Level 1 Guy: Chapter 192 – Speed-up Bullet

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The next day, I’ve gotten myself another bullet from the rogue monster village.

When I took it, the light ball became small, then when I came back here the next day, the size returned back to normal, so it gives me a feeling that it can only be taken once per day.


Of course there might be some other possibilities, so I’ll have to make sure and confirm it.


Taking the two new bullets with me in hand, I went to an outskirt place where no one was around.

As I wanted to test out this new bullet, and I wouldn’t know what the effect is going to be, it’s better to work it when there’s nobody around me.


If that’s the case, I could’ve just went to Nihonium Dungeon and test it, but over there has its own uses so I’ll leave it be.


Before I can make my other abilities increased to SS, I would still have to retrieve the Mirror・Jewel and the sword in order to meet with the spirit of the dungeon.

So it’s better to leave the dungeon be instead of doing some reckless things to it.


Also, I left Leia at the house. I won’t know whether it’ll be dangerous, so it’s better if I test it by myself first.


I took one bean sprout and leave it on the ground, then move away from it.

After waiting for a while, the beansprouts hatched into a rogue Slime.


Then, I loaded the new bullet onto my revolver, and aimed carefully before pulling the trigger.

The level of shooting at a Slime is at the point where I’ll never miss, but just to be sure I aimed with extreme precision. This is after all, a precious bullet.


Then, the bullet fired right at the heart of the Slime—–but it didn’t explode like how I imagined it to be.


[Is it something like the Recovery Bullet—–Gah!] (Ryouta)


Suddenly, I felt a sharp pain from my body.

It’s like something knocked onto me.

The cause was instantly known, because the Slime in front faded away just before the impact was felt.


The Slime’s body hit directly onto my stomach like a pitcher throwing a ball towards me.

I landed on the ground with my hands supporting my upper body—–and this time it hit the back of my head.


My eyes turned white for a split second, and I was getting a headache while my eyes were starting to blur.

I clenched my teeth and stomped on the ground.


Knowing that it was a sudden attack, I could only catch a few glimpses of it with my eyes and ears.

The Slime was at hyper speed—–a speed in which even I couldn’t trace and attack.


I finally knew the meaning behind the bullet.

A Speed-up bullet……huh.


I have another bullet left, if this is really a Speed-up bullet, then I can shoot it at myself—–but.


I would like to do some further testing, and I’m not 100% sure that it’s a Speed-up bullet.

But first, I’ll have to deal with this predicament.


While I was thinking, I received yet another shock from my side, and the taste of iron was getting stronger in my mouth.


Phew….I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and calm myself.

Then….sharpening my nerve.


Then I could feel something touching at the right side of my flank—-then with my quick reflexes I dropped an elbow near there.

That one blow with all my concentrations sharpened connected with the Slime, and the Slime was blown off by the attack before disintegrating away.


[Fuu….] (Ryouta)


This was perhaps the most I’ve struggled with a Slime.

Besides the first time that I’ve came into this world, this seriously was the hardest battle I’d ever had with a Slime.



Nihonium, first floor.

After gaining certain amount of information, I moved my location to here.


I then placed the remaining Speed-Up bullet (temporary) into the revolver, then similar to how I used the Recovery Bullet, used my revolver like a syringe and shoot myself.


Then my view of the world changed.

It became extremely quiet.


It was quite difficult to compare, but I think instead of the word [quiet]. It’s more like [silence]. And it felt like I’ve experienced this before.


This quiet sensation felt totally different.

Just total silence.


Everything around me stopped, even the air was dead silent.


My first instinct was the word [time stop], but after sometime processing my thoughts and also watching the Slime’s movement, I’m seeing it as [super-accelerated speed].


I held my revolver, then loaded some Normal Bullets and fired.

The bullets…..were flying out from the muzzle in slo-mo.


It reminded me of the Trash Bullet, as if the bullet was scrolling frame by frame.

Time has not stopped, but it just became really really slow.


Then I shot all types of bullet in succession and also in order.

Then, I noticed something interesting.


There was a difference in the distance traveled, that is—–that every bullet had a different travelling speed when lined up together.


The slowest bullet is, of course, the Trash Bullet. If felt more like the bullet was fixated on the air more than moving slowly.


The fastest was surprisingly, the Recovery Bullet.

From the starting point, the Recovery Bullet surprisingly came through as the fastest.


This situation has changed my way of thinking.


The Homing Bullet that was quite slow, suddenly changed its trajectory just slightly towards a Skeleton that was a little far away. Which made me realized that the Homing Bullet had the fastest reaction time when it comes to tracking down a target.


The accelerated state continued.

So I went towards a Skeleton.


The Skeleton was in a state of almost resting.

While I walked slowly at around 20 meters in distance, that time it took for the Skeleton to close and open its mouth again, I was already close to it.


Then I hit the Skeleton, and the skull slowly broke apart and was crushed.

Normally the drop would appear after defeating it—-but it hasn’t happened yet.

Even if the Skeleton’s head was broken apart, the drop hasn’t appeared yet.


[….I see, as I’m moving too fast, the time it takes for the drop to appear hasn’t appeared.] (Ryouta)


I continued to attack the Skeleton, while it hasn’t dropped down I continued attacking it.

The arms, body, and legs.

Although its entire body was crushed, the body of the Skeleton shattered into the air, and the bone fragments slowly fell the ground, as if watching it in super slow motion.


Eventually, the effect of the bullet was cut off and the speed returned to normal.

Then the Skeleton that was blown apart—–the drop.


[Wow!] (Ryouta)


I barely avoided the bullets that was flying my way.

The bullets that I’ve shot from the beginning flew towards me as I’ve forgotten about its existence.


I could roughly guess the effects, so this bullet should just be called a Speed-Up bullet.

As for the evaluation of the bullet.


[It’s certainly strong, no, the strongest if I were to face against a strong opponent, but it’s not good when I want to farm.] (Ryouta)


A strong but a picky-type bullet.

If I could take advantage of it, it’ll be fun using it.

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Now see here, if this was an R18 story, Yoda would have already used that bullet for various “activities”, but alas, our boy does is a “gentleman”

    spare · 9th December 2018 at 11:51 PM

    New meaning to “quick shot”

spare · 9th December 2018 at 11:29 PM

If I remember correctly the pouch he got auto collects the drops even in nihonium tho the distance might have a limit, he could use it to zoom a floor destroying everything before the pouch collects it all

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Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

Wont this open up a new bullet combo?
Instead of 2-bullet combo(like penetrating bullet,ice-fire,sleep,etc) he could do multiple combo.. like what happens if 2 penetrating bullet combine?
Also, can his clothes and equipment survive the sudden acceleration and deceleration?

    spare · 10th December 2018 at 9:56 PM

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