Cut&Paste: Chapter 165 – A new dungeon (8)

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「…..Th, this is…..what in the!?」


The figure of one adventurer who was covered in blood and collapsed was seen when we peeked inside the boss room.


「Myne-kun! ? Quickly heal him!」


Aisha answered before I could say anything, as she hurriedly ran towards the adventurer.

After finally processing Aisha’s response, I ran there as well.


「Hey get it together! I’ll heal you right now!」


Aisha activated 【Magic・Recovery L】. However, the damage that the adventurer took did not recover the slightest.


Alright, I’ll add on to Aisha’s 【Magic・Recovery L】.


【Height of Magic】: When magic is being used, it will automatically be activated. The magic power will increase by five times.


Normally I would only use this on attack based magic, but recovery magic would be affected by 【Height of magic】 as well.

At least it’ll help out.


『Myne, why don’t you just use 【Regeneration】?』


Remembering the fight with the Black Dragon, I used 【Regeneration】 on Waffle who was on the verge of death. As he saw us using 【Magic・Recovery L】, he asked.


『It’s gonna be troublesome to explain if I used it on someone who we’re not close to. It’s true that we want to save this person, but I would prioritize keeping my skill a secret over that.』


It might be cold of me to say that…..However, it’s something I will not yield.

It’s true that if I were to use 【Regeneration】 or 【Super Regeneration】 here, I’ll without a doubt save this person’s life.

But…..the problem is after I save this person.


For now, it’s for certain I would save this person.

And this person’s wounds looked fatal as well…..


And it’s obvious that Aisha and I knew it was severe as we were the ones healing.


If this person is a good person, I’m sure they would not tell anyone about it, but after leaving this dungeon, it’s not certain that this person might not tell it to their friends and families.

Perhaps it’s just a way of saying thank you…..

However, to us it’s extremely troublesome. Even though I said that I’ll help someone, but in the end I’m not proud of myself because of this dilemma.


Another point would be, if this person’s personality is bad, example a wicked person, then things would get even more complicated.

They would surely want to dig deeper, and hear more about the skills.

Obviously we will not say anything. However, for these kinds of people, if things do not proceed as desired, they will try to find other ways to find out about it.

Even though we want to save a life, but because of this stressful burden, it’s also driven into a dilemma.


Thus, in order to not have this happen in the future, it’s better not to use 【Regeneration】 or 【Super Regeneration】 on anyone else other than my friends and families.


So after explaining it to Waffle in a simple way, Waffle just answered 「There are, humans that are bad, too.」 and was somehow convinced. I’m sure he remembered the time when those adventurers tried to capture them inside the Spirit Forest.




Oh? Is he regaining conscious?…..Wait, huh? Where have I seen him before? Who was it again?

While I was trying to recall who this was, suddenly Kuu shouted !


『Aaaaaaah! ? Onii-sama! Chunsuke, chunsuke is~~~~! Please help him~~~~~~! !』


Chunsuke?……Wait a minute, it feels like I’ve heard of that name before.


『Wa, Wafu~~~~~! ? This, this is Chunsuke’s Master!?』


I have no idea what’s going on…..But for now, let’s head to where Kuu is!


After heading to where Kuu is, I saw a sparrow like monster laying on the floor covered in blood.

It was still shaking, and it was still breathing. I can still save it!


Using 【Magic・Recovery L】 on it, I hurriedly took out something from my storage bag as well.

From within there was a pebble with 【Super Regeneration】 pasted on it, and I pasted it on the injured sparrow.


If the person is a monster, then there’s no problem letting it know of my skill.

If they don’t have the 【Telepathy】 skill, then there’s no one to tell to.

Well just in case, I used 【Appraisal】 on it, and it doesn’t seem like it has the skill 【Telepathy】.


What’s more, with this monster’s condition, it was even worse than the other person as if I did not use 【Super Regeneration】 on it, it might end up dying. Seeing Kuu’s worried expression, I immediately used it without a second thought.


With white smoke covering the body, indicating that the regeneration process is starting, Chunsuke’s(?) injured area started recovering.


『As expected of Onii-sama! Chunsuke is alive!』


No wait, Kuu……It’s not like he’s dead yet…..


After confirming that the wound was healed, I 【Cut】 the 【Super Regeneration】 from it and pasted it back to the pebble.

Just in case I used 【Magic・Recovery L】 on it still, before it started flapping its birds and flew upwards.


「Chun, Chu~n!」


Alright, seems like it was completely healed!




「Wafu, Wafufu, Wafu?」

「Chun, chun, chuchu~n! !」


….My gosh, I have no idea what they are saying if I don’t have telepathy.

For now, I’ll head over to the adventurer’s side and see how things are going on there.


「How is he?」


After asking Aisha, she responded with 「I was able to only save his life」.

His life only (…….)? What does that mean?


「Inside his body is poisoned…..? I can’t make a clear analysis, but it feels like something that isn’t supposed to be in his body is there? And there are some parts that recovery magic can’t pass through, so I can’t completely heal him.」


I remember seeing this symptom before.

At that time, an adventurer called a Saint……someone that was acquainted to Aisha who she was healing. Aisha also used 【Magic・Recovery L】 on her, but Saint-san has a recovery skill much higher level than that.


「……Uuu, so it’s you guys who saved me…..」


Aah, he’s recovered to the point where he can speak.

…..Wait a minute, I know who he is now!? Isn’t he one of the Clan:Tamer Rings guy!? He was together with Tales when he walked into our Clan House.


Now that I think about it, Waffle and co also said something like 『It’s chunsuke’s master』!

What the, why is this guy over here, and also on the verge of death! ?


…..No, wait a minute. Don’t tell me, those person who went ahead of us….

It wasn’t the Guild’s adventurers, but the Clan: Tamer Ring!?


I see, now that 【Awareness・L】 made sense, as there are monsters together with them!

If I think of them as their tamed monsters, then it isn’t weird at all.


However, why do these Tamer Ring gang have anything to do with exploring the new dungeon? And King-sama only appointed us to do this request….


For now, let’s ask the person himself.


「….Uhmm, are you one of the Tamer Ring?」


As I asked, chunsuke’s master strongly nodded.

So it really was the guy from before.


「Why are you here though? And where did your other teammates went? Even though you almost died, they are nowhere to be found?」


Well I did confirm that his teammates have went down one floor with 【Awareness・L】.

However, I can’t reveal this card to this guy.

It’s better to act as though I have no idea.


「…..If it’s them, they’re already long gone, they left me here and went ahead.」


With hatred, chunsuke’s master said and spat.

Fumu, I wonder if they’ve broken up their teams. I mean with how that Tale is, I’m sure it was entirely possible…..


Apparently, this Chunsuke’s master is called Kappore. And although I would politely talk to him because he is older than me, but after the Clan House incident, I decided to abandon the politeness. (TLN: Kappore, or Black jack, a fish apparently?)


After hearing Kappore talk about the situation, it seems like quite a few surprising things were discovered.

Author’s Note:

Thank you for reading!


TLN Note: Called it! I knew it was the stupid Tamer Ring gang!

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