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Did Tales and his teammates, the Tamers Ring, lose to the Gargoyle.

By losing…..In this context, it means that they’re dead.


However, will Tales really lose that easily as he holds an incredibly strong tamed Black Spirit? Even with that kind of personality, he is still called one of the 3 big Clans out there, and the leader of the Clan to boot.


No matter how I look at it, I don’t believe that Tales would be defeated by the Gargoyle and as a result, killed by it.


But then again, if I think about it, I have never met any acquaintances (In this case it’s really just a few that I know of) that had died. The only ones that I can remember are my parents.


That’s why, the fact that…..I haven’t confirmed that they’re dead, it’s impossible to conclude it right now.


「When I was fighting the Gargoyles…..I didn’t see any evidence.」


Looking around my surroundings, I tried to find any blood or any traces of things being destroyed.

…..But, as I glanced around my surroundings, I found no such luck.


Even still, I really wanted to find some sort of clue, so I went around the room slowly to find even anything.


「…..There really is nothing.」


Perhaps I was actually faster than them in finding the right route.

It’s not certain just because I’ve defeated the boss of this floor, it’s just my own selfish thought.


Still, no matter how much I tried to search for any traces of any battle, I still can’t find it.


So I think that my theory of them not arriving here yet might be correct.


「Alright, as of right now let’s head back to my wives. If I return late, they might get worried.」


Using 【Unique Magic・Spacetime】, I set the destination to the entrance of this floor back to where my family was.


…..However, I would soon regret my decision. Why did I not use 【Awareness・Large】 at that time.

If I would’ve used 【Awareness・Large】 at that time, no tragedy would’ve happened….was what I thought.







When my two wives saw me, they called out my name. Aah, they were worried about me.


「I’m sorry, both of you…..」


After apologizing to them, I explained what happened from the start.

Meeting with the Gargoyles, and defeating them, getting 4 of the mana stones.


…..Then, I also reported to them that I didn’t meet with Tales’s teammates, the 「Tamers Ring」 as well.


「…..It seems like, Danna-sama’s thinking might be……true?」


「However, Hime-sama…..Myne-kun just opened the correct door and moved forward, but it might be possible that Tales and his teammates might’ve found another way to get there as well?」


Right, what Aisha said does make sense.

Before I arrived at that room, I could open all the doors before finding the right way. But I can’t believe that there’s another correct route besides the one I took.


So, the only possible explanation is that Tales have fought with the Gargoyles and was defeated.


「Is there a possibility that they’ve defeated the Gargoyles and went ahead?」


…..The possibility is not zero…..I think…..


The interval between the re-emergence of a Gargoyle must be dreadfully short, because when I stepped into that room, all of the Gargoyles were new.

Hmm, thinking about the previous floors, I thought hard.

…..Incidentally the boss that was one level above us had not re-appeared yet.


As expected, perhaps the mana in this dungeon has not accumulated enough to make a boss reappear yet. As long as there’s that fact, it is unlikely that Tales and his teammates have already gone ahead.

Perhaps even Sylphy who suggested it might not believe this to be correct.

But it’s good to have this as a possibility.


For now, let’s just move onwards……If we do so, we might know what happened to Tales.

Even such a guy is a Clan belonging to Augusta Kingdom. I would want to help if let’s say he’s struggling….But even after helping them, I got a feeling it’s going to be even more troublesome.


「For now, should we continue? No matter how much we think, the answer will probably not appear…..」


「Aah, you’re right. If we continued to discuss, I don’t see us capturing the dungeon anytime soon.」


Sylphy showed her consent, and Aisha nodded.

Waffle and Kuu instead, wanted to move already but saw us waiting there, so they waited.


「Alright, follow me then! I’ll guide everyone!」




「So this was where the Gargoyles were.」


Aisha looked around the room and said.


As expected, the Gargoyles didn’t appear.

….Well, it’s gonna be even more cumbersome if it did appear after defeating it an hour before.


Since there was at least a time lag between us and the Tamers Ring, we would have to confirm this tomorrow.


『Myne, there seems to be a door, over there!』


Waffle pointed at a place where there’s no door.

However, if Waffle was the one who said it, there must be one.


I never doubted the words of my family, so I went towards the wall that seems to be empty.


Yes, as Waffle said, there was indeed a door.

Going through the invisible door, the room was about half the size of the Gargoyles room.


…..Wait, maybe this is it? The reason why I didn’t meet with Tales!?!

When I encountered the Gargoyles, Tales might’ve discovered this hidden door by chance and escaped.


「…..Myne-kun, look over here.」


It seems that Aisha has found something, and I can feel the trembling in her voice.

I wonder what she’d discovered.


! ! ! !


What Aisha found….was a tremendously large pool of blood spreading all over the floor.

And there are traces of something being dragged into the darkness.

This is a lot of blood….it’s absolutely not from a single person.

There were several….no a considerable number of people’s…..


As soon as we saw the blood, our nose were caught… a rusty iron smell mixed in with the blood.


『…..Onii-sama, this blood, is still warm!』


Eh?…..Which means, from the time when this blood was here….not much time has passed? No doubt, when I was fighting with the Gargoyles, this tragedy might’ve not occured yet!?


「……Danna-sama, let’s move on. I don’t have to say it, but let’s proceed with caution.」


Sylphy says while she drew her Linus・Sword out from the sheath.


「…..Alright, I understand….Aisha, be behind Sylphy. In front of us would be Waffle, and I’ll be at the rear.」


With Waffle having a high capability in sensing, we move forward with caution.

There was a stone monument in the boss room, but right now I can’t afford to care about it.


As we followed the races of blood that was dragged along…..there were stairs that continued down the depths of the floor.

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