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Translation Note: To those who might be confused from the first floor and basement first floor, think of it as the first floor as like the entrance and the basement first floor as the second floor. Seems like the Author wanted to go by that instead. I don’t know why he couldn’t just put first floor, second floor, third floor etc…because it confuses the heck outta me when he said first floor and basement first floor, something like Ground and Lower Ground…

Proofread: Shiro


As the odds of encountering with the Demon would be high, we stayed vigilant and moved at a speed in which we would be careful of our surroundings.

Reason being we have to consider the dangers of any surprise attacks.


I was also the same, but everyone else’s expression tighten as well.


「…..Alright for now, let’s move to the stone monument.」


Proceeding onward to the boss room, there was a huge stone monument behind the boss room, similar to the other boss rooms in other Dungeons.

Once you touched the stone monument, you would be able to freely teleport to other stone monuments inside this dungeon.


Even though we weren’t the ones who defeated the boss, and we were a little curious about it, but since it was right in front of us, so might as well let all of us touch the stone monument.


I could technically move around with my 【Unique Magic・Spacetime】, but at the off chance something happens, then I could be prepared to use it as emergency.


Even though I felt that there is no need to have an alternative method, but the idea should not be dismissed as well.


「…..Everyone has touched the stone monument? Alright, let’s head onto the next floor.」


Confirming that everyone has touched it, we began to move onto the next floor.


…..Oh right, in the end we did not get to fight with it, but surely the boss of this room is a Slime right?

Fundamentally speaking, the Dungeon’s boss would be a superior species of that floor’s monsters.


So following that theory, one might think that the first floor boss would be a superior version of the White Slime.


Thus far, the skills and items that the boss has were all pretty good.

What’s more, the White Slimes themselves have their Race Skill, a special skill indeed. Honestly speaking….I had my curiosity in it.


Tonight, before we leave, should I go and have a peek on whether the boss has respawn or not?


#The new Dungeon, Basement First Floor


Well then, we have finally arrived at the basement first floor…..

I wonder what awaits us at this floor……What sort of monsters would there be.


Now that I think about it, the Dungeon of Power’s first floor did have Slimes as their monster.


I know it couldn’t be a coincidence but, the Dungeon of Power had Goblin and Orc on their second floor.

…..Don’t tell me, this Dungeon is the same as well?


If the monsters get stronger by each floor, then it’s true that the Goblins and Orcs are at just the right level to be in……

Well anyways, it’s not like a terribly strong monster would roam here.


『Waffle, how about this floor? Can you sense any Mana?』


『…..Wafu, I can’t. I can’t sense anything at all.』


I see……we have discussed about it back at the first floor, and hypothesized that because the boss was defeated, the mana stored in the Dungeon has to be used to respawn the boss.

Of course, there is not much credibility to this as there are no monsters with mana wandering around, so we don’t know whether our hypothesis is true or not…..


The only thing we knew is that someone defeated the boss at floor 1.

And, we have theorized that it was the Demon that did so and is still inside this Dungeon.


So if he defeated the boss here, I’m sure he’ll dive into B2 and fight with the boss as well.


「…..What exactly is going on here.」


While talking to myself, Aisha patted on my shoulder lightly.


「Being impatient is forbidden okay Myne-kun. I’m sure once we reach the end, we’ll find out more about it. However, if we move impatiently, we might be careless and make mistakes okay.」


「Well put Aisha, it’s as she said Danna-sama. Let’s move forward while being firm. It’s alright, we’re all here with you.」


…..That’s true. What both of them said were right.

Perhaps hearing about the possibility of there being a Demon here, I have gotten slightly nervous about it.


Moreover, it’s not like there’s proof that there’s a Demon here. At best it’s just a possibility, that’s it.

It might also be that some normal adventurers have come to explore. Rather, isn’t the latter one much more believable?


『Myne, I’m here with you too, so don’t worry~』

『KyuKyu! That’s right! Onii-sama!』


This time it was Waffle and Kuu who cheered me up.


Yes, I wasn’t like who I used to be. I have such a reliable family right now.

Get a hold of yourself Myne! !


「Thank you everyone…..」


After everyone cheered for me, my heart seems to have calmed down somewhat.


After recovering, we began exploring floor B1.


Similar to how we did at 1F, Aisha would map the area, and locate where the boss room is.

There’s a possibility that we would change our course depending on what kind of skill the monsters have on this floor…..


…….Ugh, a group of monsters…..


Name: Faithfulness・Lion

LV: 16

Race: Lion race (or maybe a Felidae?)

Gender: ♂



Strong Arms・Extreme

Cooperation・Telepathy (Short)





……Wow, it’s a White Lion. I had no idea there would be a lion inside a dungeon.

At first it looked fierce, but when I saw the skills……Eh! ? What !?


【Cooperation・Telepathy (Short)】: Those who have this skill could telepathically talk to each other. However, the range is limited to a 3 metre radius.


It’s a skill that doesn’t lose out against the White Slime, another special skill….


Even though the range is limited, but it’s basically the same as the 【Divine Beast Protection】 and the 【Divine Beast Contract】 skill….


「Nn, Danna-sama? What’s the matter?」


Looking at the White Lion’s skills, Sylphy looked at me who was staring blankly asked.


「……Ah, I was just looking at the White Lion’s skills, and was slightly surprised.」


「What sort of skills?」


This time it was Aisha.


「There’s a skill called 【Cooperation・Telepathy(Short)】……」


「 「Te, telepathy you say! ? (you said! ?)」 」


The both of them were in perfect harmony. Well, it’s normal to be surprised…..


「……By telepathy, you mean the same protection and contract as Fenrir-sama?」


「Maybe…..please wait for a moment. Let me cut it.」


There were 4 White Lions in total. So we could paste it on all 4 of us and test it.


By the way, I’ve heard this from Brother-san about the Lion Race.

That the 【Telepathy】 skill that they have is more of a necessity.


Logically speaking, the Lion Race would not move by themselves. They will surely move in packs.

And in that pack, there would be one male, and the rest is always made up of females, as it seems to be a race who builds harem as we commonly describe as.

Then, to them hunting is also something common, they wouldn’t fight by themselves, but instead take in position and aim at multiple single target preys.

In other words, to them fighting together is like eating rice together everyday.


So in order to smoothly cooperate together, they needed an effective skill to make it work. Hence why they need the telepathy skill, and after listening to what Brother-san said, it kind of made sense.


「…..Alright, I’ve already pasted it on Sylphy, Aisha, and Kuu and Waffle.」


Thus I pasted to all of our members.

Especially to Kuu, as only Waffle and I could converse with her.


If we use this skill, then we don’t need Cetus-sama’s protection and would still be able to converse with Kuu.


「Alright, me and Waffle would go and defeat the lions, so in the meantime could you test talking with Kuu.」


After leaving with that, Waffle and I went ahead to the pack and started battling.


『Wafufufu! ! ! !』


Waffle seemed strangely surprised. Perhaps the lion was also walking in all fours, making him have an opposing heart.


While we were running, I activated 【King’s intimidation】 on the pack of lions, and all four of them were paralyzed.


Then Waffle went ahead first, and used 【Divine Beast Double Attack】 onto the lions.

I too used 【Strong Arms・Extreme】 and 【Arm Strengthening・Extreme】, and attacked the lions who couldn’t move. Waffle who went ahead had already defeated 3 of them, and I defeated 1 of it, and with that the battle was over.


Well then, I wonder if they have used 【Telepathy】?


Waffle and I then slowly walked back to where they were.

Author’s Note:

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TLN Note: Is it just me, or did Amy just…..disappear from the chapter? Or is it that she went back home and rest instead? I’m confused.

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