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TLN Note: Don’t you love it when once you’re done with assignments, you just get sick as an extra bonus for your hardwork….


I then let the waitress out of my pocket.


[Please be careful. It’s better if you come out starting from your legs first.] (Ryouta)

[I’m alright, just a little more——Hyaa!]


Half her body was out without trouble, but as she was trying to get her legs out of my pocket, it caught hold of the edge of my pocket which made her lose her balance.

Losing her balance, she quickly placed her feet on the ground—–


[What’s this, a new underwear?]


Nicholas who was beside us asked.


[You, do you know that old underwears are the best. It feels better if you let the underwear take its time to mature into you. Plus newly bought underwears—–] (Nicholas)


The waitress who caught my pockets, pulled my pants along.

Ignoring Nicholas who was ranting about his opinion about underwears, I hurriedly pulled my pants back up.


[I, I’m so sorry! I’m being so rude.]

[No no, please don’t mind it.] (Ryouta)

[I’m seriously sorry!]




This is awkward.

Even though we both knew it was an accident, but having my pants pulled down and seeing my underwear (being seen) was what makes it awkward.

While either side was being silent, it was Nicholas who did not read the mood that decided to break it.


[Even though I used it perfectly. Hehe, you had me.] (Nicholas)


With that one sentence, he brought us back.


[Being used. Does the other party know about this?] (Ryouta)

[Yeah, it’s the same guy who asked me to kill ya.] (Nicholas)

[How did you know.] (Ryouta)

[I made a trap that uses the same model as your weapon. He said that he was being aimed before, I heard that he had some quarrels with ya?] (Nicholas)


By him……you mean that Linus.


[It’s not at a quarrel level.] (Ryouta)

[Maybe. Cause you only had one when you’re inside the dungeon.] (Nicholas)

[I was troubled by it, so I wanted to be prepared.] (Ryouta)

[So this incident itself was maybe to surprise attack you?] (Nicholas)

[Eh? Ah I see. That may be the case too.] (Ryouta)


Well I was famous in meddling into trouble. And even though I did not want it to happen, this Cell who admired me……even making a bronze statue out of me, just increases my fame.


Giving me trouble after I got out of Shikuro.

I mean it’s not strange for him to aim at me immediately.

Even though it wasn’t strange but….I looked at the waitress.


I don’t mind about Nicholas, as it’s a [request].

Being an outlaw and assassinating is his job, so it’s obvious for Nicholas that he would be more than happy to do it.

But the waitress is a different case, it’s different when it involves someone unrelated.

I’m angry. No, I’m extremely pissed.


[So how right now? You gonna kill me?] (Nicholas)

[…….No.] (Ryouta)

[What the hell, you’re so kind huh. If it was me, I would’ve killed in an instant.] (Nicholas)

[More importantly….] (Ryouta)


I thought for a moment.


I’m…..untouchable. That’s what people calls me.

If something happens within the reach of my eyes, I’ll make their situation worse……which hence why people started calling me that.


I want to do that too this time around.

Normally that has been the case, but this time I want to actually aim for it.

Intentionally aiming for it, how to make the situation for Linus worse.


I thought about various things.

Involving the entirety of the city——Ceasing everything after I come to Samechiren, I thought of how to do that.


[About Cobalt.] (Ryouta)

[Huuuuuh?] (Nicholas)

[Is that dungeon profitable? Drop wise.] (Ryouta)

[Uhh, I have no idea, didn’t I already say I don’t go to dungeons—-] (Nicholas)

[It’s definitely a profitable dungeon.]


Instead of Nicholas, the waitress answered.


[There are a few floors that drops copper, some of our regulars have mentioned that that’s what they use to make houses.]

[Copper huh…..I see.] (Ryouta)


It is 30 times pricier than iron.

In a game, it was mostly iron equipments that were expensive, but material wise coppers are much more expensive.


And, only Cobalt drops that.


[…..Alright, I’ve decided.] (Ryouta)

[What are you gonna do?] (Nicholas)


I turned to Nicholas and smiled.


[I’m gonna stay overnight inside the dungeon for awhile.] (Ryouta)

[Wha?] (Nicholas)




The next day, I went inside the first floor of Cobalt Dungeon.


God is on my side today, as this morning a huge Magical Storm hit here.

There were already way less adventurers yesterday when I came here, but today it was lesser than before.


I took out my revolver.

Before I went into the dungeon, I asked Cell to deliver a Tuna to me which allowed me to get my second revolver back.

I shot the Zombie Demons with my dual revolvers.


Without thinking much, I went around defeating many.

Many iron bars dropped on the ground…..but I didn’t pick them up.


I left them all on the ground.

Leaving Iron Bars all over the dungeon.

It’s not a crime to leave the floors drop on the ground, and no one’s complaining.

Plus if you leave the drops there, more monsters would spawn, and the amount of monsters would increase.


The left Iron Bars hatched into new Zombie Demons, and also the normally spawned Zombie Demons was out too.


I defeated all of them, and after defeating them, I left the Iron Bars as is again.

Repeatedly doing that multiple times—–


The monsters increased, they’ve increased in an incredible amount.


And the ones in trouble on the increase of monsters are the adventurers.

Those adventurers who want to traverse down to the lower floors, would have trouble going down with this much monsters roaming on the first floor.


Nonetheless, I continued increasing the monsters.

Destroying, leaving them, and increasing them.


When noon came about, saying that the floor was like a Monster House would be a better description for it, the first floor of Cobalt has become as such.


With that I stopped defeating them.

Sitting at the entrance where it was visible, I equipped the Tears of Slime.


An item that reflects monster’s attack.

I got this when my HP and Endurance was at S, and using that I sleep inside the dungeon whilst the monster would reflect its own damage and kill itself.


Now that my HP and Endurance has reached SS.

The small fries monsters would literally have no effect against me, and the reflecting damage would also increase.


Anyways, I equipped the Tears of Slime and sat there.


I didn’t do anything.

The Zombie Demon attacked me, but it suddenly fell on the ground and died.


As it might be annoying, I occasionally throw the Iron bars far away, when lead them to spawn more again.


Halfway I did not even need to do that.


It was because the Zombie Demons pushed the Iron Bars by themselves in the process of attacking me.


I then relaxed inside the dungeon.


And with the same pattern, the Zombie Demon endlessly increased in numbers.


In the evening, those adventurers who wanted to get into the next floor, couldn’t even enter the dungeon at all.

The first floor is covered with monsters.

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