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Author’s Note: There are some cruel portrayal in this chapter, so for those light hearted ones, do be cautioned.

Extremely Important Announcement: I apologize to everyone who was reading or those who want to read it could not access to my website, as I have recently changed to a new hosting server, and not under wordpress anymore, a lot of things were done and as such some error occured. So the 3 chapters that I’ve posted previously were all gone, 2 Cut&Paste chapters and Level 1 Guy chapter. Once again I will have to post them again so if you receive that in your email and have read it, please ignore it. Again, my galaxy brain was too smart that I posted the chapters all at the old wp-admin site and didn’t think to realize that I should import those files first before the domain moves to the new hosting server, oh well. 


My name’s Tales.


Once a former B Class adventurer turned to the representative of the Clan 「Tamers Ring」, acknowledged by the Kingdom of Augustus.


The main objective of 「Tamers Ring」 is to go around the world and tame any rare monsters that exists.

In fact, we’ve already successfully tamed quite a few rare monsters. And those tamed monsters that we’ve gotten, turned out to be quite useful.

There are many cases where there are lacking in people or if you’re in a dangerous place, in a sense, the impossible would turn into a possibility with these monsters.


Hence why, many people wanted a huge collection of these tamed monsters.


Besides finding and gathering all these rare monsters, things like Clans or parties have nothing to do with us Tamers Ring.


That’s why the nobles and royal families think that we are useful.


For quite awhile, the Tamers Ring has been one of the 3 biggest Clans in the kingdom.


And right now, I was now leaving the capital to grab a new guy who is inside the Town of Lucas.

Apparently the new guy’s name Kappore, and has graduated from the Town of Lucas.

The plan was to initially guide him….but this guy, had some pretty interesting stories awaiting for me.


Apparently, at the back of Lucas, there is a forest where a never before seen monster resides.

A purplish wolf and a pink fish that floats around were apparently spotted…..

…..It certainly sounds rare just from the description. And we have to get them in our hands as soon as possible.


Conveniently, I had some business in the Town of Lucas as well.

As there was a new Clan being introduced, the location of the ceremony was surprisingly at the Town of Lucas.


What’s more, the representative is the husband of the First Princess Sylphid, so I guess he was backed up by the royal family. So as the representative of one of the 3 big clans, I have to go and visit there no matter what.




「…..I see, I will head there tomorrow at once.」


Hm? Isn’t that Aldo. As a soon to be King, why would he come to such a suburban area.

What is happening here? No matter how much connections you have with the royal family, ain’t this just preferential treatment?


Plus they were just recently created, it’s like they are getting the same treatment as us 3 big clans.

…..And, who’s that? Who’s that brat that Aldo’s talking to?


「……However, I wonder if the request this time is safe. Even if it’s you guys, to capture a dungeon…..isn’t the level a tad bit too difficult?」


「It’s alright, Brother-san! Thank you so much for worrying about me though.」


…..Capturing a dungeon, and also “Brother-in-Law-san”?

To call Aldo Brother…..I see, so it’s that brat Myne who recently married off Sylphid. What the heck, isn’t he just some small brat.

…..This kind of brat married of Sylphid? If it’s this kind of brat, it’s better for me to marry her instead.


「Father also said that if it’s slightly further away from the capital, then the danger wouldn’t be that high….」


…..Hmm, I see.

So it was a direct request from the King to the 「Eternal Sunflower」 to capture the dungeon.

Tsk, these fuckers. What good status to get a request via connections.

But, to hear that there’s a dungeon near the capital, I wonder where that is? If we’re talking the closest dungeon, it’s the Dungeon of Power…..




「Tales-sama! I finally got it! A dungeon has been discovered just west of the capital, and it takes about half a day to get there.」


After hearing from Aldo about the dungeon, it seems like the adventurers guild have publicly announced it as well, so we got the information immediately.


「Hm, so a newly born dungeon. It’s true that for regular adventurers, it has no meaning.」


Since there’s not much information to be had on a new dungeon, there’s not much merit in exploring it.

It’s not as though the possibility to get rich quick isn’t there, but for the adventurers standpoint, it’s better to hold back instead of getting themselves in danger.


….However, we’re the Tamers Ring, for us the merits are huge. A newly born Dungeon, to us is a higher chance of meeting with new monsters.

Even if it’s not a new species, we can also sell them to the rich people at a higher price if there are any subspecies.


In other words, if that brat is going there as well, I could you know, kill him by surprise. Well it is a common story that adventurers die from an accident when they’re exploring in the dungeon.


Since we’ve decided as such, we have to hurry.

If we don’t get ahead of them, we can’t surprise attack them.


「Alright, you guys! We’ll be heading to the new dungeon soon. Get ready in 5 minutes!」


Kukuku, this is becoming rather interesting. You’re gonna get it, Myne boy.

I will show you exactly what it means to be a senior in a Clan when it comes to a real battle.




「Tsk, what’s this. They’re all white in colour, but ain’t that the Royal・Bee!?」


They certainly have some nasty attack method. They have a needle containing a fairly powerful poison….and they pack a punch.


This is bad, usually they are monsters that is encountered in places where there are many obstacles for them like in a forest.

However, there’s nothing of that sorts, so its fighting area has widen.


Moreover, it is a monster of a rare category.

Even if 【Tame・Extreme】, I have to weaken it before I can tame it.


「Ganda, Uppek! Use your Dragon Flies and cast Wind Magic from a distance! Kappore! Come next to me! Also your sparrow too!」


The monsters that I brought were only the Dark Spirit and the Black High Wolf. The Black high Wolf is bad against the Royal・Bee as it moves in high speed in the air.

What’s more, the dark spirit can’t do much in this situation either. The attacks of the dark spirit mostly appeals to other spirits. So it is not very effective against insect-based monsters.

Sleep would probably work in this situation, but I’m not sure whether it’ll be effective as it moves so quickly.


「Kiriji, use your Rock Bird and the Mandragora. Use the 【Sleep Wave】 on that bastards in the air! Do the same to any of the others too! If there’s a chance we’ll fight!」


For now we have to use everything to fight with them.

I will also use the dark spirit to move around and try to make the Royal・Bees sleep.


「….It’s not working Tales-san! It’s are moving too fast! The Dragonfly can’t keep up with it!」


Ganda began to whine.


「Stupid bastard! Stop fucking whining, just go and attack them!」


…..Wit, wait a second….this is bad, this is really bad!? That stance of the Royal・Bee is……!!!


「Kiriji, Po~n, get away from there ! ! !」




….It was too late…..

A huge amount of needles(Most likely poisoned)….Has rained down on Kiriji and Pon’s direction.

Naturally, there was no way to avoid it, by the time the needles ended….They were covered in blood, and the two fell down and rolled over.


While we were stunned by the horrifying death of Kiriji and Pon, the Royal・Bee descended on the two bodies and stabbed them using its butt.


「…..H, How could it…..」


Kappore was looking from beside, then vomited.

Yes, the Royal・Bee is sucking out their body fluids.

Every time it was being sucked, their bodies were steadily becoming dry.


Then, after completely sucking them dry, the Royal・Bee once again soar up into the sky.


Damn it! But, I finally understood the weakness of that attack.

…..The next time he uses that attack, it will be this fucking bugs end.


After watching Kappore who was still vomiting, I give instructions to the clan members.


「Listen here! If it shows that weird stance again, that attack will come again! So immediately leave from that spot!」


Because they heard my orders, that bastard started using that attack again.

….The target was apparently me.


Kappore was still vomiting like crazy and doesn’t seem to notice the actions yet…..Sorry, please die for me.


I grabbed the head of Kappore and threw it between me just before the Royal Bee releases the attack.


「Wh, what the!? What are you doing Tales-san!?」


I saw it a minute ago, that bastard would use the poison needle to fire at the first person who lands first.

In other word, if Kappore eats the first shot, then I should be able to escape.


「Guaaaaaaaa! ! ! ! How can this! ! ! ! ! This is not fair, Talessss!!!」


After the poison needle was released, that bee bugger will stop.


「Go! Dark Spirit! Make that bee fall asleep! !」


Hm? The tamed monster of Kappore, why would you dive into the poisoned needle?

Aah, it’s trying to save it’s master….What a beautiful master-slave relationship, Kukuku.


Kappore and its sparrow crumbled down the ground, and that moment.

My dark spirit succeeded in making the Royal・Bee fall asleep.


「…..Ain’t that good, you didn’t get your body sucked by it, Hahaha.」


Alright, now that it’s asleep, time to tame it.

If I tame this guy, I would be able to unlock its royal jelly, which fetches a high price in the market.


There were not many sacrifices, but it can’t be help. Nothing compensates for anything, and no reward is available.


Alright, now that I’ve tamed the boss, will they be defeated?

Well for now, let’s head down to the next floor.

Author’s Note:

Thanks for reading

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