Cut&Paste: Chapter 156 – However there’s Karma

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「I’m so sorry, but I have nothing else to talk with y’all. So please go back right this instance.

If you still do not want to leave, it’ll be most unfortunate but I’ll have to use force to make you guys leave if that’s the case.」


Standing up, I faced towards Tales and warned him, then, his former smile disappeared, and answered me with a serious expression.


「Hou, do you not understand? If ya harm me in any way, it’ll be a problem between Clans though? And what’s with you? A grown up brat trying to act all bossy around me? Just silently hand those two demons to us, that’ll be fine.」


「As I said, are you just stupid? Didn’t I already say there’s nothing to talk about with us anymore? I wonder who’s the brat who doesn’t understand the other person’s words? Hahaha.」


When I heard what I just said in my mind, it made even me surprised that I could answer in such tone and sentence.


『…..Myne, be careful……you can’t really see it, but near him, there’s a huge mass of magic, floating around.』


Waffle was staring on top of Tale’s head, while talking to me telepathically. Kuu also realized that(…) is there, as she took a battle stance.


「Hou, quite an excellent wolf there…..Hmm, even that pink thing noticed it too. I’m getting even more intrigued.」


With Waffle and Kuu’s reactions, and Sylphy who noticed Tale’s reaction, she came near me and whispered.


「Danna-sama, please be careful. What Waffle and Kuu saw… probably one of their many tamed demons…..a “Dark Spirit”. Tch, can’t believe he brought over some troublesome thing over.」


Wh, what did she say!? Taming a spirit!? By spirit, it’s not as strong as a Divine Beast, but it’s still an extremely rare existence though? How did he even tame such a rare being!


In the first place, spirits are supposed to be a race where God gave the role of supplying Mana to this world.

Compared to a Divine Beast, although it falls behind to that of a Divine Beast, but there’s no doubt that it’s a race relative to God.


Normally we can’t see them at all, as is the same with both Divine Beasts and Spirits.

However, there are only 10 Divine Beasts left in this world, and there are a mountain of Spirits still existing.

It takes a whole different meaning when saying that the both of them “can’t usually be seen by others”.


Divine Beast’s themselves 「don’t want to be seen」 by others. Except for my case, human beings usually won’t meet them. Then compared to spirits, they can’t be seen, but if you look around they definitely exist. That’s obvious, as their job is to bring around Mana to this world, so it’s not impossible that they are around us right now. Then, why is it that we can’t see them? Originally, it is said that races that have low mana in them 「wouldn’t be able to see them」. Taking the Hume race as an example, the hume race originally have a very low mana to begin with. Therefore, for those who could see them, are only a handful of people.


Then again, for Sylphy to say that if this Spirit becomes our enemy, it’ll be troublesome to deal with. By troublesome, I wouldn’t know either. All I know is that their bodies are made of dense mass of Mana.

Which basically means physical attacks won’t work on them.


…..In the first place, to think that the existence of spirit could be hostile to a person, it should not be possible so as long you don’t do anything wrong. It seems that this time it seems to be applicable….


『Wafu…..I, would not fight with the Spirit……』

『Kyuu~, me too~』


After Waffle and Kuu heard about the spirit, they looked confused.

Originally, Divine Beasts and Spirits are God’s will, so for the peace of the world, they usually work together which makes them sort of like friends.

To have it come to this, I could understand why they would feel confused when they have become enemies.


「…..It cannot be helped, however I could not overlook your tyranny for today. So if you want to be caught by Father and to be handed over to, don’t be afraid to have your Clan be disassembled….Tales.」


Sylphy stood up too, and went to my side. Then unsheathed Linus・Sword.

Then, as if the joking attitude of Tales so far was a lie, his expression suddenly turned serious, as he reluctantly listened.


「…….Can’t be help, your time will…..well, that’s fine. Oi, you call yourself Myne or something? I’ll pull back for today. However, I’ll definitely have those two in my hands, heed my words.」


As expected, once the former Princess said to dissolve the Clan, he immediately pulled back.

After spouting words to me, Tales and Chunsuke’s Master? walked out of the Clan House.


However, what the heck was he thinking? Shouldn’t he know that the Royal Family has connections with this Clan…..


After the figures of Tales and co couldn’t be seen, the air around the Clan House has finally returned to being calm.


「…..Fuu, he’s gone. If it broke into a fight, then it’s going to be hectic.」


Sylphy sheathed her Linus・Sword back, and Captain Franz even nodded in approval.


「Yes, the tamed spirit that he has is a Dark Spirit. There’s the problem of physical attack not working, but the most problematic being able to affect the mental states of humans.」


Affect the mental state? What kind of power would that be. What’s more, I couldn’t even see the appearance of the Spirit? Let’s ask about that.


「By “affecting the mental state”, what does that do in particular?…..Plus we weren’t able to see the Spirit at all?」


As I asked, Aisha was the one who answered.


「When the Spirit is in combat mode, you would be able to see it. However, I do not know the exact reason why…..」


I see, but it would be advantageous if it can’t be seen at all, why would it want to purposely show its appearance though.

Then, Captain Franz was the one who answered.


「Let’s see, in simple terms, it’s something like a weaker version of a slave collar. It’s not continuous, but if it targets someone’s mind, to some extent it could control that person’s will.」


「To some extent?」


「Yes, for example killing or who to kill, it could threaten the life of that subject, however it seems to be impossible to take actions contradictory to the subject.」


Fumu, so to some extent it’s alright to command to 「move over there」 or 「give that to me」?

It might be possible, that perhaps he could use the Spirit’s ability to order me to give up on Waffle and Kuu.


…..It is necessary to take measures against this.


「Right now, let me file a protest as a Clan member to Father.

If he does use these kinds of underhanded methods to win over something, then it is possible that his Clan would be disbanded.」




「Tch, that was poorly handled…..There’s that Franz bastard there too.」


「Tales-san, is there something wrong with that Franz?」


Asking me about it, was the new guy named Kappore as he’d only recently joined under 「The Demon of the Tamers Ring」.


「That bastard, has been an eye sore to me in the past…..Until one day I was involved with him.」


Yes, that guy is just a pile of justice walking around.

Having the complete opposite ideology against me, for him to have that position, everytime I would do something, he would be sent as an inspector from the kingdom to interrupt me.


Such a f**ing guy to be the head of the Konoe Knights, but to be transferred to such a rural area.


It was really good news after a long absence, as soon as I heard that news, my heart beated quickly.


That Franz bastard……that f**king bastard is out to get back at me again.


It’s no use if our ideas intertwined.


….However, this time it was bad.


I was thankful of Sylphid to intervene before I could do something……That straight-laced Sylphid, it would be bad if I get a blame from the Royal Family. It seems that it was necessary to think about some underhand technique.

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Highest Patreon Supporter: RegisRagnarok!!!

Also thank you to Kiet Nguyen, Vincent A Beard, and Mcgwier Colleen!


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        Personally, I’d add that I managed to protect her child despite his attempts and that he wanted Cetus’s child as well. Lastly, I’d also add that the idiot was likely to try something despicable in order to get his way unless he was dealt with swiftly.

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