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As I slowly panned my eyesight from the mouth of the Chimera to the feet.

What I saw, was…..Tales with his right arm and left leg being chewed away, and the entire body covered in a pool of blood.




When we saw Tales in such a helpless appearance, we were lost in words, then suddenly I heard someone clapping somewhere.


[Are you the ones? Who defeated the Gargoyle! That’s amazing, no it really is an amazing feat!]


! ! !


It’s him!? I’m not mistaken, it’s that guy I saw the other day!

When I was behind Jormungandr-sama’s back, the person I saw….

He was with the other monsters fighting against the nonresistant citizens….That guy! !


[…..Are you…..a demon?]


[Aah, it’s as you guessed. I’m one of the Demon race’s soldier, the name’s Xanadu.]


…..Xanadu, did he not remember seeing me at that time? Or is it that after seeing me, he just doesn’t care?


[…..I’d like you to hand that person over there to us.]


I pointed my finger at Tales, and talked to the Demon that called himself Xanadu.


[…..Fumu, you seemed to be quite the rude person huh? Even though I’ve given you my name?]


…..Eh? I didn’t imagine that this Demon would have a sense of courtesy.

However, it’s regrettable but it certainly is as he said. Considering the situation of Tales, I thought that there isn’t much time left to spare, but I was really caught off guard that a Demon would say that the Hume races aren’t polite.

So, adjusting myself once again, I lowered my head towards the Demon.


[It is as you said, I apologize for my impatience. My name is Myne, from the Hume race, and also a Hunter.]


[Oh….so humans can be polite at times. As, I thought all humans were like that person behind me, uncivilized barbarians.]


As Xanadu was in a good mood, he lightly kicked Tales in the stomach.

…..Ah, so he was talking about Tales. I’m sure he was looking at Xanadu with proud eyes or something.

It was kinda funny that I was imagining a little what transpired when Tales met Xanadu…..


[We apologize for that man’s rudeness, so could you please hand him over to us?]


I once again spoke to Xanadu, this time in a well-mannered voice, and after thinking for a second, he called out to the Chimera.


[Test subject Number 1, since you’ve eaten so much already. I’m sure your stomach is full right now? So would you mind not eating that other one?]


So much?…..Now that he mentioned, where are the other members of the Tamers Ring…..the only person I saw was Tales and the Demon…..Don’t tell me!? That they’ve been had by the Chimera…..!?




After hearing Xanadu’s words, the Chimera growled.

Then, he began chewing the corpses that was held in its mouth as is.


[How was it, it seems like he won’t be eating your friend anymore….That is fine, let me give you back this person in honour of your polite attitude.]


As Xanadu finished saying, he grabbed and plucked Tales by the neck and threw it to us. (TLN: >///< thank you)




With such a sudden movement, I hurriedly used <Physical Enhancement・L>, and caught the body of Tales who was flying towards me.

….This is bad, we might not be able to save him.


Seeing his body up close, it really was even more severe than I’d imagined it to be.

He might’ve been chewed by the Chimera, as his body was left with huge bite marks.

And what was even more obvious to the eyes, were his missing right arm and left leg.

With some simple deduction, I’m sure it was the Chimera who chewed away those two body parts.


If I use <Regeneration>, I might be able to heal him, but…..

There’s a risk as Xanadu would be looking at us, and it’s not like I want to save this person that badly.

It’s cold hearted of me to be that calculative, but I shall use <Support Magic・Gradual Recovery Small> on him, and let him endure it for the time being.

There’s no point in showing all of our cards in front of our opponent, now can we?


{Aisha, you don’t have to heal Tales for the time being.}


{I understand, we don’t want to spill everything to our enemy right.}


If this was Brother-In-Law or Captain Franz, I would immediately treat them.


But Tales…..I really don’t want to say something like this, but he reaped what he sowed.


[Well then, is that fine with you?]


After treating Tales with first aid, Xanadu suddenly spoke to us.


[…..Yes, thank you very much.]


[Fumu, I see, I see, you really are a well-mannered person. That person is, what can I say, the norm that I know? Because most of the humans that I know, would see a Demon and immediately attack us without saying a word. So, this is such a valuable experience to be had.]


…..Well, normally one would do that.

Leaving the Chimera aside, this Demon named Xanadu is seriously a person that is hard to read.

Really, what is he even thinking, I have absolutely no idea.


[…..So, Myne was it? What I want to ask is, why are you in this dungeon?]


There it is! With my answer, it might turn into a battle. I must be careful with surprised attacks.


[…..We came to crush this dungeon.]


After answering his question, Xanadu’s right eyebrow slightly flickered.

This is just an if, but he didn’t think I would throw a fastball at him and reply to him that quickly.


[Oh, this dungeon….huh? Do you guys know that we, the Demon races, were the ones that created these dungeons?]


[…..Yes, of course we are knowledgeable about it.]


[Which means, you and I are enemies, is that what you’re saying?]


[…..I’m sure that’s what it’ll lead to, maybe.]


Well then, what is he gonna do? Will he let the Chimera attack first? Or would he be the one fighting?

Preparing any unforeseen attacks, I readied myself.


[Ku ku ku….Uhahahahahahaha. You have indeed peaked my interest.]


…..Huh? That was not what I was expecting.

I thought for a fact that he would rushed at me with killing intent.


[Pillows, come here.]


Xanadu then called someone over from behind Chimera’s back.

Pillows? He has another companion with him!? Aah, right I remember sensing two of them!

I did confirm some strange presence using <Awareness・L>….So if one of them is Xanadu, then the other is another Demon!? Seriously, one Disaster Grade and two Demons…..


Normally, we would’ve been in a desperate situation.

But I can’t understand the reason why Xanadu was laughing…..?


However, if you’re talking about our side, we too have two Divine Beasts.

We won’t be inferior when it comes to fighting as well.


Then, the person that Xanadu called out was…..surprisingly a female elf.

No, it looks slightly different from an elf. Her skin is darker.


[Let me introduce to you, this here is my cute subordinate, her name’s Pillows. It’s as you see, she is an elf….but she’s not your usual elf.]


The female elf named Pillows, was throwing hate glances at us from before.

…..Even though it is our first time, why is she looking at us with hatred? Did we meet somewhere before? No but then again, the person that I’m acquainted who is an elf, is only Amy-san.


[…..Have we met before somewhere?]


I unknowingly asked, then without saying a word, she just turned her face away from us.


[Ku Ku Ku…..This girl has an extreme hatred towards the Hume. Well, I’ll leave you to it as to why she hates the Hume.]


….I see, so she’s the same as Amy-san….So she was also a survivor of that tragic incident.

Rather than who we are, she has already hated the entire Hume race due to the fact that what we did to her race….I guess that’s what happened.


[Well Myne, while we’re at it. Shall we play a game?]


…..A game?

What does he want to do now. I have a bad feeling about this.

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      Carmeops Renard · 13th December 2018 at 4:49 AM

      however if we add modern science and medical practice to it, we might be able to do something interesting

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      Tkk · 13th December 2018 at 11:46 PM

      I got your point, but there are no trolls that can put regen on the parts that no longer are linked to the main body. Like the steel dagger. It’s like a thing that has no life, but it could regen itself by putting regen on it and get to the original state. That’s why I thought it would be possible.

        Belkar · 14th December 2018 at 12:14 AM

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Apologizing to a Demon for not being polite while a guy is about to die from blood loss after losing limbs (due to the Demon’s orders)… Like, “sorry, but he’s about to die so I’ll introduce myself after saving him” would be what I expect him to say.

Also, he should also use Appraisal on the demon right away to at least be aware of the possible danger.

If this ends with just a casual talk before the demon and elf walk away with the chimera, and Myne doesn’t at least cut the Chimera’s skills, I’ll be incredibly disappointed. You can’t just let a demon roam around your nation with such a dangerous creature following them.

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