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「…… So this is our first win? Well then, it’s our turn next.」


Sylphy declared bravely with Linus・Sword in her hands.

Following that declaration, the brown elf, Pillows, appeared from the back of Xanadu.


「Kill all Hume race.」


Name: Pillows

LV: 49 + 16

Race: Elf race 【Fallen into Darkness】

Gender: Female

Status: Slave <Xanadu>



One-Handed Sword · Holy

Yggdrasil’s Bind

Unique Magic・Wood


【Protection of world trees】


Blessing of the World Tree (Increased attack power)


Well, I have to carry out the strategies that was decided in advance.

First I’ll cut 【One-Handed sword · Holy】, 【Yggdrasil’s Bind】 and【Unique Magic · Wood】 and paste it on Sylphy.

The【Blessing of the World Tree (Increased attack power)】 was 【Cut】, but I don’t know what would happen if I pasted it on Sylphy which does not have the 「Protection of the World Tree」, so temporarily I pasted on myself first.


…… Well, next is the heart of the strategy.

I then pasted a certain skill on Pillows……


Also, after the previous fight, I pasted back my skills that I gave to Waffle and Kuu.


「……Although you’ve knocked down Test Subject No. 1, which I think it’s a fluke, I don’t feel as bad. As Pillows here is one of the most powerful in terms of the Elf race. For that Hume woman, I don’t think you’ll stand a ghost of a chance.」


By the way, Amy-san said this before.

The Elf race is said to have very few people who has the ability to fight.

As you’ll randomly get it from the 【Protection of the World Tree】.


For Pillows to have the skill 【One-Handed sword ・Holy】which is not suitable for range fights.

But in addition to that, she has the tremendous skill 【Blessings of the World Tree (increased attack power)】.


It certainly makes sense to say that she is the strongest in terms of an elf.


Surely if you compare the skills that she possesses, it would be an opponent in which Sylphy and Aisha could not win. So I can see why is Xanadu so confident.


……However, that is only if she still has her initial skills that is.


What’s more, both my wives doesn’t only have skills awarded from God, but there are plenty of skills I’ve pasted on them. And right now, I cut out all of Pillows skills.

For that reason alone, there is no difference in strength that Xanadu thought.

Rather, the balance of power is certainly leaning towards my wives as Pillows have lost her skills.


However, the fight against Pillows, our purpose is not to win against her.

Our main purpose is to know what she’s truly thinking and release her from that Demon.


「You don’t have to give such pretentious statements, once we battle, the results would become apparent.」


Sylphy said after listening to Xanadu’s words.


Aisha also held her bow in hand, then moved to a reasonable distance, before taking a battle stance.


「Indeed, you are right, the result will definitely show……In the form of your death! Don’t you regret after the results are out! Try fighting against our demon race! ……Pillows, do it! Don’t hold back.」


◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆


This is odd. Something is wrong with these guys.

Speaking of the behavior patterns of those who have seen our Demon races up until now, we have classified them into roughly two types.

One, is a person who attacks without reason because they could not measure the difference in competence between them and us.

And the other, would fear us and flees from that place.


……However, the ones in front of me now isn’t doing neither of it.

Even after knowing that I’m a Demon, they never lose their neutral position.


It is an action that I would never have thought of as I would assume the Hume race are arrogant, and it’ll get into their heads.


What on earth is going on? Do they just not understand the existence of a Demon?

Or perhaps….Are they absolutely confident in their ability in fighting against us?


Either way, there is no doubt that it is completely different from the Hume people I know.


……What a sight. Certainly they have faced a Disaster Grade monster, a Chimera you know?

No matter if it’s just two of them, how can such small creatures win against my creation?

The boy named Myne never doubted the victory of that two since the beginning.


… Wait, a minute? A purple wolf? I think I’ve heard of it somewhere……

Hmm….No, it’s useless…..I can’t recall? It seems I can remember if I push myself a little more……Well, there’s no need to fred about it.


Next is Pillows’s turn. This woman was a good pick-up.

Her hatred against the Hume is real. If you have this kind of hatred, you are supposed to be swallowed by that hatred, you might end up losing yourself and become berserk…….

Although this woman has a deep hatred, it is a rare existence that she can make any situational judgments calmly.


A high ability and good judgment, and what’s more a deep hatred…. With these elements combined, there is no reason to lose to some Hume women. Now, show your master what you’re capable of! The depth of your anger! Your hatred! ! ! !


◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆


「Women of Hume, I do not have any grudge against the both of you, … It is just your luck that you’re born as a Hume. So, let us kill you without having you suffer. It’s the least I can do. If it’s from my hands, you should be able to die safely. 」


Sylphy and Pillows were both confronting each other in the center of the hall, two swordswomen.

Sylphy with her Linus・Sword, the top sword of the Broadsword series, equipped with a pure white surcoat mail.


On the other hand, Pillows is equipped with a rapier-based one handed sword and a jet-black skin armor with body lines showing cleanly.

The appearance of both battle styles are exact opposites with both opponent being moderately strong.


「……Fumu, did you say your name was Pillows? Why do you hate the Humes so much?…… Hypothetically speaking, if the Elves had a way to regain their livelihoods, what would you do?」


Sylphy held her Linus・Sword and answered as such.

Pillows who heard the word momentarily showed a shaky look, but quickly protruded her rapier which was held in her hands towards Sylphy.


Sylphy expected as much as he quickly blocked with her sword.


「……What the……This feeling….」


Did she notice that she doesn’t have her 【One-Handed sword・Holy】?


「What are you daydreaming for! The battle has already begun! We’ll close the distance from here on out!!」


Sylphy’s body glowed red for a moment and rounds up to her Linus ・Sword and landed it at the bottom half of Pillow’s body. ……Hmm? Is that【One-handed Sword ・ Holy】?


『Sylphy, why do not you use【One-handed Sword ・ Holy】? 』


I question the fact while they are battling.


『Hmm? Oh, don’t you worry Danna-sama … This is the pride of a knight. Don’t mind it, if I can’t help it, then I will use it without you worrying.』


……I see, she understood that we’ve taken a strategic method in taking the skills, but this time the opponent is not a Demon but an elf and a woman, plus she also uses a one-handed sword as a weapon.

I understand the feeling of wanting to fight with your own skills.


Sylphy is of the royal family.

She is also strong as Aisha and I even admits.


Pillows dodged Sylphy’s slash with her quick moves.

Even though I have thoroughly cleared her skills up, it seems like she is enjoying the fight.


「….What the hell is happening?」


While puzzled, Pillows still has her rapier pointed at Sylphy.


『Myne-kun, that girl….she seems to have noticed something strange is going on.』


While Aisha was holding the bow and fired without hesitation, she started telepathically talking to me.

Yes, it is within my expectation that she’ll notice…No, it will be troublesome if she does not notice it.


Even while such a conversation is made with Aisha, in the center of the hall, two swords hit each other while sparks were flying.


And, as a matter of course, Sylphy overpowered Pillows, which causes her to move a few steps behind.


「……What did you do !?」


They say that you can kill a person with just their gaze, as it is true when Pillows asked Sylphy with a strong gaze with killing intent filled to the brim.


『Yeah, should I explain it.』


To Pillows question, I gave an answer to Pillows with【Telepathy】.


Yes, when I took her skills, the skill I pasted to her instead…..That was【Telepathy】.

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