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TLN Note: A feelsgood chapter


「…..Should we go.」


Seeing that the bloody trail continued to lead down the staircase, I answered.

Everyone was….yes, even the usual mypace Waffle and Kuu, was moving down the stairs in caution and in silent.


Then, Sylphy, with her Linus・Sword…..and I with my Lightning Edge and Steel Dagger held on both of my hands, we proceeded with the mindset of always being in combat whenever necessary.


Aisha too had her bow hanging on her shoulder, and a dagger on her hand.

Though I wanted to say, as expected of Aisha with her 【Archery・Holy】, but in this narrow passage, it is hard for her to use her bow in this situation.

So when this kinds of situation arises, she would prepare a dagger for such situation, and she is also well trained in using the dagger.

With such preparation in equipment and training, it is no wonder she was a former B Ranked Adventurer.


Now that I remember, my father didn’t have the 【Dagger】 skill, but from what I remember, he could normally use the dagger. I guess for a hunter or a archer, having a short sword is basically like their second weapon.


「…..Well then, we’ve arrived at the Basement 4th floor….but what is going on with this floor!」


Sylphy saw a huge area right before her eyes, and said in pain.

I thought of it when we were on the basement 3rd floor….but so far I have never seen such structures in any of the other dungeons I’ve been to.

This fourth floor, can be said that the floor has changed drastically…..and it’s the polar opposite of the previous floor.

…..No let me think about it, maybe the reason why the dungeon looks so weird is because a Demon came by and messed with the dungeon?


…..There’s a scene right in front of my eyes.

And a vast scene that even the goal can’t be seen, one, straight line, going from one end to the other.

The only thing that exists on this floor, is this passageway. There were nothing else besides this.


Maybe, there is a hidden door somewhere on this floor, similar to how we found the door on the basement third floor….


Just so you know, when we went behind, it just leads to a dead end.

It was just a straight passageway, moving us forward forever and ever.


And, on the bed of the passageway, the trail continues from the third floor, whoever’s(….) blood was still being dragged into the abyss in front of us. It was as if the blood was inviting us to follow it to the end of the road.


「What do you think of this?」

「……I have no idea…..however, it looks like it’s inviting us to go on ahead.」


Sylphy asked, and Aisha answered.


Yeah, there is that possibility.

We won’t know what’s laying ahead of us, but what I know is that while I was defeating the Gargoyle, it took the chance to go.

If that happens, we will obviously be cautious of any enemies lurking around.

…..Which means, that this blood trail might outright be leading us into a trap.


In a way, this is just a prediction.

And obviously, it might be something too far fetched….


However, regardless of speculating the enemy, whatever it is, we must assume the worst out of it.

As such, thinking of it as inviting us to move onward, let us act carefully.


「Everyone, please be careful.」


After carefully observing our surroundings, checking if there’s anything or anyone, we moved at a very slow pace.

After walking for approximately 50 minutes or so, we heard a strange sound from in front of us.




「That was!?」


When I raised my voice, Waffle too 「Wafu!」 raised her voice.


『Myne! There’s something, in front of us!!』


At the same time when Waffle raised his voice, I too used my 【Awareness・L】!

There, I sense a rather weak presence. And also, an ominously huge presence is there too.

That huge ominous presence….Reminded me of the powerful Orc・King that I faced before.


…..Then, a strange and weird feeling that I have never felt before…There were two of them.


「Everyone….be careful….it seems that there’s an enemy similar to the Orc・King’s level.」


When I said similar to the Orc・King, it means that there’s an enemy that is at a Disaster Grade.

No matter how much Sylphy and Aisha levels up, there is no chance to win in a proper fight.


……I have to fight alone.

However, besides the Disaster Grade monster, that two other presence….I could also feel something bad from them.


「……What, did you just say an Orc・King?」


Sylphy had a frowning look as she heard at an unexpected name.


「I’m sure it’s not the actual Orc・King, but a similar opponent that is as strong as the Orc・King.」


While looking straight ahead, I corrected Sylphy’s misconception.


「…..A disaster grade monster, is what you’re saying…..To be honest, to fight with that kind of monster might be too hard for both me and the Princess.」


Aisha then calmly analyzed the situation.

However, I haven’t told anyone about the other thing that I’m worried as well.


「…..About that…..It isn’t just the disaster grade monster. There’s also two presence that I have never felt before as well.」


After telling it to the two of them, the both of them swallowed their saliva.

The two presence… might be….


「Gurururururuuuu! ! !」


Suddenly, there were howling birds echoing around us…..then we heard a groaning voice including a vicious sound, which interrupted our thoughts.

I’m sure the owner of that vicious sound… the disaster grade monster.




Then, I could hear the voice of the person further into the depths.


「Sylphy, Aisha….use your defence skill right now! Basically just concentrate on protecting yourselves! Waffle, Kuu and I would engage in battle!」


「……Guess it can’t be helped, you did ask us to escape when you were fighting with the Orc・King. But since then, we too have improved to somewhat protect ourselves as well.」


Sylphy shrugged her shoulders, then used her defence skills.

Aisha too understood and used her defencive skills.


「…..If it really looks bad, I might ask you guys to escape as well.」


I gripped Lightning Edge tightly, then ran ahead.

Behind me was Waffle and Kuu that was running/floating with me. Then further behind was Aisha and Sylphy that moved in caution as well.


Then, what flew in front of my eyes was—–

A huge ass Chimera.


Name: Faithfulness・Chimera

LV: 96

Race: Magic Creature(Experimental body)

Gender: –



Unique Magic・Aurora

Unique Magic・Storm

Demon Eyes of Deadly Poison





「…..This, thing.」

「What!? A Chimera…..」


The first time seeing such a huge monster unknowingly overwhelmed me.


「Myne-kun! ! !Over there! Hanging on the Chimera’s mouth! ! !」


Aisha suddenly shouted, and as I looked at the mouth of the Chimera….

Eh? Being held on the mouth was…..a human body!?




Again, I could hear that person’s sound!

However, that sound that I kept hearing, was actually coming from beneath the Chimera’s feet.


Then I slowly scanned from the Chimera’s mouth to the feet.

As I was looking, over there….the right arm and left foot were torn, and the entire body was covered in blood, and the person was……Tales.

Author’s Note:

Thank you for reading.

Blah blah blah same thing as the previous chapter.


TLN Note:

FINALLY, SERVES YOU RIGHT TALES! HAHAHAHAHA (I sound insane here now that I look at it again before posting this chapter XD)

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