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So this is a Gargoyle…..It looks fairly strong….

It is a monster who lives as a stone statue, and also appeared in the storybooks [Story of the Hero Alexandrite」.

I never thought that I would be able to see the real thing with my own eyes when the only time I saw it was reading the book with my mother when I was young. The world really works in strange ways.


It had a dog like face, and a long and pointed tooth with sharp extending nails.

Huge wings were growing on its back, and it is made of sturdy stones, so it’s gonna be tough to knock it down.

However the Gargoyles do not have weapons in their hands.

The weapons that we have…..whether it is a sword or a spear, its sharp and sturdy fangs and nails seemed to be able to crush it.

Whenever they attack, the make full use of their sturdy body to compensate with when they attack. In addition, they could freely fly in the air with the big wings growing on their backs.


With the ability to fight from the sky, it already gave the Gargoyle a huge advantage in a battle.


So, what do you think would happen between the fight with the Gargoyles?


It’s true that it can attack from within the sky, which can be said to be a very hard to deal with.

…..However, I have items that I can use to fly in the air as well.

And it just so happened that I’m equipping it right now.


Yes, it is the “Ciel Sourie” that I’d obtained in the Dungeon of Power.


Name: Ciel Sourie

Agility: +25

Grade: Ultra Class

Attribute: Wind

Special Effect: 3% increase in moving speed



With the ability to walk around in the air, and has the performance of having 3% increase in movement speed, even if the opponents were Gargoyles, it will be equal in level.


Plus, I have 【Cut & Paste】 as well.

As usual, I will take away the skills of the Gargoyles and convert them to myself.

…..From the many battles I had so far, this will be effective against opponents such as the Gargoyles.


That’s why…..Well…..Let’s take away their skills first.

What seems to be the most dangerous skill is this 【Demon Eyes of Fear】.


【Demon Eyes of Fear】: On active towards any opponent at the desired timing. Subjects who is inflicted with this skill gets into a panic state and a chance to be stunned for several tens of seconds.

It feels like I’ve seen this effect somewhere before, and after thinking for a moment, it just looks like a degraded version of 【King’s Intimidation】.


【King’s Intimidation】 gives a perfect panic condition against level lower than your own, plus it can affect multiple opponents so I guess this isn’t a much needed skill for me?


I guess it’ll be better if I 【Paste】 it on my wives or Waffle or Kuu.


Well, no matter if it’s a degraded version, a skill with the same ability as 【King’s Intimidation】 is dangerous. When fighting multiple opponents like this time, if you’re being affected by it from a blind spot, it can be said that it’s fatal.


Anyways, if you’re being affected by it, you will end up losing mobility for a few tens of seconds.

Which meant that you won’t be able to use the Defense skills in the meantime.


Hence why, let’s 【Cut】 this skill first.


However, the Race Skills are really a lot more troublesome as well.

….I’m really glad that my 【Appraisal・Total】 leveled up at the perfect time.


Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to confirm the Race skills, and capturing this dungeon would prove to be a difficult struggle.


Alright, let’s take away it’s 【Unique Magic・Thunder】, and might as well cut it’s 【Sharp Nails】 ability as well.


……Speaking of which, this would be my second Unique Magic.

Even though spatio-temporal is quite a special magic, I can expect something with 【Unique Magic・Thunder】 as well.


Alright, I’m done preparing.

Right now, I just have to defeat those 4 Gargoyles.


The Gargoyles who appeared in the [Story of Hero Alexandrite」, surely magic attack won’t work on it.

But, will they be the same as the book?…..Well, let’s try.


I aimed at the Gargoyle with 【Range Magic・Wind Maxima】, and fired.

Winds slowly form from my hands, and the blade of the winds went straight to the Gargoyles.


[How is it!? Did I do it!」


Contrary to the fierce attack, it seems that it did no damage to the Gargoyles.


[…..As per what the story foretold.」


…..Then, I would have to strike it directly.


However, the Gargoyles were extremely angry after being hit by the wind magic.

The four of them came flying to me at once.


While observing the situation calmly, I equipped Lightning Edge on my right and the Steel Dagger on my left, and activated the physical strengthening skill.

Also, because it’s 1 against 4, I did not forget to activate the Defense skills as well.


[Eat this as well!」


I used 【Demon Eyes of Impact】 on the 4 Gargoyles who were aiming at me. This is not a magical attack! And I would be able to shake the formation of these guys.


The Gargoyle at the front collapsed with a dry impulsive sound which stopped the three who were approaching from behind as well.


[Now’s the time! ! !」


Despite losing its position, the momentum of them flying has not disappeared.

Then, I sliced its stone body in half with 【Martial Arts: Shark Glow】 from the side. I guess the momentum may have helped with it as well.

The Gargoyle who was in front made a tremendous banging sound before shattering.


…..Right now, there’s one thing I have to be aware of.

Magical creatures such as Gargoyles or Golems will revive with time unless you destroy or isolate their cores.


So I quickly activated 【Awareness・L】 and immediately found the core.


[Found it!」


I then grabbed onto a spherical stone that emitted large amounts of magic on my hand, then quickly throw it into my time stopping storage bag. This is likely to be of good material for alchemy, so I did not want to destroy it but rather keep it isolated.


[While their formation is not ready! !」


I crushed the other Gargoyle once again with 【Martial Arts: Shark Glow】.


[With this I have 2 more!」




[…..Phew, I somehow managed to defeat them.」


I slashed all 4 of the Gargoyles with 【Martial Arts: Shark Glow】 and have collected myself 4 cores as well, I muttered as such.


…..Then, I caught hold of something.

Perhaps it was because of my journey from the start to the B3’s boss.

There weren’t any dropped items, but I’ve gotten the valuable magic life which is the Gargoyle’s core.

In a sense, this might be the dropped item.


Even when I’d successfully defeated them, I feel like I’m forgetting something….It was that kind of feeling.


! ! !


Right, where did Tales and co went! ?


Tracing back my thoughts… might be that they’re still trapped from the mechanism of this level.

Plus, the Gargoyle existed when I arrived, which meant that they have not defeated the boss yet.


…..Then, there might be one possibility.

Perhaps, did Tales and his teammate lose to the Gargoyles?

Author’s Note:

Thank you for reading.

The long arc of the new dungeon, will soon reach its final arc.

So in the meantime, please be patient with it m(_ _)m


Please take care of me from now on as well.

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