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「……No way, it wasn’t only Test Subject No 1, but even being able to defeat Pillows. It was rather odd that there were some slightly unnatural behaviours…..but that’s probably your side’s tactics right.」


This game was suggested by the prideful him.

I thought that he would be extremely furious, but it doesn’t look that way?

At first glance, he looked calm…..


Anyways, after I win against Xanadu, I’ll 【Cut】 away the slave status on Pillow, then it’ll be our complete victory.

Then we can continue to the bottom of the dungeon and destroy the core…..Alright, just one more push.


「Out of 3 battles, we won twice…..So it’s our victory. So as promise, can you withdraw from this?」


I thought that it’ll be useless, but I still asked.

Either way, even if he obediently gives up, I would still have to 【Cut】 the slave contract from Pillows.


「Nn? What did you just say? For someone like me……to run away? Don’t joke around with me! How can an elite demon like me run away? Rather, the real battle begins right now.」


Muu, he’s not calm at all…..! ! ! He sounded upset.

I could even feel the extreme pressure from him! !, Th, this… even fierce than the Orc King!


『Sylphy, AIsha! Go down the next floor this instant! Waffle, Kuu….Take Pillows-san with you! Hurry! ! !』


……This, he’s really gonna use his true powers to fight…..

The worse part is I don’t even know what his skills are, so I can’t 【Cut】 them.


First is to use all my defense skills, 【Defense Rise】, 【Mighty Gate】, and 【Iron Wall】.

I don’t know what sort of attack will come, so better to play the safe side.


Alright, next is…..Eh?




Wh, what happened!? Why was I suddenly hit by the wall!?

Even though Xanadu didn’t even move!?


「Hou? So you blocked that…..Do you have some sort of sub skill?」


A sub skill!? I hurriedly used 【Appraisal】 on myself.


【Physical Attack Nullifier(⅗)】


Eh? So I did took damage!? The nullifier has decreased by one! !

Inspecting myself closely, I could see a part of my armor near the stomach burning…..


「That’s just a normal attack, it’s at a level where it would kill the Gargoyles immediately. Normally that attack would’ve killed you, this is quite interesting. However, that sub skill isn’t infinite right? I wonder how long you can endure it then.」


….This is bad, he’s using some sort of skill.

Worse part is I don’t know what kind of effect it is.

If he’s not using any weapons, then he might have the same fighting style as Tales?


For now, before I know the opponent’s ability, I can only count on 【Physical Attack Nullifier】.

For now let’s take the pebbles out from my storage bag and spread it around me. Also, let’s talk to Xanadu to distract him while I spread the pebbles.


「What on earth did you do…..? I can’t even see it.」


「Aah, obviously someone like you wouldn’t know. You’ll die without knowing what hit you, but you’ll die without suffering. Shouldn’t you be happy?」


…..Such composure, are you sure that I can’t understand?


「Alright, enough blabbering. I don’t know what you want to do with those pebbles, but you’ll be overwhelmed by my strength regardless…..Well then, will you be able to endure my next hit? Let’s take it up a notch.」


The previous attack already decreased 【Physical Attack Nullifier】 by 2.

The bite reduced it by one, and the collision with the wall decreased another.


As long as I don’t get blown away, I won’t have to waste the skill.


If that’s the case!!


I’m gonna use 【Body Strengthening・L】 and 【Leg Strengthening・S】! Then use 【Paste】 the ground and my feet together.

Then, to alleviate the shock even for just a bit, I’m gonna use a cross block stance with 【Arm Strengthening・Extreme】 which I used during the battle against the Orc King.


「Come at……..Guuu! ! ! !」


I didn’t receive any damage thanks to the skill.

However, even when I block, the power was still enough to blow me off and crashed into the wall.


But I finally caught it! ! ! Xanadu! ! ! This time it’s my turn! ! !

I could see Xanadu showing a startled expression as I wasn’t unconscious yet.


「Eat this ! ! ! !【Martial Arts: Shark Glow】.」


Since there’s no time to use any buff attack skills, I’ll just use 【Martial Arts: Shark Glow】 as it is. Even without the buff, I’m sure it’ll do some damage!


「W, what!!」


….Eh? For some reason Lightning Edge was coated with lightning as I released the skill.


The lightning strike cut through the body of Xanadu.


「Guoooooooo! ! ! !」


This time it was Xanadu who was blown against the wall.


「Wh, what is going on…..」


For a moment, the word of the weapon shop’s old man crossed my mind.


『When the guy got this from the dungeon, there was lightning coated around it…..』


That’s what the old man said….

Ah!? This is bad, I’m in a battle now, if I lose focus for even a second, I’ll lose.


I need to analyze his attack and devise a counter measure!


【Physical Attack Nullifier(0/5)】


…..This is bad. It doesn’t look like that attack is not limited to once.

I’ll be damaged the next time I get attacked.


For now let’s 【Cut】 two more and paste it on myself.

……I’ve never tried pasting multiple 【Physical Attack Nullifier】 before, but I expect it would endure up to 10 times.


However, he got damaged by Shark Glow.

I don’t think he can jump at me anytime soon….


…..Also, just now the attack was at my stomach, but this time it was a part of my chest.

Though the attack was nullified, the burning damage is left in the armor….


Perhaps Xanadu’s skill is 【Physical Attack+Fire Magic Skill】?

And the sudden attack might be 【Movement skill】?

It closely resembles the Orc・King’s skill huh.


The only difference is whether you notice the attack “before” or “after”.

Well, the difference is rather huge.




Since his movement is sluggish, the time is now! !


【Unique Magic・Aurora】【Unique Magic・Storm】【Range Magic・Fire Maximum】【Range Magic・Wind Extreme】【Range Magic・Water Extreme】【Range Magic・Earth Maximum】


The strongest magic skills that I was holding on was released at once.

Naturally, 【The height of Magic】 to increase the damage!


The tremendous destructive sound and blast surrounded Xanadu.


「….Hahahaha, this time it’s extreme magic?….What’s more 6 attributes…..Who the hell are you!」


Eh? I can hear Xanadu’s voice from behind me.

Did he….escape from that explosion!? How?


….Wait a minute. I’m certain that he took the damage.

Which meant he was hit by some of the shots but escaped using the movement skill?


「It doesn’t look good for you huh? Xanadu.」


Suddenly, a figure appeared from behind the shadows.

Who’s that……

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