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# New Dungeon, Basement 3rd floor.


「What, is wrong…..with this floor…..」


When Sylphy arrived floor B3, she immediately raised her voice.


…..It can’t be helped, as even I had the same thoughts as her.


The structure layout of floor B3 was something that I’ve never seen before when exploring a dungeon.


The moment we descended down to this floor, the thing that we saw was a 5 square meters room.

And all four corners have doors on them.

Then, when you open one of the doors, what lies before the door was yet another 5 square meters room. Then inside that room, there are 4 doors placed…..


….Yes, that was why I understood Sylphy’s cries.

What that meant was whichever door you open to, you will be lead to another similar room with 4 doors.


Exactly how do we proceed from this floor…..


「…..This is a fairly dislikable floor.」


Even Aisha who was experienced as an adventurer said so.

Do monsters even spawn here? Inside this floor…..


I assume even Tales and his teammates were facing this similar situation.


『Waffle, can you sense any mana inside this floor?』


As if predicting I would say that, Waffle immediately went down on the ground and sniffed around for any mana, all with his tails wagging excitedly.


『Wafuu…..It’s, somewhere around there, with mana, but…..』


This is rare of Waffle to show such a strange expression.


『Do you know where the boss room is?』


『I can’t~, It’s kind of, unclear, but it’s being taken, I don’t know~!』


Waffle then rampaged on the spot and fell on all fours.

Do we have to depend on our intuition for this floor then…..


「For now, let’s work on diligently mapping this area out, so let’s draw as we go.」


As I was giving out orders, Aisha placed her hands on my shoulders and started speaking.


「Wait a minute, Myne-kun. If we walk around this floor mindlessly, I’m sure we’ll get lost eventually. I’ve heard of rumours when I was still an adventurer, and that the rooms don’t connect together in a straight line like how you perceive it.」


Hm? What does that mean. Is there some special trick behind this floor?

The only thing I could think of was a monster room….


「Just now Waffle said something about 『kind of unclear, and it’s being taken.』 right?…What I speculate is the 4 doors that we’re looking at right now, if we do not choose the correct door, I think we will be transported back to the same area again…..This was the mechanism I’ve heard of from adventurers.」


What!? It’s even worse than a monster room!!?

How could you tell which is the real door though…..


「….I see, maybe what Waffle felt just now was this blurred feeling.」


For now, we have to hurry up and decide which door to take!


「Should we put a landmark for each area?」


As I suggested that, Aisha started to come up with some ideas.


First, Waffle and I will go ahead first, this is to check whether we will return back to the same area or not. So if we meet up with Aisha and the rest who were waiting at the same spot, then Aisha’s theory of opening the correct door is right.

…..Then, another situation whereby we do not meet up with them even after proceeding forward. Then I will use 【Unique Magic・Spacetime】 to return back to where we first started.


「…..This certainly is a good idea, but what if 【Unique Magic・Spacetime】 doesn’t bring us back to our original location?」


Somehow with this method….Whether it’s magic or the level of my 【Unique Magic・Spacetime】’s skill, we wouldn’t know if it would fail or not.

If that were to happen, then our party might scramble apart.


「Aah, I think it would be fine, Danna-sama.」


Sylphy answered me with confidence.

…..Did she realize something?


「Since we’re here right now, the stairs to go above is just behind us. So if your unique skill really failed, then we can just go up to the upper floor and meet up again.」


Aah, that makes sense. It’s true that I can just use 【Unique Magic・Spacetime】 to the floor above us.

With this method, I suppose I wouldn’t have to worry about us being separated?


However, what if—–something were to happen. I think it’s best if I leave Waffle here with them.

In terms of fighting ability, having Waffle and Kuu together would really be a better option.


We still haven’t completely draw the conclusion that there would be no Demons here.

If the Demon were to meet with my wives without me being there, it’ll really spell disaster.

So if Waffle and Kuu are there, then they’ll do something about if such a situation were to occur.


When I conveyed my thoughts to them, Waffle immediately agreed and answered 『Wafu! Leave it to me!』.


「Well then, I’ll go now. Everyone please be safe.」

「Instead of asking us to be safe, isn’t Danna-sama the one that should worry about himself?」


Smiling bitterly, I left them and opened one of the door. Right, right, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right…..was the patterned I followed when choosing which doors to open. (TLN: What kind of konami cheat code is this XD)


Along the way I would mark an area by using Lightning Edge to cut the door so I wouldn’t forget. Then, after going through 10 rooms, I went into a room where my wives and pet were waiting for me.


「…..So it was as Aisha predicted.」


With this, we now know that we have to choose the correct path to lead us to the boss room.

After going through 10 rooms, the 11th room lead me back to the original room.


「Let’s double confirm it again.」


Just to make sure it’s true, I repeated the same thing again, so we can understand how the rules work here. I wanted to know whether it matters after the 10th room.

Beginning the 11th room, it seems like I have to go to the right room to start the next room.

After entering the 10th room, when I went south, I didn’t return back to the original room.

However after entering the 12th room, I came back to the original staircase room.


「…..This, is getting more distracting.」


…..Then, I noticed something off.


Wait, wait a minute….? Why did I not see Tales here….Is it that they were progressing steadily by finding the correct door? This is bad. If I do something wrong again, they will get further away from us.


I have to understand the rules. Let’s get it right in one go!


After that, I kept retrying up till I can reach the goal. I had to repeat the steps again so as to not waste any unnecessary energy.


Fortunately, as I’ve ran to the Dungeon of the World Tree before, I was used to this kind of marathon.


Then, repeating this marathon for around 75 times…..

Finally, I arrived at a room that wasn’t alike the rest of the small rooms.


「Is this the goal?」


The feeling I got from this room is similar to the rest of the small room, but the only thing that changed was that it was larger in size.


It was a rectangular room ranging from 15 to 20 meters, and the demon like statues were installed in all four corners.

Then in the middle of the room, a huge circle was drawn.


….I carefully placed one foot on the edge circle….Yeah, nothing happened.

Well then, let’s slowly walk to the center of the circle.


One step, two steps….then three steps.

After reaching the center of the circle, the situation of the room changed.


The statue of the demon which was installed on all four corners of the room started to move.


Name: Faithfulness・Gargoyle

LV: 73

Race: Magical Creature

Gender: –



Unique Magic・Thunder



Sharp fangs


【Race Skill】

Demon Eyes of Depression


…..To have 4 of them….

Alright, I’ll do my best!

Author’s Note:

Thanks for reading!

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