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The next morning, we once again left for the new dungeon from our home using 【Unique Magic・Spacetime】.

Yesterday, we have secured an abundance of 【Physical Damage Nullifier】, so that took up quite some time from our exploration, thus today we will had back there and capture the dungeon as soon as possible to recover the lost time.


No matter how gracious King-sama is in not giving us a time limit on clearing this dungeon, but if we were to go with that kind of pacing, I’m not even sure how long it’ll take for us to capture the dungeon.

If there are places that can be shortened, then we’ll do just that.


Needless to say, we have the 【Unique Magic・Spacetime】 to traverse at instantaneous speed, so that has already saved us a huge chunk of time.

Not staying inside the dungeon, but instead being able to go back to our own home to sleep is usually not how a standard capture party will do.


Compared to the other Clan’s or parties, I think we’re the blessed ones.

We won’t have any problems when walking for a long time as the fatigue and stress accumulated from staying inside the dungeon won’t affect us.


「Well then, for today let’s at least clear the first floor!」


After giving a speech to everyone, they energetically shouted 「Ooh!!」. Hmm, I wonder if going back home to stay greatly affected our performance.

They really give off a splendid mood.


Alright then, today’s agenda wouldn’t be unlike yesterday where we were collecting 【Physical Damage Nullifiers】, but to just defeat White Slimes when we see one appear.

Instead of purposely finding them and hunting them, our objective today is to head straight to the boss room.


This new dungeon is different from the Dungeon of the World Tree, that is Waffle doesn’t need to use his ability to perceive the path to the boss’s room.

As he can’t perceive the mana in both the Dungeon and monsters themselves, so no matter how excellent Waffle is in perceiving it, he won’t be able to utilize it.

Hence why we’re wandering around the dungeon while trying to locate the boss room.


Thus, to increase our efficiency in capturing this dungeon even if it’s just a little, Aisha went ahead and bought some stuff to map out the dungeon while we’re walking.


As expected of a former B Rank adventurer, her way of thinking when exploring a dungeon is top notch.

When I asked about it from her, it seems like there is this skill called 【Map】 too.


So having that skill with her, it’ll be way easier for Aisha to lead the way…….


「Is it over there? Perhaps we should go to the right, or should we go to that area where White Slimes were gathering around just now….」


While Aisha was looking at her hand drawn map, it showed the direction of which we’ve travelled.

As our sense of directions were getting so numbed after a walking for so long, it was better to have this to help us rather than nothing.


Along the way we would encounter some White Slimes which we would then defeat them, then continue along mapping the Dungeon, and when it was about time for lunch, we finally found the giant door which leads into the boss room.


…..However, something doesn’t feel right. I can’t put my finger…..Ah right! It’s like I’m feeling some discomfort around me.

Compared to the bosses inside the Dungeon of Power and Dungeon of the World Tree, it had a different feeling from them…..


I wonder why is that? Where is this discomfort coming from?


「…..Myne-kun, the boss…..seems to have already been defeated.」


Ehh!?…..I see, It’s that! ! This discomfort feeling! It’s the feeling of the door opening for the first time! !


Basically it’s a mechanism of the boss room inside the Dungeon, where the giant door is close while the boss is inside, and it will be locked immediately once we enter inside.

Then after defeating the boss, the lock would automatically be unlocked and the door would open by itself.


Once again, the door would be open until the boss respawns.


…..However right now, if the door is open right now, then that means the boss isn’t inside. Which leads to the conclusion that someone else has already defeated the boss.


「Who exactly came here first?」

「…..We can’t even investigate….」


While I was talking to myself, Sylphy answered me.


Well, it is a dungen to begin with. So there is no restriction for anyone other than us to go inside.


However, this dungeon was just recently made, and information hasn’t spread yet about this dungeon.


What’s more, not knowing the danger level of this dungeon, the possibility of adventurers who are realists entering this dungeon is really low.

At least, that’s what King-sama said.


What’s more, the danger of dungeons are also recommended by the Guild, and the adventurers themselves should understand it as common sense.

Not knowing the danger of the dungeon, plus not knowing how much money can you earn from such a newly made dungeon, there’s no reason to come all the way here.


….However, because no one rarely goes for it, there are those people who act without permission just to seek profit from the dungeon, so it isn’t strange if someone has already explored the dungeon.


Hence with all these circumstances, it’s as Sylphy said, it’s hard to investigate what happened.


「…….Don’t tell me….it’s the Demon.」


Out of a sudden, Aisha spoke. Despite whispering, the voice reverberate throughout the surroundings.




If this is really the work of the Demon…..I’m afraid that if we want to capture this dungeon, we might have to fight against it.


「…….Since the boss was defeated, I wonder how long it’ll take for the boss to respawn?」


Right, it is a rather important information to get on how long it takes for the boss to spawn after it’s defeated.

For example, if it’s 5 minutes…..and the door closes, then that means the Demon is 5 minutes away from us.


Which meant that we must be mentally prepared for whatever situation that we might be facing after this boss fight, there might be a possibility that we’re gonna face against the Demon.


「…..Hmmm, it depends on the dungeon…..But I think that this dungeon would take a longer time.」


With a much higher experience in exploring dungeons, Aisha told us her opinion.


「…..This dungeon? Why though? Is it different from the rest of the dungeons?」


「Apparently, the time it takes for a boss to spawn depends on the amount of mana stored inside a dungeon. The more mana, the faster it is for the boss to spawn…..This Dungeon was recently made right? So it is still in a state in which mana isn’t accumulated in huge quantity. As even with Waffle’s senses, he couldn’t feel the mana right?」


…..I see. Which means that the boss uses the mana collected from the Dungeon to spawn huh.


So she made a conclusion because of not being able to sense the mana from the dungeon.

Maybe, someone(might be the demon)…defeated the boss. Then, the Dungeon has to supply mana to spawn the boss again, so hence why we couldn’t feel any mana from the dungeon?


…..No wait, however….that’s different.

If that’s the case, then why is there no mana inside the monsters living here?


….Not good, I can’t be thinking about these at a time like this.

I must be serious about thinking of a way to stop the Demon that might or might not be here.


Taking Aisha’s word, we might not meet with the Demon anytime soon.

However, there isn’t any physical evidence to support that either. Maybe the Demon might be even nearer as we speak.


「…..Let’s assume that the Demon is inside here. So if we meet with it, everyone please have plenty of distance against it okay? I’ll fight it with all I got.」


『Wafu! Myne, I’ll also fight with you!』

『Onii-sama, me too! Kyu~』


It might be good for Waffle and Kuu to help along…..

However, if it’s that person…..even Waffle and Kuu might be in danger against that.


I would wish if they would keep a distance and let me fight with all I got.


『Both of you, we’ll think about it after seeing our opponent, but before that could you leave it to me first?』


『!!! Wafu!?』

『!!!! Kyu Kyu Kyu!?』


Both of them probably didn’t think that I would refuse them, as they were in a state of surprise.


『Don’t worry, it’s just the start. I’ll ask for help if I see the need!』


After that, I explained the danger of that man who seemed to be a Demon when I was at the back of Jormungandr-sama, and managed to convinced them somehow.


….Well then, will the Demon really appear? Or will he not? (Find out in the next episode of DRAGON BALL Z!!!)


Let’s thread carefully from here on out.

Author’s Note:
Thank you all for reading!

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Damn he likes to overthink things, he is naive and unexperienced and is throwing unaccurate guesses and fear the unknown in front of him all the time, that is probably why they didnt even manage to clear the dmn first floor of the dungeon yesterday…

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