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「How is it? Can you hear Kuu?」


After annihilating the herd of White Lions, Waffle and I decided to go back to my wives.

As I see it, Kuu was dancing around happily in the air, so I guess the conversation using 【Telepathy】 was a success?


「Yeah, it’s perfect! I’ve always thought that it didn’t matter so as long as we’re together, but it’s still nice that we can talk! It’s like I feel more closer to Kuu!」


Sylphy excitedly answered me.


Well, I do understand Sylphy’s delight. As Kuu and Sylphy often took baths together because they both love taking a hot bath.


If asked whether Syphy or Aisha is on good terms with Kuu, it will definitely be Sylphy. That doesn’t mean Aisha isn’t close with Kuu.


Even though they couldn’t talk with each other, they were already on good terms, so I’m glad that they could finally speak with each other.


However,as I’ve expected, I could not hear the conversation between Kuu and Sylphy.


Of course I have not pasted 【Telepathy】 onto myself.

So I can’t understand what my wives are talking about.


…….But, I have 【Cetus’s Protection】 on me.

In other words, I can normally talk with Kuu telepathically. Does that mean by having the same telepathy can we only talk with Kuu? What a surprising finding this was, it seems like my thoughts were too narrow.


For now, I finally knew how to use this 【Telepathy】 skill even better.

I do wish to collect more of this skill if possible.


As after we capture this Dungeon, I might not get the chance again.


Fortunately, the Lion race doesn’t move in solitude like the White Slime.

They will always move in packs, so like just now, it’ll be easier to get 3~5 skills per encounter, so it wouldn’t take long like yesterday.




「Phew, we finally reached the boss room.」


Just as Aisha completed the drawings of the map, we have finally arrived at floor B1’s boss room.

…..Similar to floor 1, after drawing the entire map could we find the boss room…..are we really that unlucky…..?

Nonetheless, I’ve collected a ton of skills, so it was way quicker progress than what we did yesterday.


「…..As expected, the door to the boss room is open…..」


Seeing the huge door being wide open, I sighed.

….Is this really the work of the Demon?


「Hey, Myne-kun…..I just thought of this out of the blue…..But is this really the work of the Demon?」


Looking at the same door as I am, Aisha spoke……Why the sudden change of mind?

There is a possibility that it’s not the Demon…..Rather it’s some random adventurers who’d stumbled upon this place…..


「Hm? Aisha, did you perhaps found out about something?」


Sylphy then asked Aisha about it.


「Myne-kun, Hime-sama…..this is an if, just a guess okay? If this is the work of the Demon, then why would he want to explore this Dungeon?」


……Hmm, what does she mean by that? Since the Dungeon leads downwards, of course he has to go down right?

While I was thinking as such, this time Sylphy shouted and answered Aisha.


「…….! !I see now! It’s as Aisha said. It is weird!」


Hmmm??…..Wait, what could it be?

……Wait a minute…..Going down…..going…down?…..Aaaaahhhhh! ! ! I see now, so that’s what she was trying to say!


That’s right, it is indeed weird! !If this is the work of the Demon then going down would be weird!


…..Cause the whole reason why a Dungeon was made is because the Demon was the one planting the core from the get go.

And where the core was planted….is in the inner depths of the Dungeon!

Which means, you must go up no matter what!


Which meant, defeating the boss and moving forward, the possibility of it being an adventurer is even higher.

…..However, who could it be…..?I have only been enrolled in the Adventurer’s Guild for a day, so I have no idea which adventurer went in.

Suffice it to say, the only person I got involved was Fjord and Lyle. However, they are already not adventurers. So there’s no point coming here.


「…..Aisha, do you happen to know who they might be?」


Since Aisha was a former receptionist working in the Adventurer’s Guild, she should know a lot of them.

Maybe she could already make some guesses on who some of them might be.


「Hmmm, I can’t think of it right now….The adventurers are usually tough and simple minded people, and they’re pretty calculative too. So with a new dungeon, besides people like us who received a request to go for it, I’m sure no one else would bother coming here.」


I knew it…..Even Aisha doesn’t know about it either.

Then, it’s pretty hard to guess what their objective is.


If only we knew who came here, then we can imagine what we can do.


「Well, whatever it is. It’s not like the possibility is zero, but it really brings a big relief to everyone right? If it’s not the Demon, and adventurers then we don’t have to worry much.」


Sylphy does have a point……

However, that doesn’t mean we can afford to be careless after knowing that.


…..Anyways, since the boss has been defeated, we can safely capture the dungeon and not have to fight with the Demon if it’s the adventurers. We have a friendlier route if that’s the case.


I don’t know when they will get in contact with us, so even if we actually meet with them, we should be prepared to make some countermeasures so as to not be too careless.


…..Although I gave myself various restrictions, I still lost to Brother-san.

Also, when I was training together with King-sama’s Konoe Knights Division, I have learned various things.

Combat experience and intuition are both equally important in a battle which in some cases can exceed the power of skills.


Hence why, even if the chance of the Demon appearing is lower and adventurer being higher, we still have to be vigilant.


「Un, you’re right. However, let’s still explore with caution. It’s true that this Dungeon is still recent, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any Demons. Plus we can’t let down our guard even if it’s adventurers…..」


After all, during the first floor nad B1 floor, we were fighting only thinking that the Demon was wandering around, but now that there is a high possibility of encountering the said adventurer around the next floor.


For now, let’s enter the boss room while it’s still open and see what’s inside.


「…..Yeap, there’s no boss. I wonder if the boss is the highest tier of the Lion race?」


Maybe I can try fighting this boss tomorrow after everyone goes home.

Somehow, I feel like it would drop some good items.


All of us touched the stone monument of the boss room.

Similar to the first floor, we felt weird that we didn’t fight anything and get to just move forward.


Well, onto the next level, which is B2 we go.

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