Level 1 Guy: Chapter 199 – Nihonium, 8th floor

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Nihonium, basement 8th floor.

It’s been awhile since I came down here all by myself.


For farming, I would bring Leia with me, but since this is my first time coming to this floor, I’m here by myself.

If some things were to happen then, at least I’m alone—-was what I had in mind when coming here.


Upon entering the 8th floor, I immediately encountered a monster.

It was another zombie again, but it wasn’t just your typical zombie.


It has your typical human body, but it was crawling on all fours.

With its clothes teared up, showing it’s pink and bulging muscles.

Plus, the strangest thing from it was the 3 elongated necks protruding from its body.


A human body zombie hydra hybrid.

Those words floated around my mind when seeing such an abomination.


[Let’s try something simple first.] (Ryouta)


The 3 heads all looked alike, and their faces looked as if they’re triplets.

Thus, I aimed at one of the heads and fired a Normal Bullet.

The bullet travelled right at the center of its forehead, dealing a cleared headshot.

However, there was no effect.

The bullet lost its momentum as soon as it touches the forehead.


Nothing happened at all.

The body of the zombie remained crawling, then the neck disappeared like haze, before emerging back to 3 of its heads.


[It looks kinda…..] (Ryouta)


While mumbling to myself, I fired another bullet——Ugh!


The moment I headshotted it, a shock suddenly came from my guts.

My vision turned white, and my consciousness was about to fly.


When my upper body was being hit and wobbled, the Zombie was jumping around.


I backed off immediately and rolled on the ground.

As soon as I got up on my knees, the zombie’s heads disappeared again, and the 3 heads appeared again.


Based on my judgement, after going through countless amount of battles, those 3 heads are its true body.

Then, wanting to confirm something else, I fired a Normal Bullet at the Zombie’s legs.


The bullet flew towards the legs and blown it away, but immediately it regenerated—–The regeneration was so fast that it didn’t even lose its balance.


Firing at its other legs, the results were similar.


The zombie that was hopping around didn’t feel any sense of exhaustion whatsoever, as its pressuring me with its attacks.


It’s most likely that besides the head, the other body has no effect from being hit.

Its weakness is the head, moreover it’s one of the three heads.


And I predict that the 3 heads has its own abilities.


To test that theory out, I fired at the heads.

I fired in between the eyebrows, then the heads disappeared before reappearing.

After the 4th shot, at last I shot the head and the Zombie collapsed and the body scattered.


As I predicted.

The 3 heads, one of it is invincible, one can reflect damage, and the last one is its weakness.


The invincible one is obviously…..untouchable.

The reflecting damage probably deals 3 times the damage dealt.If my HP and Stamina wasn’t at SS, the reflected damage might’ve killed me.

Then the last head, is its only weakness to kill it.


The problem now is how to identify which head—–rather than hitting all 3 of the heads and hopefully I hit the right one.


A dangerous Trio zombie, forcing opponents to make a ⅓ choice.


Anyways, I picked up the drop seed.


——Luck has been increased by 1.


My ability has risen, but the opponent is rather annoying to deal with.

Then, the next zombie was soon spotted.


I do have Repetition, but I’m sealing that for the time being.

Before I can find the best way to defeat it, I’m sealing it.


However, what am I gonna do about this….Oh that’s right, Homing Bullets.

The Homing Bullet that’s dropped by the trash rogue monster, Frankenstein.

Being able to home at the opponents weakness, a bullet that is also used during the battles against the Dungeon Masters.


Loading that, I fired at the Zombie.

The Homing Bullet finds its trajectory, before homing in on one of the heads.


[——Guha!] (Ryouta)


The moment it landed the hit, my vision blurred and turned white for a split second.

The impact this time was even more severe, as it was too late for me to return to reality before the Zombie bit me.


I quickly punched at the head that was biting at me.

But apparently it was the invincible head, as soon as I punched it, the neck disappeared and it stopped biting me.

Catching that opportunity, I kicked the ground and jumped backwards for safety.


Then immediately injected myself with the Recovery Bullet.

Phew….that was dangerous.


Even though the Homing Bullet could aim at the weakness, how come…..?

After thinking for a moment, one hypothesis came in mind.


Again I fired another Homing Bullet, but this time I had the Recovery Bullet on standby.

As soon as the Homing Bullet landed, I fired the Recovery Bullet on myself.


Again it tried to attack me, but before it could do that I’ve already recovered enough to avoid its attack.


It might be due to the fact that out of the 3 heads, the head that reflects damage has the lowest defence.

Thus why the Homing Bullet aimed at that head.


Which also means that the Homing Bullet would only aim at the reflect head.


[It’s fine by me.] (Ryouta)


I smiled.


With 3 Homing Bullets loaded, this time I rushed towards the Zombie while shooting towards the opposite direction.

Then concentrating, I looked at the bullets trajectory.

Inside the world of a SS Speed, I could see the orbital of the bullet aiming at one of the heads.

At that moment, the chances has been reduced from a one-third to a half chance.


If the Homing Bullets were to always aim at that head, then that means the other two is either the weakness or the invincible head.


Then, running faster than the bullet, I aimed at one of the two heads.

It was the Invincible head.


Then, taking a distance, I once more fired the Homing Bullet and rushed and again I hit at the invincible head.

Once again—-It was the invincible head.


[Come on, this is seriously too unlucky.] (Ryouta)


I said as I laughed.

Well, at least the Homing Bullets helping me with the odds.


If I were to do that 3 times for that ⅓ chance, the odds of not hitting the right one would be 1/27, but since it’s a ½ chance, missing it 3 times is a ⅛.

It’s basically a 12.5% of not hitting it.


Then finally after the fourth attempt, I hit the right one and the seed dropped.


Thus, I continued with this method.

It took me about 8 tries to defeat 5 bodies, which is about half the time.


[……But then again.] (Ryouta)


Is this really alright to just leave it as is.

To have a ½ chance, and also having to take the rebound damage from the reflected attack.

I mean it works, but I really want to find a way to just hit the correct head.


Is there a way to narrow down my options.


[…..What if.] (Ryouta)


There is a possibility in mind. Well if it doesn’t work, at least I tried.


Soon I found a Zombie, then I rapidly fired Recovery Bullets at it.

I fired at each of the 3 heads.


The bullets hit, and the glowing aura surrounded the head.

The zombie heads didn’t reset!


This was bingo!

Whenever I hit the wrong head, it would reset itself, but using the Recovery Bullet, it didn’t.

And out of the 3, one of it didn’t have the effect of the recovery, as the bullet dropped on the ground.


That is probably the invincible head. As I could feel the effects of the heal being reflected.


Then, after memorizing which head is which, I loaded the Homing Bullet and prepared the Recovery Bullet.

Then, without moving, I took a deep breath, and focused everything on my eyes.


I fired the Homing Bullet, then look at the 2 heads.

Then rushing sooner than the Homing Bullet could hit, I fired the Recovery Bullet at zero distance, but it didn’t recovery.

Without needing to think further, I blew off the other neck by reflex.

The Zombie was defeated, and it dropped the seed.


Taking the seed, my status rises again.

I was even more happier that I managed to find a way to defeat the zombie rather than my status increasing.


Deducing the heads by using Homing Bullet and Recovery Bullet.

With these 2 bullets, and my SS speed.

So for today, I safely farm at the 8th floor and increased my Luck from F to E.

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Fire 1 recovery bullet per time.
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