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「Well then, I’ll be going now.」


We are currently at the royal palace, visiting King-sama to inform him about the request that he gave which is to explore the newly born dungeon. It’s a must to tell the person who requested the task for us before leaving, and plus heading to the royal palace is easy right now, which is by heading there using the <Unique Magic • Spacetime>.


「Alright, be careful while you’re out there. Even if it’s you guys, if you were to be careless at any moment, then you might get injured. Sometimes it’s better to be careful.」


「Yes, I won’t force myself and be cautious during the exploration.」


After reporting to King-sama, we rode the carriage provided by the Konoe Knights and away to the new Dungeon we go!


「……And so,  I’ve went and said it!…..Are you even listening Syphid-sama!」


During the ride inside the carriage, the one making a big fuss to Sylphy was one of the Konoe Knights, the newly appointed Carl-san. He is assigned to party with us up until arriving at the new Dungeon.


It seems like Carl-san has liked Sylphy for the longest time, and even after Sylphy has married off to me, his feelings have not change the slightest. Then again, the conversation seems to be just “wanting to talk” to the person you’re interested with.


And even for the person which is Sylphy, she was showing some rather awkward expressions.

Though there is no hard feelings, but it’s not like she’s any more interested in the matter as well.

5 to 10 minutes have passed, no even after half a day of travelling. Even she must’ve been tired from listening too much.


「……Hey, Carl. I’m sorry but I want to rest for a little while more. Can you please be quiet until we arrived at our destination?」


Ahh, so she’s reached her limit. It was rare of Sylphy to be straightforward with how she talked……


「Ah? I, I’m terribly sorry. It’s been awhile since I was this happy in talking about things, that I’ve forgotten all about it!

That’s true, after you reached the dungeon, you must be ready to engage in battles. So it’s natural that you must stay sharp when arriving there!」


After Sylphy said that, Carl-san answered in an energetic voice but clearly you could see that he’s not gonna lose his energy anytime soon.

Hmm, should I go over and give him a warning?


「Carl-san, you know that Sylphy is already my wife. I won’t say you can’t talk to her, but to keep talking without even resting, to be honest it doesn’t feel good. So I appreciate if you could refrain from talking so much…..」


On behalf of Sylphy, I heed him ahead of time, and he became more sulked the more he hears. I just can’t imagine his dignified figure at that time when we were having a mock battle…..

I kinda killed the mood a little, but it can’t be helped….With all this.

…..I have not been annoyed with romance before, but this is quite a difficult subject to touch upon.


「No, it’s my fault too. I do admit that I went overboard. Please excuse me.」


Seems like he got my message. Being a newbie of the Konoe Knights, he rather serious with himself too…..Thus, I can’t seem to hate him…..


Even Sylphy who saw Carl-san reflecting upon himself, had a look of relieved.


Though it was nice that Carl-san had finally stopped talking, but before we arrived at our destination, the inside of the carriage was awkward the entire ride.


…..No wait, I’m sorry, only we were the one’s feeling awkward. Waffle and Kuu were going about with their own pace throughout the journey.

When I asked later about it, they were like 『It has nothing to do with us, Wafu!』.


So, after a seemingly ‘long’ journey of sitting inside the carriage, we’ve finally arrived at the new dungeon. We left first thing in the morning from the royal palace, and right now it’s still before lunch.


After Carl-san showed a reluctant line of sight to us, he finally turned back and went back to the royal palace with the carriage.

While seeing him off, we were staring at a towering ‘gate’ right in front of us.


「So this is…..the newly born dungeon huh.」


The only dungeons that I’ve been too were the “Dungeon of Power” and the “Dungeon of the World Tree”. During my time on those two dungeons, I could feel this weird sensation of mana/magic whenever I stood in front of the entrance.

……However, this dungeon doesn’t have that feeling whatsoever.

Maybe it’s because it’s a recently born dungeon that’s why.

…..Surprisingly, without this weird feeling, I do not feel any ominous feeling coming from the dungeon.


「Myne-kun, before we go in, there’s one thing I would like you to be cautioned about. It is true that a newly spawned Dungeon would overwhelmingly be easier than the other dungeons, but that’s because there are less floors compared to the rest of the dungeons. However, the monsters/demons inside the dungeon might not be weak.」


After Aisha warned me, in my mind I was like 「I see」. Maybe, there might be an S Class Boss right from the first floor…..No wait, maybe even a Disaster Class monster might appear too. It’s true that if we are careless, we might be defeated right from the get go.


After hearing from Aisha, this time it was Sylphy who started talking with a serious expression.


「……It isn’t just that, it’s just that there is this case that happened in the past…..」


Hm? Sylphy’s enunciation is kinda weird. Usually she would be like ‘supaa~’ and just says it all out…..

Ehh, even Aisha was like huh? With that expression….What is happening.


「What’s wrong? It’s rare of you to stammer while you speak?」


「Aah, I’m sorry. About the dungeon, and how it was spawn…..Does Danna-sama know anything about the reason?」


Why does a dungeon spawn?…..Previously, Aisha has taught me about this! Let me remember back…..If I’m not mistaken, huge mana would sip through ruins or caves, and if you set a huge mana stone which they call it the core, the mana stone would collect the mana from its surroundings and that changes the environment which then the demon race would be born…..then that leads to the creation of a Dungeon.


「Right, something like that. Now, try imagining what it means by that?」



What is it……Sylphy being so scrupulous with this, there must be a meaning to it.


……Aah!! Eeeh! ? Don’t tell me! ?


「Sylphy! Don’t tell me it’s!?」

「Hime-sama! Is it that! ! ?」


Both me and Aisha’s expression changed, and Sylphy finally answered.


「…….Since this Dungeon had just spawned recently, there might be a possibility that there isn’t any Devils inside at this moment.」


I was right!…..If we think about it, that is the case.

In my mind, that person’s face floated around……It was the guy that I saw back when I was sitting on Jormungandr’s back! Remembering that cold-hearted smile, it unconsciously made my body shiver.


I’m sure he knew about my existence. Even when I was flying at high speed on Jormungandr-sama’s back.


「Because of that, please be extra careful when moving forward.」

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