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TLN Note: Phew, so much fire translating this chapter


……As a person, this Tales guy is really a horrible person than I’d imagined him to be.


Since I’ve heard his side of the story, what should we do after this.

To complete the request that King-sama has sent to us, obviously we have to continue forward.


However, that guy…’s not good of him to leave Kappore-san behind.

No matter how much he hates others, how could he make such an inhumane decision as to leave his teammate behind.

…..Perhaps we could bring this person by using 【Unique Magic・Spacetime】 and allow him to escape……..but that is something not possible.


「Sigh, what should we do now.」


As they understood the reason why I sighed, Sylphy and Aisha both looked at each other and me before smiling bitterly…..I’m sure they were waiting for my decision.

…..Phew, it can’t be help.


「Kappore-san, have you touched the stone monuments that were inside the boss room…..?」


「……Yeah, of course.」


With this, at least we could teleport him all the way to the 1F then to the entrance of the dungeon.

However, the problem is right after that. Even though the dungeon is said to be near the capital, but it still takes half a day for us to travel just by a horse carriage alone.


I don’t think anyone would agree on walking a person back, let alone walking back with this distance to begin with.

And it’s not like we have anymore time to spare, if not it’ll be harder to chase after Tales and his teammates.


「I guess we can bring you to, the front of the entrance….」


After thinking for quite some time I answered, then Kappore-san’s face became red, and faced towards me and begin protesting……No, is it better to say that he was cursing at me.


「You fuckers! Don’t you even have a heart in ya! I’m heavily injured you know! You guys stupid or something? Huuh?」


Sylphy who have been looking at our conversation finally interrupted.

…..Well, I guess even she can’t take it.


「You said your name’s Kappore right? We have no obligations to protect you, you know that right? So, at the least, even a word of thank you should be said from you, is that right?」


It’s exactly as Sylphy said.

Normally, when we save someone, the person would at least say a word of thanks.

It’s not that I want the person to be thankful, but it’s supposed to be common sense.

….Well then, after hearing such a sound argument, I wonder what his response is going to be?


「Huuuh? Didn’t I just fucking say it! Don’t you guys have a heart ‘er something!」


This person, is also hopeless…..Well, can’t say I expect anything from a teammate of Tales.  To even give us such a bad impression, I don’t know whether to just leave him here or not. I completely cannot understand this situation. This person only knows the word “himself”.


「…..You, do you not even understand where your position is?」


Aah, it’s Aisha’s turn to cut in!


「What the hell!? You devils! Quickly bring me to the capital and heal me already! If you guys are so inexperienced to heal me, I’m sure a healer from the capital can heal me better than you!」


Even though Aisha was trying her best with her recovery magic for this person……

Instead of even a word of gratitude, he could even say something like that.


「Myne-kun, let’s just leave this(trash) here. It’s just a waste of our time to talk to such an ill-mannered person.」


…..Well, all of us would agree to what she said, as this is the number one choice for us.

I guess right now he can’t even think straight whatsoever.


『Myne~, Chunsuke pleads that he wants us to save his master…..』


Waffle suddenly spoke to me.

After listening to Waffle speaking, I saw a sparrow flying down in front of me and bowing its head whilst trembling.

I’m sure he’s heard our conversations from Waffle and Kuu.

I’m sure he knows that if we leave his master, he’ll die soon.

So that’s why he’s desperately pleading to us right now.


……Instead of that devil over there, his tamed monster is way more polite. Seriously, what the heck.

Seeing a desperate Chunsuke lowering his head in front of me really troubles me.


『Hmmm, what should I do.』


….In the end, we return back to the initial topic. Really, what can I do about this.

As I glanced at Aisha, she was definitely angry. Even without looking at Sylphy, I knew she was extremely frustrated as she doesn’t want to be involved.


Essentially, saving her people without saying a word is what a former Princess like Sylphy should be doing…..Even if she isn’t saying anything, I’m sure Sylphy is considerably angry as well.


『Onii-sama, I have a good idea!』


Aah? Kuu! Nice!


『How about, for now we bring him out! Then, until we see someone, we bring him to that person to take care!』 (TLN: Or how about we leave him here to die? An even better suggestion if I do say so myself)


I did think of that too….but, it’ll still take half a day for them to get back?

And it’s almost turning dark now. I think that the horse carriage won’t be moving about at night?

Let’s ask Kuu why she would have such a suggestion.


『Let’s bring him along!』


Eh? So we’re bringing him?


『It’s alright if Chunsuke does his best to protect his master!』


Hmm, I wonder……Even after seeing Chunsuke, I don’t know whether he’s a strong monster or not…..

At worst we might take around 6~7 hours. And if we meet a strong enemy, won’t they just lose?


『Wafu! Chunsuke, is strong. So don’t worry!』


Huh? Even Waffle is siding Kuu. So I guess it’s alright?

….Can’t be help, shall we adopt that plan?


「Sylphy, Aisha, I’m sorry.」


Since we’re using 【Telepathy】 to talk, I’m sure the both of them would’ve heard our conversations. From their anger, I’m sure they are reluctant to go with this plan…..


In the end, the both of them did not say anything, and we quickly used the stone monument to move to the 1F.


As my wives did not even want to touch that thing, and he began complaining when I tried to carry him, so I decided to cast sleep magic on him and dragged him to the 1F.



I see, while he’s asleep I can just bring him to the capital now.


With him sleeping, Iused 【Unique Magic・Spacetime】 to connect to the royal palace.

Then Sylphy called someone and bring him to a person to heal him.


Afterwards I have to do something in return for the Konoe Knights and Brother-san.

And I’ve heard from Waffle after this, but Chunsuke was thanking us towards the end.


…Well then, the initial plan is to go back home…..

But it’s better to chase after Tales and his teammates.


So I want to return back to the dungeon, but what should I do.


「Myne-kun, let’s just head back and rest for today. Tales and his teammates must’ve fought for an entire day and is tired, so I’m sure they won’t be able to move on as well.」


「…..That’s right, although we have to chase after them, it’s not good if we get ourselves exhausted as well.

So I agree in going back as well.」


Hmm, that’s right. It’s not good to exhaust ourselves, and because of Kappore we’re mentally tired as well. And at this kind of time, it’s best to head into the bathroom and relax ourselves.


「Alright, I agree. Let’s head back home.」


Author’s Note:

Thanks for reading~

TLN Note: Gosh damn just let this Kappore guy DIE ALREADY!

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And our world is more united and everything is more watched. This gives us more options than just having to kill the bad guys.

Harsher worlds need harsher methods or there will be consequences. Heck, Batman with his views eventually figures this out. Even in a more connected world where people can watch better and there are better technologies to imprison people, not killing the villains not only cause lots of property damage, but at the same time, makes more innocent people die…

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