Level 1 Guy: Chapter 194 – Jumping into conclusions after being accelerated

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TLN Note: Another long chapter eh, who does this Author think he is? XD

Nihonium, 7th floor.

With Leia following me, we went and hunt some mummies.


Fusing with her, I was equipped with her protector and arm.

It’s already plenty convenient right now, but I want to find more ways to use her well.


There are things that I can try doing, as purely the number of arms increased from 4 to 6.

As we’re in Nihonium, not all 4 of her arms would be utilized, and there might come a time where she’ll be restricted by it.


So within that restriction, I tried various things.

Once in a while, a pattern would emerge, and I would follow it.


『Master. Right, 75 degrees.』 (Leia)

[Alright!] (Ryouta)


So turning 75 degrees, there was a mummy who had its feet frozen by Leia shooting the revolver, then me dealing the final hit with the Flaming Bullet.


『180 degrees behind.』 (Leia)

[Then I’ll just do this!] (Ryouta)


I turned my upper body to look behind, and dealt the final blow towards the mummy who had its feet frozen by Leia.


Leia would stop her movements, and I’ll deal the damage.

It’s slightly different from just being restricted and weakened, as the important thing to note here is stopping the enemy’s movements.


Most of the time i would use the Flaming Bullet to kill the mummies, but depending on the distance—–if they are at a distance where they can touch me, I would use the Annihilation Bullet on them.

Following this pattern of stopping their movements, I tried seeking out various things to do with it.


Is it possible to stop the enemy’s movement in any situation.

Or, it is a wasted effort to follow such pattern for future purposes.


『Master.』 (Leia)

[What is it?] (Ryouta)

『Is this necessary. Even if we do not do any of this, Master could just defeat anyone in one hit.』 (Leia)

[It’s a bad habit of mine. I don’t worry about just my status, but my skill as well. In gaming terms, it’s what we call a personal skill. And it’s a habit that I would always do, so I apologize but please go along with my selfish habit.] (Ryouta)

『I understand. If it’s an order I’ll obey, so Master does not have to feel bad about it.』 (Leia)

[Is that so.] (Ryouta)


Thus Leia continued following me around the dungeon.

I made some patterns after Leia shot the foot.

Then occasionally I would practice several patterns repeatedly.


I understand that the only way to ingrain the movement into my body is to burn that repetition into my body.


[Alright, that about wraps it up.] (Ryouta)

『Is it enough, Master.』 (Leia)

[Yeah.] (Ryouta)


I nodded, then picked up the Mentality seeds.

Feeling that I’ve reached another rank, I went to confirm it at the Know-It-All board, then.






Strength  SS

Endurance SS

Intelligence SS

Mentality S

Speed SS

Dexterity F

Luck  F



As I’ve sensed it, my Mentality has risen to S.

A normal achievement for today.

This doesn’t have any particular meaning, but I have decided to raise my rank by one each time I dive into the dungeon.


When repeating this farming style, I always think that it’s necessary to have [a good goal].


Since my objective has been completed, it’s time to head out.


[Well originally, this would’ve maxed it.] (Ryouta)


I mumbled, then suddenly fell into a deep emotion.

The feeling of coming a long way has been felt from the bottom of my chest.


The next to max is Mentality going to SS, but today I don’t want to push myself.

So, by leaving it at S, I would like to explore the 8th floor.

I wonder if it’s gonna be Dex or Luck, so I was looking forward to it.


『Master.』 (Leia)

[What’s wrong?] (Ryouta)

『I have come to observe a phenomenon that I cannot judge.』 (Leia)

[A phenomenon that cannot be judged by you?] (Ryouta)

『The monsters are increasing and decreasing at the same time.』 (Leia)

[What did you say, increasing and decreasing?] (Ryouta)

『……Let me rephrase that again.』 (Leia)


Leia’s tone then became more serious.


『It suddenly increases, then immediately after it decreases.』 (Leia)

[Hm?] (Ryouta)


That certainly is weird.

The moment the monsters increase, it decreases.


[Is someone defeating them? No. Besides me and Margaret, nobody has even come into Nihonium, or I’ve never seen anyone coming in before. Plus, Margaret and her teammates wouldn’t go further down from the first floor.] (Ryouta)


Quite a few months have passed since Nihonium came to this world.

And as such, there wasn’t any memories that any adventurer has set foot onto the second floor of Nihonium.


As everything in this world is determine by the drop of the dungeon, this dungeon has no drops whatsoever.

And as a result of this two combining factor, any obvious person would not want to come here.


[Just to make sure, there’s no one else besides us right?] (Ryouta)

『Yes, there is nobody else.』 (Leia)


Leia firmly said, as she can not only search for monsters, but in some sense she could also know whether there’s any adventurers or not.


[Do you know where this is happening? Or is it all happening at the exact same place?] (Ryouta)

『It is over there.』 (Leia)


Leia stretched her arms, and showed me the directions. Then, following the direction of the arm, we went to that place.


『It is over here.』 (Leia)

[I can only see a dead end.] (Ryouta)

『It has been reduced.』 (Leia)

[Hm? So you’re saying that the monsters were there, but they immediately reduced?] (Ryouta)

『Yes.』 (Leia)

[I can’t see anything though. Maybe it’s a misunderstanding….yup, nope that can’t be.] (Ryouta)


I remembered back the things with Leia.

She has a robotic face. It’s not an attitude, but an 『ability』.


If I ordered her to freeze the mummy’s legs, she would faithfully shoot all the mummy’s ankle with the Freezing bullets.


So it can never be a misunderstanding on Leia’s part.

I’m sure something is happening now, that’s why it caught her attention. This should be what she’s thinking.


[……Is it only for an instant, when they increase?] (Ryouta)

『Yes.』 (Leia)

[Does it have a cycle?] (Ryouta)

『There is.』 (Leia)


Leia answered, and even this is robotic.


[Alright, then can you tell me when they appear five seconds before the cycle arrives.] (Ryouta)

『I understand.』 (Leia)


Then waiting for a bit, Leia gave the signal.

And then.


『5 seconds before the cycle starts.』 (Leia)

[I got it.] (Ryouta)


I pulled out my revolver and shot a bullet to myself.

It was the Speed-up bullet that I just took this morning.


The moment after I fired it onto myself, the world around me felt different.


While being in this accelerated world, I waited for that 5 seconds.


Then, in front of me a naked zombie appeared.

There was no skin, and the muscles were exposed on its entire body, This zombie reminds me of that human body model where I’ve seen it so many times in the Infirmary room.


Without even having the leisure to think, I started moving by reflex.

Even in this pseudo time stop accelerated world, the zombie was almost seen to disappear right after appearing.

Then, I punched it with all my might.


Without using my revolver, as the bullet wouldn’t been slower than it disappearing.

What I used was my body, as it was faster.


Thus I punched it with everything I’ve got.


The Zombie was getting thinner—–I can make it!


I strongly dedicated my all into my fist without thinking.

Then looking at where the Zombie was, there was nothing.


[Ah, I missed. Can’t be helped. Well, tomorrow I can challenge it again.] (Ryouta)


As the Speed-up bullet can only be made once per day, I can just challenge it tomorrow.

After thinking about it, I waited 60 seconds in real time, then the acceleration effect disappeared.


Then in front of my eyes, something started to glow softly.

Even the shining was late, but something slowly emerged from the light.


…..Aah, so that’s how it is.

I’ve already defeated it, but I’ve forgotten about the fact that the drop would come late because I’m in this state.


I smiled bitterly as I waited for the drop to fall down.

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