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『Un, should I explain it to you.』


I decided to explain it to her instead of Sylphy using 【Telepathy】.

Yes, the skill that I pasted it onto Pillows after taking her skills was 【Telepathy】.


「Wh, what the!?」


It can’t be helped that she would be confused because of the sudden sounds being heard inside her head.

However, we have to avoid her behaving suspiciously so that Xanadu wouldn’t find anything weird going on.


『Please do not panic. You can just speak to me by thinking of what to say in your head. What Sylphy said about your elf race being able to return to your original life again is true, if you’re interested in listening to it then I would explain it to you, but could you pretend to still be fighting for a moment? If you don’t want to hear about it, then this conversation is over.』


Previously, we heard about Fenrir-sama that going back to the past and saving the elf race is a possibility.

If the sole purpose Pillows worked with the Demon because her elf race was being killed on the verge of extinction due to the unfortunate events, then if she listens to me properly, I think that there’s a possibility that she would come over to our side.


The main problem right now is that she is Xanadu’s slave, but if there is a display in the same place as the skill column, there might be a way to invalidate that slave skill by using 【Cut】.


I thought of using 【Cut】 on it while cutting of her skills, but I’m only afraid that she has some connections with Xanadu and voluntarily signed the slave contract, and if I were to 【Cut】 it, then the slave contract would be cancelled and Xanadu might notice it, so I didn’t do it yet.


『…..The words of the Hume race, can I even trust them.』


Pillows-san answered with a negative response. However, I’m sure she’s lost.

Even when I can hear the hesitant in her voice, why would she purposely reply me with 【Telepathy】.

If she considered that this proposal was a bad thing, she can just say it using her own mouth and report it to Xanadu quickly. So I decided to issue out the next play.


『Do you know of a person named Amy-san?』




This reaction, I’m sure of it, she knows of her.

Well, Amy-san is the only daughter of the Chieftain, and also the Guardian of the World Tree.

Even within the village, I’m sure she’s famous as well, so I thought that Pillow-san would know who Amy-san is.


『Amy-san is currently staying with us right now…..Also, she’s working hard to recover the life like the old days for the elf race which I talked about just now.』


While I was telepathically talking to her, she continued clashing her weapons with Sylphy.

Taking away her 【One-handed sword・Holy】, it was kinda difficult to bring out the full ability of her one handed sword, and you could say that speaking to her telepathically is kinda bothering her, but even with all that handicap, being able to fight face to face with Sylphy who is using skills, she is really an excellent warrior as Xanadu said.


『…..Amy, is still alive…..very well, I will listen to your story.』


Naisu! There might be a way to bring her over to our side!


『… what is going on.』


We aren’t friends yet, so I’m not sure whether I can be trusted or not.

So while I was described having the promise and cooperation from the Divine Beasts, and also thinking of returning to the past and reducing the elves, I blurred out the ability of my skills.


『…..Not talking about the Divine Beasts, but to return to the past…..How can I believe that.』


『Well, it’s normal to think that way.』


When I bluntly said that, she was surprised.


『What the, you’re pretty easy aren’t you? Aren’t you afraid that I don’t believe you?』


…..Well, obviously I wish that you would believe me.

However, I know myself well and this story is too crazy to believe. That’s why I have no choice but to answer like that.


『Of course, I wish that you would believe me. That’s why I would purposely do all these just to talk to you about it.』


『I see, surely you don’t need to do such a roundabout method if you don’t even want to negotiate, and you can just make me powerless and have the girl win against me…..You guys did something to me right?』


I knew that she realized it.

….She doesn’t know how, but she knows that we have some sort of special ability that takes away her ability.


『Yes, we did have some trick up our sleeves.』


『…..Hmm, then what do you all want from me? Because I do not know what you want, so tell me. You do know that I’m a slave to this Demon. Even if you want me to cooperate, I don’t think there’s any room for discussion.』


Alright, just one last push!


『If that’s the case, then you don’t have to worry, if you promise that you’ll come to our side, then I will do something about that.』


After returning her answer, it has been awhile since she replied.

Of course, she continued fighting with Sylphy.


『…..I have a condition.』


Hm? What would it be…..I didn’t predict this to happen.

If I can do something about it, I would do my best to help her with it……


『First, just win over me. Since you’re not pulling any punches….And I’ll accept that offer if you can kill Xanadu…..However, even if you defeated Xanadu and the things you said were lies, I will face with all of you with my sword even if I were to die.』


If that’s the condition, then there’s no problem.

Either way, I’ll have no choice but to fight with Xanadu.

…..Just one more reason not to lose against him!


『I understand! Sylphy, Aisha… heard what she said! ! Let’s have Pillow-san meet with Amy-san no matter what!』


『 『 Understood!』 』


First, Sylphy used 【Body Strengthening・L】 and raised her attack power.


「How about this! ! ! ! !」


While raising a loud cry, Sylphy waved her Linus・Sword to Pillows-san with tremendous momentum.




The fight between the two who was equal gradually tilted towards Sylphy being dominant.


「Take this!」


While waiting for that moment, Aisha let out 3 shots.

Of course, it’s Aisha’s 【Archery・Holy】 attack. Even Orcs of upper classes would be beaten down by such offensive power.

Such an attack can’t be prevented by Pillows-san who was already having her hands full with Sylphy.


「! ! ! ! ?」


….However, she dodged it all. Are you sure she has her skills lost!?

While fighting, I can’t imagine dodging 3 arrows flying at ultra high speed.


However, this good fight is about to come to its climax.


「…..There’s an opportunity, this is it! Take this 【Martial Arts: Sharpness・Sword!】」




While collapsing in her position, Pillows-san used her rare rapier as a shield. However, the martial art Sylphy released broke her rapier and hit her body.


Being hit by the power of the martial art, Pillows-san flew across and crashed onto the wall.


『…..Sylphy, aren’t you going too far? She won’t die from that right?』


After crashing onto the wall, I could see Pillows-san falling down to the ground, and without thinking I asked Sylphy.


『…..I did go easy on her, but I think she should be fine…….maybe.』


Maybe I should use 【Support Magic・Gradual Recovery(Stamina)】 on Pillows-san while Xanadu isn’t looking……

But for now, we have safely fulfilled one of Pillows’s condition.


….The next is! !


「Well, next is you, Xanadu! You’re the only one left!」


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Thanks for reading.

The illust for Myne and Aisha is out.



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