Level 1 Guy: Chapter 181 – Compensation

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The entrance of Cobalt Dungeon.

By firing a few Annihilation Bullets at the mountain load of Iron Bars blocking the entrance, I created a way out.

Sure enough, there were many adventurers gathering outside of the entrance.


They were the victims of my plan of not being able to get inside the dungeon.

Their facial expressions were also within my expectations, both angry and unhappy.


Well then, it’s about time—–


[Ou, you finally decided to come out. I was waiting for ya.]


Nicholas called from beside me and placed his arms around my neck.

The feeling is like meeting up with a friend who you’ve never met for a long time.

This wasn’t within my calculations, which caught me off-guard as I could not dodge him in time.


[Nicholas.] (Ryouta)

[Were you bored inside? I’m sure you were. So let’s have a bout right now.] (Nicholas)

[No, it’s not like I was bored—–] (Ryouta)

[Don’t say such a boring thing, I’m sure being inside there for a whole day must’ve been boring for ya right? Hey, just a while, just a tiny weeny bit.] (Nicholas)


While still putting his arms around my shoulders, he used his other hands and did a praying pose.

Is he that desperate to fight? While thinking as such, I saw Cell who was right in front of me.


[Get your (filthy)hands away from Satou-sama, you’re being extremely rude towards him.] (Cell)

[Huuuh? Who the hell are ya to boss me around?] (Nicholas)

[That person is Shikuro’s—–] (Ryouta)

[I’m Satou-sama’s first believer. The name’s Cell?Stem.] (Cell)

[Eeeeeeh!? Believer? A believer you say?] (Ryouta)


I shouted in a slightly weird noise, with a shocked expression.

I’m sure there’s a better way of introducing yourself.

Maybe saying like you’re the Association Chief of Shikuro Dungeon, or like just freaking introduce yourself normally.

Throwing all of that away, Cell just made up a title for himself as he introduced his name.


[A believer?] (Nicholas)

[That’s right, please have a look at this.] (Cell)


Cell took out a figurine from within his breast pocket.

It was a well made figurine of me battling.


[I see, you being a devout believer wasn’t some lies. But then, are ya trying to disturb our fight huh?] (Nicholas)

[Of course. I would not allow any unnecessary fights with Satou-sama. I’ll do whatever it takes, even by force, to eliminate them.] (Cell)

[Alright-y then. I’ll start with ya—–] (Nicholas)

[Wait wait just a second, are you seriously trying to start a fight here.] (Ryouta)


I immediately broke off the fight between Nicholas and Cell.

I have some things I have to do after this, so starting a fight now would be bothersome to me.

However, if you do it someplace else, I won’t stop you.




Cell accidentally bumped onto me.

And after bumping into me, another figurine of me fell off from his pocket.


Again it’s a figurine of me, however it’s a figurine of me who’s trying to take things out from my pocket, and my pocket is filled.


[Why the hell do you even have something like that!] (Ryouta)


Cell hurriedly picked the figure up and stuff it inside his pocket before arranging himself.

Seriously, what is wrong with these people.


[What is it, what was that about?] (Nicholas)


Nicholas who had no idea what happened asked.

Well obviously he doesn’t know the meaning, and if he does it’s gonna be even more troubling.

This bloody stalker, Cell is plenty enough for one stalker.


For now let’s stop this dispute, leaving those two aside, I went to where the adventurers gathered.

Towards the adventurers who can’t get inside of the dungeon because of me.

The adventurers were confused.


Standing right in front of them, I took something out of my pocket.

Some of them were shocked that they moved their bodies backwards as they saw what I took out from within my pocket.

I placed it on the ground, and it was the Bars, but it wasn’t just some Iron.


It was the Aluminium and Copper bars that are quite valuable in the market.

I took them out one after another, piling them up higher and higher.


At first the adventurers were on high alert, but after awhile they lowered their guard and looked at my movements.


After that I finally took everything out.

The moment of the pose of the figurine—–It was me taking out an abundant of dropped items from my pocket.


After completely sealing off the first floor, I went to the lower floors to hunt.

I hunted them with CQC and my dual revolvers first, but after that, I used Repetition to farm the dropped items.


So literally, a mountain pile of metal appeared in front of the dungeon.


And towards all the doubtful adventurers…..I lowered my head.


[I’m terribly sorry!] (Ryouta)



Behind me was Cell crying out, but I ignored him.


[I’m terribly sorry for bothering your earnings inside this dungeon!! I don’t know whether this is enough to compensate for it, but please take these as an apology from me.] (Ryouta)

[Satou-sama! There’s no need for Satou-sama to do any of that. The culprit here is that guy.] (Cell)

[Still, it doesn’t change the fact that I’ve caused trouble to everyone here.] (Ryouta)


With my head still bowing, I told Cell. Then, Cell too also stopped talking and closed his eyes.

Once again I turned towards the adventurers.


[For the troubles I’ve cause, I heartily wish for everyone to take this as compensation.] (Ryouta)


Is what I said.


[ [ [……..] ] ]


Silence descended, and time was slowly flowing.

I do not think that I’ll be forgiven for this, but even so at least have this as an apology.


As such I left all of these drops here.




[Ooi Katoru, you go get it first.]



I looked up, and a guy who looked to be a veteran adventurer spoke.


[You operate by bicycle right. Quickly take what you need.]

[A, aah. Thank you so much.]


A small and weak looking guy pushed his own Magic Cart and piled the bars into it.


[Oliver and Psy too. Kami-san and Okka-san are sick right. Quickly exchange these into money and buy them some medicine.]

[I got it.]

[I pay my respects.]


The mountain of drops were sorted out by that adventurer.

I was honestly relieved.


Then looking at that guy who was distributing the items, I spoke to him.


[Thank you.] (Ryouta)

[Don’t mind. You don’t have to actually do this for us though.]

[No wait, but then again——] (Ryouta)

[But you don’t feel good either right. So that’s why we will receive it. So we’ll be even.]

[…..Thanks again.] (Ryouta)

[No worries.]


The man turned over.

I turned around and looked at him.


[Thank you.]

[Eh?} (Ryouta)


The man lowered his head gently.

Other adventurers who saw that stopped moving their hands, and looked at me with the same expression.


[We’re saved by you from that guy. Many people suffered because of him. I always wondered if anyone would do something about it, but there weren’t any chance for us to do so.]

[They are too many informers. So it’ll be troublesome if you make any scene.] (Cell)


Cell caught hold of the conversation and spoke from behind me.


[Thank you for grasping that opportunity and helped us.]

[ [ [Thank you.] ] ]


The adventurers all spoke and thanked me.

I was impressed, but was also embarrassed by it.


I thought that I have to react somehow.


[Alright, is it done yet? Yeap it’s done. Then let’s fight right now.] (Nicholas)


Nicholas grabbed me by the shoulder again from behind and asked for a battle once more.


[Can you wait, this is not the time for it.] (Ryouta)

[I’m sure you’re bored after a day in there right? It’s boring right? If so let’s just have a fight to release your stress then.] (Nicholas)

[Are you even listening to me!? I wasn’t resting at all okay, I went to all of the floors and hunt—–] (Ryouta)

[Hey come on let’s just fight.] (Nicholas)


Grabbing onto me, he pulled me closer.

Towards the guy who can’t read the mood, I was dragged by his conversation.


Oh by the way, Nicholas was beaten senseless in a place where there were nobody.

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