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TLN Note: You might’ve noticed that I would occasionally switch the subject and object around for the skills, well that’s because sometimes I feel that in certain situations it fits with that line, but mostly it’s because I forgot what I put it or what Junkburst put when he first translated it XD Welp~ as long as the message is clear, I guess it should be fine?


「Well, are you guys done with your preparation? Aah, don’t feel too bad if you die, okay?」


To think that Xanadu would already consider us at the losing spectrum, he really has no fate in us.

I can really tell from his conversations thus far that he’s really looking down on us till the very end.


It’s most likely due to the fact that his one Chimera had completely dominated the entire party of Tamers Ring which made him think of us that way.

…..Just you wait, we’ll do our best to resist you all the way!


「Yeah, we’re done. And, please promise your end of the deal alright?」


When I say that, Xanadu’s right eyebrow twitched for a moment.

Seems like whenever he gets emotional, his eyebrow loves to move.

Even though he’s a Demon, but the traits that he has isn’t far from us Humes.


「……Hou, you sure have some self-confidence? Alright then, please do your best not to die immediately.」


Afterwards, a certain species walked up to us, and turned the once relaxing atmosphere into a tensed up mood.


『Guooooooooo! ! ! ! !』


The Chimera began with a roar.


「Well, your first match would be against Test Subject Number 1, so who amongst you will go first?」


『Waffle, Kuu……Good luck!』


『Waffuuuuuuuuuuuuu! ! ! !』

『KyuKyuKyuKyuuuuuuuuuuu! ! ! !』


Both Waffle and Kuu both raised their voices which did not lose out against the Chimera’s roar…..However, even if they’re Divine Beasts, they are still children.

Instead of a powerful intimidating roar, it shifted into a more cuddly sound.


「Kukuku, is this even going to be a fair fight? As this battle is a representative battle, you want to preserve your fighting strength by throwing us two of your weakest ones to Test Subject Number 1 huh? This is splendid, truly splendid! I do pity the two little monsters though.」


That’s rude of him.

In our party, Waffle and Kuu are our top class in terms of fighting strength you know.


「Once you see it, you’ll understand soon enough.」


Well then, before the battle begins, let’s steal the Chimera’s skills.

I’ll paste 【Unique Magic・Aurora】 and 【Unique Magic・Storm】 on myself.

Then, for Kuu, I pasted 【Demon Eyes of Deadly Poison】, and 【Chewing】 onto Waffle.


With that, the Chimera would not be able to use any skills during battle.

The only thing the Chimera can do is fight using its pure strength and self-taught abilities…..


There’s also a reason why I don’t doubt that Waffle and Kuu would win for certain.

Although they’re still young, but they are Divine Beasts nonetheless, what made me believe that they would win is because Xanadu called the Chimera “Test Subject Number 1”.


Let me briefly explain to you about the Chimeras in 「The Story of Alexandria」.

A Chimera is a magical creature that is composed of the parts of more than one creature.


I’m guessing that when Xanadu called the Chimera a “Test Subject Number 1”, that gives me a clue that it is still in its experimental stage.

What it means, is that once I robbed it from it’s important skills, it doesn’t have the experience to battle against an opponent without using its skills.


It’s similar to when I lost against Brother-In-Law previously.

Conversely, Waffle and Kuu would have mock battles with me whenever they’re free, which exercises their battle intuition, and to top it all up, Waffle has faced against the Black Dragon before.


Even if both of them don’t use their skills, I’m for certain that Waffle and Kuu have more battle experience then the Chimera.


Whether my speculation is right or wrong…..Either way, the results will soon be shown.


What’s more, I have pasted 【Regeneration】 on the two of them before coming here.

If they don’t lose their guard, I don’t think they’ll lose against a Disaster Grade monster, but just in case I still pasted it onto them. Better safe than sorry.


We’re now at the hall where Tales was handed over to us just now.


「Without further ado, let the first battle begin! Eat them up, Test Subject Number 1 !」


The moment he heard the words ‘begin’, Waffle immediately used all of his attack buff skills.

【Strong Arms・Extreme】【Body Strengthening・Small】 and 【Strength Raise】.

And his buddy, Kuu, used 【Defence of the Divine Beast】.


The Chimera didn’t even think at all….no maybe he can’t think of anything. Without any planning, the Chimera just rushed straight towards Waffle and Kuu.


Waffle then use 【Demon Eyes of Gravity】 below the ground of where the Chimera is.

Immediately, you can see that the Chimera’s movement drastically decreased.


Because of the 【Demon Eyes of Gravity】, the Chimera’s weight has increased.


『Kyu, Kyu- ! !』


Kuu didn’t miss that opportunity.

Then aiming at the Chimera’s forehead, she used 【Divine Beast’s Assault】 head on.


『Guaa ! !』


With Kuu’s one attack, it broke down the Chimera’s balance, then while being staggered, Waffle used 【Breath of Paralysis】 on it.


「What the hell are you doing Test Subject Number 1 ! How are you having a hard time against such puny little creatures!」


It seems that Xanadu just witness something out of his expectation.

It seems like he couldn’t hide his frustration as Waffle and Kuu continuously bombarded the Chimera with attacks while moving around.


His originally haughtiness from before seems to have been gone.

I’m guessing this is his true personality.


『Waffle, use this!』


While telepathically talking to Waffle, I pasted my own skills, 【The Height of Magic】, and 【Wide Area Magic・Fire Maximum】 on him.


『Gauuuuuuuuuuuuuu! ! ! ! Wafu!』


The moment Waffle barked, he fired the 【Wide Area Magic・Fire Maximum】 buffed with 【The Height of Magic】 towards the Chimera’s body.


The smell of burning meat spreaded across the area, then the Chimera raised cries of agony while violently stomping around its body.


『And for you Kuu!』


Next I pasted 【Body Strengthening・L】, 【Strong Arms・Holy】, and 【Fire Attribute・Resist】 on Kuu.


『Kyu, Onii-sama! I’m extremely happy!』


Then, Kuu’s body suddenly glowed red, then she used 【Divine Beast’s Assault】 and rammed it on the Chimera’s body again.

With the help of 【Fire Attribute・Resist】 and 【Defence of the Divine Beast】, the flames surrounding the body of the Chimera would be no problem for Kuu, so she can aim straight at the Chimera like a bullet.


A tremendous roaring sound echoed throughout the air, then the Chimera fell to the ground.

Without waiting for even a second, Kuu continued with another attack.


『Bubble Shower! ! !』


Although the 【Bubble Shower】 skill put out the flames, but it still did an abundant of damage on the Chimera.


『Wafu! Deal the final blow!』


Aiming at the fallen Chimera’s forehead….he used his boosted 【Divine Beast’s Twin Attack】 on it.


The sound of bones cracking followed by the Chimera’s forehead bleeding.

Raising one more last cry, the Chimera’s head fell to the ground.


It’s possible that with Waffle’s last attack, it not only crushed the bones, but also its brain.

No matter the monster being a Disaster Grade, once you crush its brains, they’ll definitely die.


「…..I, I can’t believe it….This is impossible, what the hell is going on here?」


The Chimera was too focused on its instincts.

He rushed towards its enemy without even using a single skill.

It might be because it was artificially created, that it was influenced by that.


Plus the reason why Waffle and Kuu won the fight….is because of battle experience, that is what the Chimera was lacking.


When the Orc・King noticed that he couldn’t use his skills anymore, he got furious.

However, if we were to face a real Chimera, I’m sure it’ll be enraged when it couldn’t use its skill, similar to the Orc・King.


However, since we had the advantage of using skills plus the experiences of fighting, there was never a way to lose from our side if we use a little bit of our brains.


『Wafu! Myne! We’ve won!』

『Kyukyu, Kuu has also did her best! Onii-sama!』


Waffle then wagged his tail like a spinning top, and flew towards me. Kuu too floated around my head.

You really did your best! Was what I portrayed as I patted their heads. Then, I could sense the hatred look from Xanadu. Seems like the farce that he was putting up has completely been thrown aside.


「…..What the hell are those monsters? Isn’t is just some wolf and Whale?」


「It’s my pride and joy of a family.」


There’s no need to reveal their identity to the enemy Demon, plus there’s no obligation as well.

However, since he was making a fool out of my precious family before they fought, I will say this much to him.


「……So seems like we get a point? Well then, it’s our turn next.」


Sylphy who was waiting at the side gripped her Linus・Sword while powerfully declaring.


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