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#New Dungeon, First floor


『Hey, Waffle…..Don’t you feel something is wrong? Whenever I picture a Dungeon, it would be overflowing with mana, but right now I don’t feel that though?』


『Wafu…..I don’t feel it either.』


Even when Waffle has the ability to perceive, he still can’t perceive the mana…..Which meant that this Dungeon doesn’t even have mana to begin with.


Is it because it’s a phenomenon that only newly spawned dungeons have? Or is there a totally different reason to it. This might possibly be the key in unlocking the secrets to this dungeon.


「Wait a minute! Wait just a second Myne-kun! If you did not sense any mana…..Then that can only mean that there are no Demons inside the dungeon!? However…..」


Aisha asked a question, but she stopped halfway.

But that’s true, if I don’t sense any mana….it might be the case where there’s no demons inside…….But, in reality they do exist. When King-sama sent the Konoe Knights to investigate this dungeon, they confirmed that there are indeed demons inside the dungeon. The report said that the Konoe Knights defeated a Slime.


…..This dungeon is getting even more mysterious. I must really prepare myself if I want to conquer this dungeon.


「Yeah, King-sama did say that there were Slimes living inside, so there’s no doubt that demons are living inside. I can’t feel any mana, but we do not know the abnormalities of this dungeon, and the konoe knights that came and investigate did not feel anything abnormal either.」


Right now, we have no choice but to enter the dungeon with caution.

Though there are a lot of mystery, but once we get to the bottom of this dungeon, I’m sure we’ll understand the meaning behind these phenomenon.


With that mentality in mind, I thought of going inside the dungeon while being extra cautious for the time being.


「Well, let’s not stand here and let’s move forward first.」


After giving out an order, Waffle energetically barked 「Wafu!」.

When I looked closely, I could see Kuu wiggling her body while humming.


That’s right. Worrying too much can be bad too.

Seeing Waffle and Kuu like that, I did a long stretch.




Seeing my sudden movement, Aisha and Sylphy both looked at me with a surprised look.

Then, the both of them looked at each other and smiled, before doing the same stretching as me.




Looking at them, I started to laugh.


「That’s right. Before we even begin, there is no point in being nervous, so let’s move it! While taking breaks in between, let’s do this!」


While also being alarmed, I straightened my back before moving forward.


『KyuKyuKyu~~~~~! Onii-sama, it’s a Slime!』


Seems like Kuu has found a Slime.

Where…….wait huh, this Slime….is completely white in colour…..

All this time, the Slimes that I’ve seen are all green in colour.

It is true that the colour of the Slime is based on their attributes….But this was my first time seeing a White one.


Name: Faithfulness・Slime

LV: 10

Race: Slime Race

Gender: None



Digestive Juice


Name: Faithfulness・Slime

LV: 9

Race: Slime Race

Gender: None





Hmmm, it’s a Slime with no other features besides it’s white body.

Since it’s a newly spawned dungeon, is that why their levels are so low as well?


Well for now, let’s 【Cut】 their abilities, and paste them on the pebbles.

Since it’s an ability, we can think about balancing and distributing for Waffle and Kuu later.


「Alright, let’s fight!」


Since my wives and the 2 Divine Beasts knew about my 【Appraisal】 skill, they won’t start randomly attacking for no reason first.

After I ordered them, Aisha started firing her quick arrows. They were arrows being shot with her 【Archery・Holy】 skill. Since they’re Slimes, I’m sure it’ll be a one shot one kill.




I did hear the bashing sound, but it sounded like the arrows shattered once it hits the target. The arrows immediately broke even before touching the Slime’s body.


「What’s happening?」


Sylphy narrowed her eyes, and stared at the Slime’s appearance.

Aisha who was reloading her arrows, did the same thing as Sylphy.


That’s odd, when I used 【Appraisal】 on them, I didn’t see them having any skills as such.

…..No wait a second…..I’ve seen this before….don’t tell me, it’s that!? It was the same with the Black Dragon at that time?


「Everyone! Listen up! ! The Slimes might have a 【Race Skill】 on them. If that’s the case, I could not use my 【Appraisal】 skill to identify it as of right now. I’m not sure what the skill is, but please be careful while fighting against it!」


…..My 【Appraisal】 skill should be leveling up soon…..

But if it doesn’t level up during a crucial time, then it’s no use! Come on!


「Got it Danna-sama!」


Sylphy unsheathed her Linus・Sword, and rushed towards the Slime in one breath.




Sylphy’s body slowly glowed in red. She must be using the 【One-handed Sword・Xtreme】 and 【Physical Strengthening・L】 skills.


Though I do not know what 【Race Skill】 it has, but with this attack I’m sure it’ll be defeated. Then the surekill attack was aimed towards the White Slime.


「Wh, What the…..?」



I can’t believe it……It reflected Sylphy’s attack…..Even Waffle was shocked.


The Slime began to look furious after being attacked. It changed a part of its body to a whip like shape and whipped violently against Sylphy.


「Tsk, 【Iron Wall】 activate!」


After Sylphy activated 【Iron Wall】, fortunately the sudden attack had no damage.

From the start, the surcoat that Sylphy was wearing was one of the Royal Family’s equipment. So added with the 【Iron Wall】 skill, most of the damage was reduced.


「Are you kidding!? Linus・Sword broke!?」


Sylphy who was a distance away from the White Slime started speaking in a loud tone.

Wait!? What did she say!? Linus・Sword has broken!?

…..How many skills is the Slime even holding!?


「Everyone, refrain from using any physical attack! If something were to happen like Linus・Sword, your weapon would break. Especially Waffle! Refrain from using any physical damage okay!」


Damnit, I’ve been repeatedly using 【Appraisal】 from just now, but it’s just not leveling up.

If only I know it’s 【Race Skill】, I could do something about this situation….


『KyuKyuKyu! Bubble Shower!!!!』


Oh? It’s Kuu. If it’s 【Bubble Shower】 maybe it’ll work?

The 【Bubble Shower】 that Kuu released headed straight towards the Slime.


『Just die~! This whitey! Kyu~』


Name: Faithfulness・Slime

LV: 10

Race: Slime Race

Gender: None





【Race Ability】

Physical Attack Nullifier (3/5)


Oh!? 【Appraisal】 has finally come through!?….Wait what’s this 【Physical Attack Nullifier】!??


While that was happening, Kuu’s 【Bubble Shower】 went straight towards the White Slime and it immediately annihilated it.


「everyone! 【Appraisal】 has shown! This Slime has 【Physical Attack Nullifier】!」


「What!? No wonder.」


Right, that was the reason why Aisha’s arrow broke, and Sylphy’s attack did not land.

Kuu’s 【Bubble Shower】 is a Water attribute magic skill.

Since it’s not a physical attack, once it hits the White Slime, it defeats it.


…..However, this this number behind the skill…..The proficiency? No, my other skill doesn’t display this, so it’s probably not proficiency.


While I was thinking about it, the other White Slime was defeated by Kuu’s 【Bubble Shower】.


Aah, damnit!? I didn’t 【Cut】 it….

….No wait, it’s my fault to begin with. It’s my fault that I didn’t 【Cut】 it immediately.


However, what does that number mean….I’m curious about it.




Name: Myne・Fortuna

LV: 63

Race: Hume

Gender: Male

Age: 15 years old

Occupation: Hunter



Appraisal・Total LV4 (1/600) LevelUp!

Author’s Note:

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Finally the start of a battle!

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