked Cliff.


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