Level 1 Guy: Chapter 197 – Revive and Repetition

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At the basement of the mansion, there was a small mountain of bean sprouts piling up over there.

Today, I’ll be using these bean sprouts to test out my experiment.


For the first experiment, I’ll wait for a while before the bean sprouts are hatched into the rogue monster Slimes.

Then firing at them with the Normal Bullet, more Normal Bullets dropped.

This was my usual method of collecting bullets, and it’s simple as a Normal Bullet can kill them immediately, but the problem lies in waiting for them to hatch into rogue monsters.

Having to wait for a few minutes, just to kill them within seconds, is seriously a horrible way of doing it.


Well, that’s what I was doing up until now, because there really are no methods besides this.


[Leia, I’ll be counting on you.] (Ryouta)

『I understand.』 (Leia)


While equipping Leia, I could hear her voice speaking inside my head.

Then holding my gun upwards, I aimed at the mountain of bean sprouts.


For a rogue monster, it will only hatch it [there are no humans close to it], so if you’re within it’s range, it would not hatch.

However right now I’m close to it, inside this basement dedicated to hatching rogue monsters.


Standing in front of the mountain, I picked up one bean sprout and bring it close to Leia.


『Revive.』 (Leia)


She then used the Trash Magic, Revive.

The moment she chanted the magic, in no time the bean sprouts turned back into a Slime.


Right now, on top of my palm was a hatched Slime, this was the first time I felt such refreshing feeling.

Regardless, I killed the Slime right on the spot.


The defeated Slime then dropped a Normal Bullet.


[This feels right, let’s move onward with the rest.] (Ryouta)

『Yes.』 (Leia)


Taking the bean sprout, Leia then uses Revive, then I immediately kill the Slimes.


My world has changed.


Previously, it has always been, wait for a few minutes, then defeat within seconds.

Now, it’s wait for 1 second, then kill it in 1 second.


It’s like a totally different reality, an efficiency unlike before.


『Master.』 (Leia)

[Yeah?] (Ryouta)

『My MP has been depleted.』 (Leia)

[Oh right, your MP is at F. Try using Infinite Recovery Bullet on yourself.] (Ryouta)

『I understand.』 (Leia)


As per ordered, Leia used one of her arms which was holding the revolver and fired onto the protector.



『Revive.』 (Leia)


The bean sprouts turned into a Slime.

What a combo this is.

Which meant that the effect of the Recovery Bullet took place, healing both her HP and MP.

Then casting Revive again, once her MP is depleted, she can use the Infinite Recovery Bullet on herself.


With this method, the time it took for us to clean up the small mountain of bean sprouts took around 20 minutes.


『Master.』 (Leia)

[What’s up?] (Ryouta)

『I was curious since before, what is this other thing besides the bullets being dropped?』 (Leia)

[Hm? Ah, you’re talking about the EXP.] (Ryouta)


Now that I think about it, this is Leia’s first time looking at it.

It’s been awhile since I’ve used it as well. Normally I won’t do it at all, but today I’ve been slowly collecting it.

What she was referring to, was the huge ring that was on my thumb.


[It’s a ring that was dropped by the Dungeon Master of Nihonium, so if I wear this, I would be able to collect EXP into crystal form like this once I reached the max level. So, for those who hasn’t reached their max level, I can give this to them to level up.] (Ryouta)


It was a great success when I helped Margaret a while back, but after that day, I never got the chance to use this ring’s effect anymore.

In the first place, most adventurers that live their lives farming for the same monster would have their levels capped for a very long time.


There’s really not many opportunities to use it.

As I suddenly remembered about it, I decided to equip it just to collect some EXP while I’m testing the Revive.


[Yoda-san, sorry for the wait desu.] (Emily)


Emily then appeared from the entrance of the basement.

Then behind her were traders from the <Swallow’s Repayment>, carrying tons and tons of bean sprouts over here.


[So it was approved huh.] (Ryouta)

[Yes desu, it’s the same as before where I bought most of the storage available in Shikuro desu.] (Emily)


After Emily answered, more people came and move the bean sprouts over to the basement.

After they’ve finished moving the loads of bean sprouts, the bean sprouts were stacked by mountains and mountains and mountains of it.


After the people of <Swallow’s Repayment> left, Emily said.


[The order of the bean sprouts is totalled to be a million Piros nanodesu.] (Emily)


A million Piros worth of bean sprouts, that’s the same amount during the time with Margaret.


In order to level Margaret up till the max level,I had to exchange a total of a million piros worth of bean sprouts EXP to level her up, which took up an entire day.


I wonder how long it’ll take for today.

I hope I can be proud of it.


[Well then, shall we start.] (Ryouta)

[Fight, nanodesu!] (Emily)

[Alright. Leia, let’s aim for the fastest pattern as we go along, so it’s going to be a time attack.] (Ryouta)

『I will do as you say.』 (Leia)


Then I head towards the bean sprouts.


Leia started chanting Revive, then the moment it hatched into a Slime I immediately used Repetition.

Revive, Repetition, Revive, Repetition.

Then sometimes Recovery Bullet, then Revive to Repetition.


We practically stayed still the entire time, while having the fastest cooperation ever in defeating the Slimes.


Emily who caught a glimpse of what we’re doing, decided to carry out the dropped Normal Bullets and EXP out from the basement.


So with full concentration, I hunted the Slimes.


I could see the mountain of bean sprouts rapidly decreasing.

Previously, it took almost a day just to finish up 1 million Piros worth of bean sprouts, but right now, it didn’t even take 2 hours before we cleared them up.


With Leia’s Revive, the rogue monster subjugation workload has undergone a revolutionary change—–no it has evolved.

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