Level 1 Guy: Chapter 185 – A wired all ranged attack

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TLN Note: I do not condone of any use of verbal abuse when translating this novel, but because Nicholas’s character is as such, so it has to be done. So uhh, NSFW? And the title here ‘wired’ means like communication

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Cobalt Dungeon, first floor.

As I’ve obtained a new power, I went down into the dungeon to test it out.


Although I’ve checked it when I was outside the dungeon, but nothing beats testing it in an actual battle.


That being said, I’ve bought another revolver.

Paying for additional charges, I bought another head of tuna to be shipped here immediately, and once I defeated the rogue monster, it dropped another revolver.


Right now, in my arsonal I have 4 revolvers equipped.


Then appeared a Zombie Demon.

With two revolvers loaded with only Normal Bullets, I fired relentlessly on his upper body till there were bee holes all over its body.

Then, letting go of my revolvers, I grabbed another two revolvers from within my field of vision, then continued firing repeatedly.


Gun swapping firing method.

Originally, the way I fire the revolvers was similar to a professional armsman firing a machine gun, but the problem was the reloading time that stops me from going infinite.


But now Leia’s arms would reload for me, and I would just take it and fire, so it became closer to a machine gun style.


With an already overkill attack, the Zombie Demon was defeated.


[You’re doing great Leia.] (Ryouta)

[Thank you very much, Master.] (Leia)


I could hear her voice coming from around my chest, it was Leia’s voice who transformed into a protector.

Just as she responded to me, her arm stretched out and grabbed the Iron Bars that the Zombie Demon dropped.

Then, she placed the Iron Bars into my pocket, into the Grand Eater’s pocket which gives an endless amount of storage with no weight.


With that setup, we continued to swagger around the dungeon.


My job was to just automatically fire repeatedly to any encounter I meet.


As Leia would help reload for me and pick the drops for me while I’m engaged in battle.

It made a remarkable progress in our efficiency rate.

Without the trouble of reloading, the revolver’s level would almost approach the level of that of using Repetition, and the collection of drops was faster than any of the ways that I’ve ever devised before.


It was by far the best efficiency rate I’ve ever did, as if I’ve stepped into another dimension.


[Leia, that.] (Ryouta)


I stopped and looked at the walls of the dungeon.

Leia stretched her arms and gently touched on the wall.


Touching at nothing.

With just my intention, even without saying anything Leia’s arms would reach to where I want her to reach.


[You’re really amazing Leia.] (Ryouta)

[Thank you very much.] (Leia)


Leia answered with no emotions as usual.

I feel somewhat lonely, but since her personality is built that way, so it can’t be helped.


After checking what I had in mind, I could move her as how I pictured, no it was more than I thought.

Being satisfied, I chatted with Leia and left the dungeon.


[While I’m wearing you, is there any consumption or something?] (Ryouta)

[There isn’t.] (Leia)

[Is there any time limit when equipping you?] (Ryouta)

[There is not. I will continue as long as I do not sleep.] (Leia)

[So you do sleep. Is it the same feeling as how we sleep?] (Ryouta)

[Yes.] (Leia)


I tried asking a variety of things that I’ve not asked so far.

Because I want to grasp the details as her master.


As I left the dungeon, I could see the figure of Nicholas.

Nicholas who had his hands tucked inside his pockets, leaned back on a tree. Then when he saw my face, he came over with joy.


[Yo, I was waiting for ya.] (Nicholas)

[Me? Did something happen?] (Ryouta)

[Of course not. Let’s fight now.] (Nicholas)


Nicholas smiled—–a very ominous smile risen from his face.


[Again?] (Ryouta)

[Of course again. I know that you’re about to return to Shikuro. If that’s the case then I wanna get my body drowned by fighting with you.] (Nicholas)


Nicholas twisted his body like a monkey while scratching himself.

This is a very disturbing person…..Though he doesn’t have any malicious intent.


[I didn’t promise to fight with you or such. Or more like you’ve been defeated by me a number of times right? Wouldn’t it just be the same?] (Ryouta)

[Tch tch tch. You don’t understand. It’s only meaningful only by fighting with ya.] (Nicholas)

[I see, no I don’t understand a word you’re trying to say.] (Ryouta)

[Besides, I’m slightly different today.] (Nicholas)

[Huh?] (Ryouta)


While I was puzzled by his words, Nicholas took out a small glass bottle from his pocket.

The liquid in the bottle was amber in colour….If it’s Nicholas I’m sure it’s some sake of sorts.


He opened the lid, then looking up he chugged the entire thing down.


I became alert. Is it some strengthening potion of some sorts!?


The next moment, Nicholas threw the bottle on the ground which cracked it.


[Ahhh——-, this is so fking bad!] (Nicholas)

[……Wha?] (Ryouta)

[I knew new sake taste so mother fking bad!] (Nicholas)


I have no idea what the hell is he trying to say, then Nicholas punch me.


[——!] (Ryouta)


Immediately my senses kicked in and I quickly avoided it.

Although I wasn’t hit by it, it was so close that I would have become rice cake.


[Aah what the hell! I’m so fking annoyed you little bastard!] (Nicholas)


After saying that he came and attack again.

His attacks right now is a notch sharper than usual.

With that kind of attack, I barely dodged it again.


[Don’t ya fking dodge it, just let me hit you already god damn it!] (Nicholas)


While watching him curse, I concentrated on his attack to avoid it.


[Don’t tell me…..Because of the sake he became so frustrated that he….freaking powered up? No way right……] (Ryouta)


It might probably be right.

As he loved old things.


I took a deep breath, then grabbed onto Nicholas’ fist.




A plosive sound similar to a pants being smacked on your waist, our fist collided each other.

Borrowing that momentum I flew backwards and landed, then took a deep breath and rebuilt my position.


Then I jumped towards Nicholas.


[Alright, come at me!] (Nicholas)


I challenged Nicholas to a fist fight.

I’ll beat him at close range.

With my fist guarded, I kicked him on his knees then somersaulted kick onto his chin.


We punched each other that the air started blowing with each consecutive blows.


Immediately, gunshot sounds were heard.

Bullets were driven from everywhere, up down left right and around Nicholas.


[Ouuuuuu~ch, what the hell is this.] (Nicholas)


It was Leia’s arms who fired.

While I was equipping her, she stretched her arms out and fired four of the revolvers from outside the range of Nicholas who’s fist could not reach.


Just by thinking, without saying anything she attack.

Learning that, Leia figured out an all-range attack.


Being hit by the bullets, Nicholas was stunned and confused.


[You have some crazy thing with ya huh.] (Nicholas)


Turns out he had a cheerful look.

It’s troublesome in it’s own way that he’s in a good mood, so I went all out with the all-range attack.

Then with all my strength I punched him.

He made a pleasant expression before spinning three turns in a vertical direction and crashed into the ground with his head stuck on the ground. THen he stopped moving.


[Fuu…..Is it over.] (Ryouta)

[Are you alright Master. Is he perhaps dead?] (Leia)

[People like him who don’t reach the verge of death won’t learn any hardships.] (Ryouta)


I answered with a bitter smile to Leia’s doubts.

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