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After some weird interruptions, the ceremony of the Clan House has safely ended, and the area around the house has quiet down. Well, the building is originally built in a place outside of the town.

If there wasn’t any ceremony like just now, this place would be deserted.


[…….Phew, it has finally quiet down.]


Looking at the surrounding area of the house, such words were unconsciously let out from my mouth.


I thought that if I have to do something out of my expectation, it’s alright to just be myself…..

But actually experiencing it first hand, I was physically and mentally worned out from it.


However, I did not say that I was tired. Since the Clan’s activities begin in full swing starting tomorrow, I’ll have to make arrangements for the activities tomorrow, so it’s necessary to have a meeting on the management of the Clan House. What’s more, starting today, Amy-san and Melissa-san would be staying inside the Clan House.


Oh right, before that I should lightly introduce the inside of the Clan House.


There are three floors to this Clan House. Previously, the first planning phase was to have 2 floors only, but because we had to take care of Amy-san the elf, we hurriedly decided to add another floor for her to stay in.


Fortunately, when we were talking about adding another floor, the leveling wasn’t done yet, and the foundation work hasn’t been completed yet. Thanks to that, I was honestly grateful that we could change the plans smoothly.


If at that time the foundation has been done, I’m certain that the ceremony that was held today would be pushed further behind by schedule.


To be honest, I felt bad for burdening everybody who worked on the construction due to the increase of another floor. To Master and the people who worked hard on constructing the building, I’m truly grateful from the bottom of my heart! Thank you very much!


Including the Magic Architects who were sent by the Royal Family, I should find a time to treat them as well.

I’m sure Master would love some good sake? When he helped build the bathroom for me, he was delighted by the sake.

…..Well, why not discuss with everyone this time?


Anyways, as for the first floor… can be said to be the heart of the Clan House? There are three counters to accept requests. Also, we have 3 conference rooms for our clients to be inside and discuss about their case. Along with that, 2 standby rooms for the Konoe Knights were prepared as well.


Other than that, there’s a rather large canteen inside as well.

There aren’t anyone using it at the present moment, but my plan was that if there is a request coming from the Royal Family or the nobles, then this would become a space that they can easily come and eat.


Moving on, the second floor is for the noble Fortuna Family’s office and reception room, standby rooms are also prepared for visitors to wait inside. Even though I’ve said it many times that we don’t need it, but Sylphy and Aisha both convinced me to have my own room.

They said that if we don’t even have a room for the owner, then the other Clans would make fun of us.


Thus, we head on to the third floor, which is the Clan’s official dormitory floor. It’s where Amy-san and Melissa-san spent their days inside.

In a sense, this floor has some of the best facilities set up inside this Clan House……That’s right, there’s a huge bathroom on this floor. The scale of it is about 10 times bigger than our home’s bathroom, and it is equipped with the mechanism that keeps the temperature consistent which was the idea of Waffle.


Moreover, this time the bath was designed considering Waffle’s system from the get go.

With Waffle’s system, it’s necessary to drain the water, but we succeeded in maintaining a large amount of water by vaporizing the wastewater which passes through a cylindrical hose to which a large amount of <Constant:Heat> is pasted there.


By the way, the household of Captain Franz and Gantz-san is placed really close to the Clan House as it was built by the Royal Family, so they could live there without using the dormitory.


However, once the existence of the bathroom was mentioned, the two of them decided to come and make use of the facility inside the Clan House with their family. Oh, not to mention, the Iczer siblings are currently lending Captain Franz’s second floor to stay in.


[Alright, it’s finally the time for our Clan to start our first activity.]


Sylphy looked at all the members gathered inside the conference room, and started talking.


Well, the Clan was originally Sylphy’s idea. So she offered to be the facilitator.


[First, this is something that has to be decided…..]


After saying that, she looked at Aisha for a second before checking on the reception work.


As mentioned, there are 3 reception decks prepared.


Up until today, similar to other Clans, there should almost be no requests from the general public, so honestly speaking, having 1 receptionist would be fine.


However, because we have a close relationship with the Royal Family, that puts us under a possibility of having a higher-ranking person coming here for a request, so that’s why we prepared a special desk just for them.


Plus, if this is similar to how an adventurer guild operates, then the reception desk would be twice from what we have……


So the breakdown of the 3 reception desk is something along this lines.


The first, which is also the main reception desk, would be assigned by the Iczer siblings.


They are perfect for that job, and they have a sense of cleanliness when looked. So there is no need to worry about cultural aspects as they are former nobles.

So they are exactly the right people for this reception.


Next, the clients would come to this reception if the main reception is busy. Basically, this second reception desk is run by one of the other siblings to operate only when the main reception is full.


Finally, the last reception will be operated by both Amy-san and Aisha.

This reception is somewhat special, as only special requests would be brought to this place..

Therefore, there is no reception counter here. Instead, we prepared a dedicated room to be used there. This could let Amy-san be avoided from the eyes of others as much as possible, and the secrets of the clients would be protected as well. By the way, Aisha would be in charge of this third reception whenever she’s free.

As Aisha was originally the receptionist for the Adventurer’s Guild. So she herself raised her hands and said that she would come and help. Since Amy-san would be unfamiliar at the start, so maybe she could learn a lot from Aisha?


[……Alright, so that does it with the reception work, so about what we should do for tomorrow, Danna-sama would continue from here.]


Sylphy passed the (imaginary)mic to me as I stood up and explained the schedule.


[Ehmm…..First of all, since there is already a request form the Royal Family, we should start from that first.]


There was one request Sylphy had received from King-sama before the Clan House was formed.


It seems that a dungeon has appeared out of nowhere at the west side of the capital(East if it’s from Lucas), which takes about a day to travel by carriage. As it seems that the newer the dungeon is, the less the floors would be generated in the dungeon, so it is easier to conquer the dungeon.

There was an option to use the dungeon to increase prosperity to the kingdom similar to the Dungeon of Strength, but because the dungeon this time is too close to the capital. If something were to happen then it’ll cause a huge problem. Therefore, King-sama took the safer option of conquering and defeating the dungeon.


In other words, the first request our Clan received is to conquer this Dungeon.


And with that, we finally began the request of conquering a dungeon.

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