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Cobalt Dungeon, the final depths, 45th floor.

I was in perfect condition today.


Apparently, the Dungeon Master was said to appear on this floor today.

It was another trouble that I caused to the citizens due to me sealing off the entrance to take my revenge against Linus.


When the Dungeon Master appears, other monsters inside the dungeon will disappear. That just happened to coincide with what I was doing, which resulted in adventurers not being able to earn money.


In order to prevent that, I’ll try to lessen the amount of time they need to resume their work by immediately defeating the Dungeon Master.


After waiting for almost half a day, the air around me changed.

The other monsters disappeared, and at the same time the adventurers halt their work and went back up.

I was the only one left inside the dungeon.

Soon after, the Dungeon Master appeared.


The top half of its body showed its bluish violet skin, and its lower half is covered with a cloth wrapped around its waist.

The back of its body grew out wings that looked similar to Dragons, and horns almost the same length as its body.


This is the Dungeon Master of Cobalt, the Demon Satanachia.


Satanachia then swung its huge sword downwards. Seeing that, i avoided the attack.




The sword hit the ground, and the Dungeon was violently shaking.


[You do have some huge power huh….It’s gonna be tough facing you upfront.] (Ryouta)


Loading bullets into my revolvers, let’s use some small—–




An impact suddenly came from behind me.

As I was about to collapse, I took a stop forward to stop myself from falling down.


When I turned around, I saw 3 adventurers.

All of them were women dressed as magicians.


The women stared blankly at me, then started chanting something while holding their magic staffs up.


[Why, and this kind of timing!?] (Ryouta)


I shouted as I jumped with all my might.

The Demon Satanachia has the ability to manipulate every woman at will.

No matter who that woman is, you can’t escape it’s ability.


In order to defeat it as fast as possible, I’ve gathered information from others so I knew its ability, and I’m sure the other adventurers should know even better.

However, why are they here.


[You kidding me! It’s always like this!] (Ryouta)


Remembering back the magicians who were in distress inside the dungeon when the Magical Storm occurred, I clicked my tongue.

Having to guard the magic flying at me, and dodging Satanachia’s sword, I swapped my bullets to the Recovery Bullets.


Dodging all 4 of their attacks, I fired the Recovery Bullets at the women adventurers.

The fused Recovery Bullets, Drowsy Bullets.


I managed to hit two out of three of them, but one of the magician used a magic barrier to stop the bullet.


[Damnit! As expected of a 45th floor magician, your reaction is quick huh!] (Ryouta)


I can’t tell whether their reaction speed is still there after being manipulated, but I loaded the next bullet while spouting words again.

Then aiming steadily, I pulled the trigger.


[Eh? Why am I here?]

[Your consciousness—-Guha!] (Ryouta)


After the adventurer said that, she showed a weird expression then placed her staff up and fired magic at me.

The fire eloped my body.


[Uoooooo!] (Ryouta)


My entire body is in fire. I instinctively guarded by crossing my arms, and tolerated the pain.


As my Mentality isn’t at SS yet, the damage is quite painful.


I looked up, and Satanachia’s eyes and mine met.

It showed a triumphant look.


Next I looked at the woman adventurer, and she was snickering like a little child, then started casting her next magic.


Satanachia who was controlling the woman…..It’s facial expression contradicts with its movements.

I thought that she escaped control for a moment, but it was all a trap and I received huge damage from it.

However, once I knew about it.


[I, I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to do it.]

[Fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice?] (Ryouta)


While neutralizing the fire magic with my Freezing Bullet, I fired two more Recovery Bullets, which turned into Drowsy Bullets at her.

Not being able to create the magic barrier in time, the woman adventurer finally fell asleep, and fell down like a doll.


With this it’s just Satanachia—–




My belly was burning up.

As I looked at it, there were flame and ice stones, 3 spears pierced through my belly.




As soon as I turned around, I understood why.

It was the three adventurers who were sleeping that released the magic.

The women were sleeping, as I could see it in their faces.

However their bodies were still moving, and were still attacking.


It looked as if they were sleepwalking, being controlled by Satanachia.


[If that’s the case, I just have to restrict your movements!] (Ryouta)


I took out more bullets, and this time I won’t hold back.

Putting 5 Strengthening Bullets and 1 Restriction Bullet, I fired and reloaded and fired and reloaded.


I fired the 3 strongest Restriction Bullets at the three of them.

The three were tightly restricted. Even though they were restricted, I held onto my revolver to confirm.

I don’t want to be careless again, so this time I want to double confirm whether they truly can’t move anymore.


Then finally, I turned to face Satanachia.


The giant wings and horns of a Demon.

It hasn’t sustained any damage, and it’s giving quite a pressure.




[With this it’s finally 1 V 1.] (Ryouta)


I will never lose to it.

Being hit twice has raised my concentration, so I don’t feel like losing to it anymore.


I avoided the huge sword that swung down, then punched it.

Then, I caught up Satanachia who was blown away, and fired bullets from zero distance.

The two normal bullets fused, Penetrating Bullets.

I continuously pounded the bullets onto his belly dozens of times.

The bullets gouge its belly out, and soon passed through its belly.




It raised its voice with raging anger, and flapped its dragon like wings.

I firmly grasped the two of its wings and ripped it right out.


Next is the horns——No no no.


It’s already enough just by killing it.

I was a little frustrated that I was caught off guard twice, but it doesn’t warrant me to do such inhumane thing.


However, if I prolong this, I would be hit by a surprise again.


So I decided to just beat it up more than usual.

After avoiding its horns, I fired down all the Penetrating Bullets on its forehead.


The rule of all 45 floors of Cobalt, the Demon Satanachia who manipulates every woman with success, has been successfully suppressed by me.

TLN Note: I don’t know why, but I feel like the Author is just trolling me at this point. I’ve seen every novel that he’d created and released as a Light Novel, and all of the artwork is so nice, but this! This is like, not the type that I like…WHY AUTHOR! It’s not that I hate the drawing, but like, come on man!

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