Cut&Paste: Chapter 160 – A new dungeon (3)

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「Phew, so glad that we defeated it without any casualties….Sylphy, could you borrow me your Linus・Sword for a sec so I can fix it back for you?」


I’m sure Sylphy would be really sad as she had just gotten this rare item just recently. Thus, after receiving the broken Linus・Sword from Sylphy, I pasted 【Regeneration】 on it.

My 【Regeneration】 stock is getting low, guess I should head over to get some more in the near future.


「……Ooh, the missing blade of it is slowly returning!? Danna-sama, what kind of skill did you use?」


「It’s 【Regeneration】. As you can see, it’s a skill to restore to its original condition. It also works on human body too. And I’ve pasted it onto all of our family.」


This is a reflection against the Black Dragon fight from before.

Even though you’re careful with everything, there are still unforeseen circumstances that might occur.

Hence why right from the very beginning, I’ve pasted the skills to everyone. Of course Amy-san has it as well! Well, it’s a bit hard to paste it to all of the Konoe Knights Division who do not know about my skills. But someday, I wish I could talk to them about my skills……


「…..I see, I wonder how it works on one’s own body, I’m feeling a bit scared……」


Staring at Linus・Sword slowly forming bubbles around it and regenerating, Sylphy spoke with that image in mind…….Well, it is a rather bizarre scene.

I remember testing the skill out on my own body, remembering that made me smile bitterly.


「Well, it is a little surprising, but life cannot be exchange…..」


After saying that, Sylphy and Aisha both strongly nodded in agreement.


While we were talking about it, the Linus・Sword has successfully restored.

Since the blade was gone, I thought it would be a lot faster in restoring it…..but I guess since it’s a rare weapon, the process is much more complicated.


「By the way, during the battle, my 【Appraisal】 skill seemed to have leveled up.」


「Aah, is that the reason why you knew about the White Slime’s race skill?」


I nodded at Aisha’s question.


「And so, because I was in such a hurry on that previous battle, I did not manage to 【Cut】 the race skill from the White Slime. So when another White Slime appears, please wait for a second. If you use any magic attacks, it’ll die in one hit……」


I’ve confirmed that with Kuu’s 【Bubble Shower】. I’m probably certain that even with the magic skills I pasted on Aisha and Sylphy a while ago, they could use that to defeat it no problem.

However, calmly thinking about it, if I just 【Cut】 their race skills, then I’m sure even physical attacks would work.


「Aah, I got it.」

「Alright, leave it to me.」

『I got it~』

『Please leave it to me! Onii-sama!』


After confirming with four of their replies, we once again head deeper into the depths of the dungeon.


「Hey, Myne-kun…..Previously you said that the race skill of the White Slime is 【Physical Damage Nullifier】 right? Wouldn’t it just be invincible then?」


「Uhhm, I’m not sure either? It is certainly a great skill but….There is something like a number. Plus it’s not immune against Magic attack or maybe poison type attacks either. It has its pluses…..but I won’t say it’s invincible?」


Yes, the skill has something written after it, a proficiency like number was displayed. If I can 【Cut】 that out I’m sure I would know what it is……


「…..I see, well it’s better to 【Cut】 it first and find out more about it.」


「Both of you…..It seems your chance will arrive now.」


While Aisha and I were talking, Sylphy cut in…..A chance?

Aah, seems like we have 4 White Slimes as our company. Alright, let’s 【Cut】 their skills!

…..For now, let’s paste it on everyone.


「Everyone, it’s all okay! I’ve already 【Cut】 the 【Physical Damage Nullifier】 so you can defeat it even without Magic attacks anymore!!」


Not just the race skills, but I’ve instructed everyone that I’ve taken the Slime’s ability.

After hearing me, Aisha fired her arrows as payback.


As I expected, Aisha’s arrows which did not have any effect on the previous battle has now just pierced through the White Slime’s body. The White Slimes made crying noises before dying.


As expected of distance attacks. With just that she has already cleared all 4 of the White Slimes.


「……I wish you would’ve left one for me.」


Sylphy smiled and talked to Aisha. Aah, I see…..Sylphy had a tough time too just now. She too wants payback.


Well then, now that we’ve defeated the slimes. Let’s quickly use 【Appraisal】 on those race skill.


【Physical Damage Nullifier (5)】: Permanently active, able to nullify 5 physical attacks.


…..Oh my….it seems like the numbers were the number of times it can be used.

Which means, after taking 5 physical attacks, the skill would just disappear.

I wonder if this can be used or not….


It’s still early for me to say whether it’s useful or not.


「……Everyone, I’ve identified the race skill.」


I then explained the race skill that I discovered by using 【Appraisal】.


「Hmm, it’s as how Danna-sama put it, after being hit 5 times, it’s basically useless….Well thinking about it normally, even by having it there’s no other effect besides that…..」


『Wafu, would it disappear?』


「I thought that it would disappear.」


Well, Sylphy, Aisha, and Waffle’s idea all have a possibility.

……There were various perspectives to it, but I’m sure we’ll get the conclusion after enduring 5 physical attacks.


Even if it were to disappear, we can just collect more……wait we can’t. We have to conquer this Dungeon and disperse of it.


Which means…..Let’s try to reserve it as much as we can.

Even though it might take some time, but it’s better to reserve more of this skill.

It’s not like the 【Regeneration】 skill where I can collect more if I wanted, but I could use it during like say a boss fight and wanting to absolutely win against that fight, we can avoid risking our lives by just using the pasting the skill on ourselves.

If a similar fight with the Black Dragon happen, even if I don’t make it, as long as the 【Regeneration】 skill is pasted on them, it makes for extra time for me to paste it onto them?


「Everyone, I have a suggestion…..」


I started talking to everyone about what I thought.


「…….I see, it certainly is worth taking the extra time to get it.」

「We should never neglect defense, so I agree to it as well.」

『Wafu! I approve as well!』

『KyuKyu, me too~』


Alright, since I’ve gotten everyone’s approval, let’s work hard on the next floor!


『Hey, Myne. I’ve thought about it, but you are gonna paste the skill on the little pebble?』


Hm? Why the sudden interest Waffle?


『Yeah, that’s right?』


『If you paste it on the pebbles, what if it hits around inside your bag, wouldn’t that decrease 1 damage?』


『…..There is that possibility, I can’t say that there is none. Well then, how should I go about this.』


Aah, that’s right! I could just do the same with the 【Constant: Water】?

If I put it inside the time stopping storage bag, I think it would stop it from moving about. Alright, let’s test it right away.


…..As a result, as I expected, the pebbles did not hit onto anything because of the time stopping ability of the storage bag.


And on that day, we hunted the White Slimes all day, and using 【Unique Magic・Spacetime】, we ended our investigation for that day.

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