Level 1 Guy: Chapter 198 – World’s Number 1

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In the morning, after sending Aurum off to the dungeon using the Teleportation Room, I returned back into the mansion.

Seeing me return, Emily who was looking for me walked towards me with the sound of her house slippers pitter pattering on the ground.


[Aah, welcome back Yoda-san.] (Emily)

[What’s the matter Emily. You wanted to find me?] (Ryouta)

[Yes desu.There was a person looking for you just a moment ago desu.] (Emily)

[A guest?] (Ryouta)

[It’s the Dungeon Association people from Carbon nanodesu.] (Emily)

[Carbon…..I’ve never heard of it before, but if it’s the dungeon association people, it means I would have to go to their city right.] (Ryouta)

[Yes nanodesu.] (Emily)

[Did you ask them why they’re looking for me?] (Ryouta)

[They said that they’ll come back again desu. They said that they wanted to meet with Yoda-san by all means possible. Also they’ve brought all sorts of sweets for us nodesu.] (Emily)

[I see? I guess something happened that they need my help.] (Ryouta)

[Seems like it nanodesu.] (Emily)


Emily smiled.

Out of all my friends—-No out of everyone that knows me the longest in this world, would immediately know what I’m thinking the moment they see me.


Especially nowadays, it happens quite frequently. After rumours about me spread like wildfire, whenever someone is in need, they would surely come to find me.


[Well, it’s what I expected from Yoda-san nanodesu.] (Emily)

[I think that Emily’s the one that I think that’s amazing.] (Ryouta)

[It’s still a long way before I can be compared with Yoda-san nanodesu.] (Emily)


I wanted to comeback with a [that’s not true], but I decided to keep it to myself.

Knowing the personality of Emily to be modest, of course she won’t think of her that way.


This warm, bright, and spacious mansion that can win over my own parents house.

Having Emily maintain such a lovely mansion is what amazes me even more.


If we continue this conversation, it’s not just the maintenance of the house that she’s good at, it’s the same when we were inside the dungeon.


With how Emily was even able to make the inside of the dungeon so comfortable, one can say that even a Slime can be put to sleep if they were inside that space….

Emily only thinks I’m amazing because of how strong I am…..Well the person herself is always modest, so I won’t say anymore.


[Ah.] (Ryouta)

[What’s the matter desu?] (Emily)

[I forgot to take the Speed-Up Bullet. I’mma go get it now.] (Ryouta)

[Yes desu, have a safe trip nanodesu.] (Emily)



[Yoda-san, Yoda-san.] (Emily)


After going to the Clayman village and take the once per day Speed-Up Bullet, I returned to the mansion, and once again Emily was calling for me.


[What is it Emily.] (Ryouta)

[The guests have arrived to meet you Yoda-san desu.] (Emily)

[The people from Carbon?] (Ryouta)

[That’s not it, this time it’s the people from Aldehyde desu. This time the Dungeon Association Chief came to meet with you desu.] (Emily)

[What?] (Ryouta)


I was sort of surprised.

A different city’s dungeon association, now the Dungeon association Chief came to meet with me.


[Are they still present?] (Ryouta)

[Nope, they said that they’ll come by again desu. But, but Yoda-san….this is troubling nanodesu. I’ve received some sweets nodesu.] (Emily)

[That’s true, but that’s not the point nodesu….] (Emily)


Emily furrowed her eyebrows as she made a troubling look.

While making a face like that, she took out a box of sweets.


[This is it nanodesu.] (Emily)

[Isn’t it just your usual sna——it’s heavy!] (Ryouta)


The moment she let go of the box, the weight surprised me.

It wasn’t just the snacks, but something much heavy, like they placed some rocks inside the box.


Then, scanning what’s inside the box, I noticed that there was a second layer at the bottom of the box. And as I opened it—–


[These are golden sweets! As promise ! ! !]


I made a huge comeback.

Below the double layered box was covered in gold.

I’m not sure whether it’s just a souvenir or a bribe…..


[This…..is not something troublesome for me right.] (Ryouta)

[I thinks it’s different desu….] (Emily)


Emily and I both thought of the same thing.

I thought when the Carbon people came to look for me, I assume that they wanted to ask me to help out with something, but this box that was given by Aldehyde clearly doesn’t seem like they’re seeking for help.


It does look like they want some request, but it’s not something troubling.


[What could it possibly be.] (Ryouta)

[I wonder too desu….] (Emily)


Emily and I both tilted our head at the same time.


[Aah, Ryouta-san.]


From within the corridor, Elza who was wearing her working clothes called out to me.

The employee of the trade shop <Swallow’s Repayment>, as she was on her way to our mansion from the shop, she was still wearing her outfit.


[What’s the matter, you need me for something?] (Ryouta)

[Etto….I do have a request for you. That is, the headquarters has one.] (Elza)

[A request from the headquarters?] (Ryouta)

[The Association of Arene wanted to meet with Ryouta-san by all means necessary.] (Elza)


Emily and I looked at each other at the same time.


From Carbon, to Aldehyde, and now Arene.

This is the third time.


Elza then showed a complicated expression.

It looks happy—-or is it proud, but then it was mixed with a troubled look at well.


[This is just an if, but everyone might want to invite Ryouta-san. They might want to invite Ryouta-san to move to their cities even if it’s next year or the year after.] (Elza)

[Stay at their city? What for?] (Ryouta)

[There was an announcement made yesterday, the Annual cumulative purchase.] (Elza)

[Cumulative purchases…..Meaning how much someone trades to the trading shop per year?] (Ryouta)


Elza silently nodded.


[I didn’t know there was something like that….so it’s something like a Ranking of Millionaires of sorts?] (Ryouta) (TLN Note: It’s something like the richest man alive kinda thing. Also refers to the list of high-level taxpayers)

[In that ranking, Ryouta-san is currently ranked at third in the world.] (Elza)

[Is that true?] (Ryouta)

[Wow! That’s so amazing, Yoda-san is really really awesome nanodesu.] (Emily)

[So that’s why they wanted to invite me? Aah now I get it, which also means that they would earn even more money.] (Ryouta)

[That’s also true as well, but it’s not just that. As Shikuro being an agricultural city, usually we aren’t ranked inside. As our prices are cheap.] (Elza)

[I see.] (Ryouta)

[For an agricultural city to rank top 10 in the world, in these past 10 years, only Ryouta-san was able to do it. Hence why everyone wanted to invite you to their city. Ryouta-san, if you were to be in a mining city, it would result in even greater achievement, same goes for Animals too. Going to those cities would net you much more income, was what everyone thought. Even our own store Arene thought of it, so that’s why.] (Elza)


I see, so that’s how it is.


[What’s more….] (Elza)

[There’s more to it?] (Ryouta)

[Ryouta-san didn’t work for a full year yet right?] (Elza)

[Now that you mention, that’s true.] (Ryouta)


After being transported to this world, it hasn’t been a year yet since I’ve started.


[So I’m sure you know what that means right, so what happens if you worked for a full year? Was what everyone thought as well. If it’s that then by next year you’ll definitely reach first in the rankings. To be the top one in being the richest, is what you’ll be recognized as.] (Elza)

[That’s ama~~~~zing desu! Yoda-san never ceases to amaze me nanodesu!] (Emily)


Emily was extremely excited for me, and Elza was silently looking at me with brimming eyes.

Even though what I did was just my usual routine, I didn’t think it would turn out to be such an incredible feat…..

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