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#New Dungeon, Basement 2nd floor


『Waffle, how is it here? Can you feel anything?』


After coming to floor B2, just to make sure, I asked Waffle whether he could sense any mana in this floor.


『! ! ! Wafu! Myne, Myne! I can feel the mana! There’s a lot even!』


! ! ! !


After coming down to the 3rd floor, we finally sensed some mana.

Perhaps the boss hasn’t been defeated yet!


『Waffle! Do you know where the boss room is?』


After asking Waffle, he wagged his tail violently.

I guess since Waffle could finally sense some mana, so his tension has been risen.


『Leave it to me! I will definitely find it!』


「…..It’s finally time for the show to begin.」


Touching the hilt of Linus・Sword, Sylphy answered.

Kuu who was behind with Aisha also smiled at us.


No matter what, we will blast through this floor!

For ordinary adventurers, it’s really hard to pinpoint the exact location of the boss room as per how we do it.

Well, maybe if they have the skill 【Awareness・L】, they might be able to do it, but it’s not entirely certain that you can find the exact location of the boss room, as I’ve tested it before.

Only because of Waffle’s help could we head straight towards the boss room.


Even if there were monsters roaming around that had some good skills, we’ll ignore them for the time being.

As there should be no problem to identify and pick their skill up after we defeat the boss.


If that can’t be done, I could just come here at night to get them.

It’s better for us to head straight to the boss room before someone else heads there first.


『Myne! I’ve found it! It’s over there!』

『That’s awesome, Waffle!』


After saying that, Waffle’s tails wagged with excitement.

Yeap, I’m truly grateful from the bottom of my heart! Thanks, Waffle.


With Waffle leading the way, we started our journey.


「Myne-kun! There’s monsters!」


Aisha pointed at the direction, where there were a few monsters gathered.

……The monsters in this floor are….Bees! ? And as expected the bees are white in colour.


Name: Faithfulness・Bee

LV: 20

Race: Insect family

Gender: –



Guaranteed hit



Poison Needle

Paralysis Needle


…..Hmm, 【Guaranteed Hit】. I guess it’s as what the skill says.

It’s a skill that can be used, but maybe it’s enough to just collect them and move on?

If it’s the same with 【Physical Attack Nullifier(5/5)】 then we can just come back again and get it? But then again, it’s not like there must be a limit to its usage for me to come back here and get them.


First, let’s just 【Cut】 all of their skills……But they are Bees, just a swarm of bees has like 20 of them….Phew.


…..Alright, that’s okay. I want to shorten our time as much as possible. So let’s just use magic to burn them all up.


「I’m gonna use magic to wipe them all!」


With 【Wide Area Magic・Maximum Wind】 and 【Wide Area Magic・Maximum Fire】, I casted it onto the White Bees.

An intense roar sound came from that side, and the swarm of bees burned up, falling down like raindrops.


「Alright, let’s hurry!」


After all of them were confirmed dead, as I said and ran, but Aisha was staring at me and said.


「…..Myne-kun, that’s a little too much…..」


Uuu…..W, well it is kinda overkill to be using such strong magic on a Level 20 opponent….

But I want to shorten our time to get there….


「Th, there’s not enough time! There’s no choice! No choice!」


……Let’s give an excuse for now.


「I know that we don’t have much time….but after using such fancy magic, the surrounding monsters would hear that noise, then wouldn’t we waste more time?」


Th, that’s true! ?


「This is different from the time when we were in the Dungeon of Power, so be more mindful okay?」




If what AIsha said that it would attract the other monsters, then it would also notify the adventurers that are inside here that we’re here.


…..If they did notice that we’re here, then it is my fault.

I have to move much more carefully. Un, I have to be mindful.


「…..Thank you, Aisha.」


After thanking Aisha, we continued onward to the boss room.

Along the way we encountered the White Bees, but this time I used 【Support Magic・Sleep】 on them to prevent a fight.


With that we won’t make any sound, and since our level differences were too big, just one of our party alone could destroy them in a minute.


Again I used sleep on the White Bees, and the floors were filled with them…….Could this be like moving in secret.


Occasionally we would have to defeat a huge swarm of them, but that meant I can 【Cut】 all of their skills.


Thus I pasted all the skills onto my party, with the ability 【Poison Needle】 and 【Paralysis Needle】 on Waffle and Kuu. I’m not sure if they’ll use it right away, but if something like the Black Dragon case were to happen again, maybe there comes a time they might need to use it.


『Myne, we’re going to arrive!….However, it seems like someone else is there.』


…..! Did we not make it! Even though we’re this close! ?

With Waffle words, I too used 【Awareness・L】 and asked the direction that Waffle was saying.


Awareness…..Is this the mana….It’s quite huge, and it’s being annihilated.

3 person…..4, 5, 6, 7……14 of them? Wait, what the heck is this….why is awareness acting so weird?

Instead of a human it’s more like monsters? Or is it the boss?….No, the boss’s presence is slightly different.

I wonder what is going on over there?


….Whatever it is, it seems like they have already started a battle with the boss.


「It’s as Waffle said, there is a group of people inside….which are fighting the boss right now.」


「…..I see, so we didn’t make it in time.」


Sylphy said with a hint of disappointment.


「However, isn’t it great? It seems like they aren’t Demons! So let’s look at it positively.」


Aah, it’s as Aisha said.

This presence is without a doubt the Hume Rae.

…..However, I could feel some monster presence beside them too.

Is it that the boss could separate itself?


For now, there’s no point talking about it. It’s not like we can go in mid battle and see, so let’s just rest for now. We’ll think about it as we move on.


「…..As expected, the door is locked.」


I tried going to the front of the door and pushed it.

Since now there’s a battle going on, the door won’t open. However, if the boss is not there, then the door will open by itself.


「So how now? Myne-kun.」

「Hmm, it’s completely closed. Seems like they’re battling the boss now.」

「…..Can’t be help, let’s move to the side and rest for the time being.」


We sat near a wall, and Waffle climbed on my lap and slept.

Normally at the entrance of the boss room, it is deemed as a safety zone. So hence why Waffle could sleep in relief.


Looking beside me, I could see Kuu floating back and forth between my two wives.

Seems like they’re having a conversation telepathically. It looks like fun as they were laughing.


While stroking the head of Waffle, I also relaxed.

It was truly a relief that it wasn’t the Demon, but a bunch of Hume race.


The tense part of my body was slowly loosening up as well.

Although it’s better to be tense, but it’s also better to clear yourself out of that feeling once in a while.


After around 20 minutes have passed.

The door to the boss room abruptly opened with a squeak noise.


Aah, seems like it’s over.

And I guess the adventurers have already descended down to the next floor….


「Well, shall we chase after them?」


I slowly rise myself and pat my but from the dust.

Aisha and Sylphy did the same as they got up and stepped into the boss room after me.


「…..Th, this is……what in the!?」


Name: Myne・Fortuna

LV: 63

Race: Hume
Gender: Male
Age: 15 years old

Occupation: Hunter


Physical Damage Nullifier(5/5) New!

Telepathy New!

Guarantee Hit New!


Name: Aisha・Fortuna

LV: 43

Race: Hume
Gender: Female
Age: 23 years old

Occupation: Archer


Physical Damage Nullifier(5/5) New!

Telepathy New!

Guarantee Hit New!


Name: Sylphy・Fortuna

LV: 69

Race: Hume
Gender: Female
Age: 19 years old

Occupation: Princess Knight


Physical Damage Nullifier(5/5) New!

Telepathy New!

Guarantee Hit New!


Name: Waffle

LV: 56

Race: Divine Beast of Fenrir

Gender: ♂

Status: Tamed (Myne)



Physical Damage Nullifier(5/5) New!

Telepathy New!

Guarantee Hit New!



Poison Needle New!

Paralysis Needle New!


Name: Kuu

LV: 56

Race: Divine Beast of Cetus

Gender: ♀

Status: Myne’s sister (?)



Physical Damage Nullifier(5/5) New!

Telepathy New!

Guarantee Hit New!



Poison Needle New!

Paralysis Needle New!

Author’s Note:
Thank you for reading!


TLN Note: I think I know who those bunch of adventurers are, phew time for Myne to KILL THEM!!!

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