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「So Myne, since we’re here. How about we play a game?」


…..A game?

What is he trying to do. I have a bad feeling about this.


「…..A game you say?」


Xanadu proposed a team battle where each team would bring a representative, then they will battle with each other.

…..Instead of calling it a game, it’s more of a normal fight.


Those who are battling, will only face one opponent.

If we win against them, Xanadu promises to withdraw from this.

And if we lose against them, then we will give our lives to those who’ve won.


Should I accept, or should I not….For now let me check the opponents status.

I’ve already confirmed it previously, but let’s check the Chimera’s status again.


Name: Faithfulness・Chimera

LV: 96

Race: Magical Creature (Test subject)

Gender: –



Unique Magic・Aurora

Unique Magic・Storm

Demon Eyes of Deadly Poison





The first obvious thing is that, it’s level is high. And second of all, it has some skills that I’ve never seen before.

However, if I were to cut its skills away, I’m sure we can win against it if we fight with caution.

I’ll just leave this to Waffle and Kuu to deal with.


Name: Pillows

LV: 49+16

Race: Elf race 【Fallen into Darkness】

Gender: Female

Status: Slave 【Xanadu】



One-handed sword・Holy

Yggdrasil’s Bind

Unique Magic・Wood


【Protection of the World Tree】

Blessings of the World Tree(Increased attack power)


Wait a minute, what’s with this status…..? What’s more….a slave!?

And her level display is also weird. Plus on the race, there’s this 【Fallen into Darkness】 written on it.


【Fallen into Darkness】: Acquired by those who’d originally had a sense of justice but later on experiencing deep despair and trauma.

All stats boosted.


…..Is it because of the lost of her elf village? And she might be an even tougher opponent with all her status increased. Is that why her level is displayed that way?


『Sylphy, Aisha…..The elf Pillows, think one of you can face her?』


Then, using 【Telepathy】 on the two of them after reading the status with 【Appraisal】, I confirmed with them.


『….. If we take her attacks head on, then it’ll be dangerous, but if Danna-sama were to 【Cut】 her skill, then I’m sure it’ll be easy for us to win.』


『I’m sorry, I feel that it’s tough…..Being an archer to boot, fighting her 1 on 1 might be a challenge for me, even with her skills cut.』


I see, it’s true that it might be a tough opponent for Aisha to face.

Originally, her role as an archer is to fight opponents from long distance, so having a tank in front of her is the best in terms of being in a party.

…..Hm? Wait a minute. Isn’t it much safer if Sylphy and Aisha teamed up and face against Pillows?

Since we’re accepting their request, shouldn’t it be fair to listen to some of our demands as well?


Then, the last person to use 【Appraisal】 was Xanadu.


Name: ■ ■ ■ ■

LV: ■

Race: ■

Gender: ■



■ ■ ■ ■ ■

■ ■ ■ ■ ■

■ ■ ■ ■ ■


…..What!? I can’t see anything from using 【Appraisal】 on him!? What the hell is going on here!?

What kind of insane power does he have…..?


What’s more, this is my first time not being able to see the information of someone’s status.

…..This fellow, I think there’s no choice but for me to fight against him. I wonder if I can win against him though.


To be honest, I don’t have confidence in winning. All this time I won against any strong opponent is due to the fact that I would steal their skills first before fighting.

Similar to the Orc・King, I would steal his 【King’s Intimidation】, 【Realize】, and 【Unique Magic・Spacetime】, before I could safely win.


I mean, I have gotten stronger after that time….but my opponent right now is a Demon(majin).

There’s no guarantee that I would win.


However, it may not be a bad idea to accept the proposal that Xanadu gave.


Don’t talk about me, if Waffle, Kuu, Aisha, and Sylphy were to fight as 2 teams, I’m sure they’ll win both matches. Which leaves us to win the game even if I were to lose.


Alright, let’s negotiate about this proposal.


「Is there a reason why we need to accept this proposal of yours?」


As I asked him, Xanadu looked at me with a boring look in his face before answering.


「……Sigh……I thought of having some fun with this, you know? That thing on the ground, including the tamed monster that he has…..Let me think, yeah there’s around 20 of them…..」


After looking at Tales, he flickered with an expression of anguish, then he continued talking.


「As you can see, Test Subject Number 1…..Aah, you guys call it as a Chimera right? Even with the 5 of you, I don’t think you would be able to win against it even without this game?」


I see, he thinks that our fighting power is weak, so he gave us this suggestion.

So he thought that even if we can’t win against the Chimera, maybe we can win against the other two? Is what he wants us to think. Well, it seems like they just want to have some fun…..


「I see now, if that’s the case, is it alright for us to give some conditions?」


「Condition? What would it be?」


I then proposed to make Aisha and Sylphy a pair, and to make it possible for us to choose which opponent to fight against.


「……Hou, then I would like to ask from you, who would be facing against me then?」


「I’ll be facing against you, one on one.」


Immediately answering him, his eyes went wide with surprise as he stared at me.


「…..Fumu, now that I think about it, haven’t we meet before somewhere….Where is it? Well, no use thinking about it. Alright then, I’ll accept your condition. So would you accept my game?」


Yes, if it’s like this, then we might have a chance.


「Thank you very much. So, I would like to hold a strategy meeting, is it alright to take some time?」


「Aah, go ahead. I do not mind.」




『Let’s use Telepathy to talk for now.』


Moving to a far away distance from the Chimera, we held our strategy meeting.

Since our voice could echo around the dungeon walls, we decided to use Telepathy to discuss.


I was thinking that after moving a distance from them, I would immediately escape the dungeon and fight with them the next day. But after thinking about it again, I’m afraid that Xanadu would be extremely furious and would attack the capital.

So, to not have that happen, our best bet is to fight him here right now.


『…..I’m sorry everyone. In the end, we were swayed by the opponent to battle against them…..』

『No, after Danna-sama told us about our opponents status, what Danna-sama thought of was the correct choice.』

『Wafu! Leave it to me! That kind of monster, it’ll be an easy victory!』

『KyuuKyuu! I’ll do my best as well! Onii-sama!』

『So, how should we team up to fight?』


Thus I told everyone about the formation of the team that I thought of.

Then, Aisha suddenly thought of something.


『Hey, Myne-kun…..that Pillows is an elf, but can’t we somehow persuade her to withdraw from the combat?』




Aisha’s suggestion caught me so off guard that I stopped thinking for a second.

No, it wasn’t just me. But others were dumbfounded by Aisha as we looked at her.


『No wait, Aisha….how are we supposed to persuade her to turn over to us? I can’t think of anything to do so……And from what Danna-sama had said, isn’t the Elf a slave to that Demon Xanadu? A slave cannot disobey their master’s commands.』


Sylphy quickly replied, then Aisha answered again.


『If this “Fallen into Darkness】 is really caused by an incident…..Then I think it’ll probably work…..』


Aisha then started telling us her plan during the battle.


….I see now! It’s true that we can use that strategy! Un, I can now see us completely winning this battle!


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