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TLN Note: People asking about who I hate in the first few chapters before? Well, today you’ll meet that person.

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「I apologize but, there aren’t any clan activities for the day.」


One of the Konoe Knights, Melissa-san spoke to the guys that came in.


『『Wafu!(KyuKyu!) It’s them!』』


Hmm? Do they know them?? I don’t remember seeing them before, unless they met them during the trip to the forest.


Most of the time, Waffle and Kuu would either be with me or with my family members, so if they recognized someone that I have not met before, with this kind of timing, it must be during that time.


『Do the both of you know them?』


『The first guy who came in, we do not know him—–』

『But the other guy who came in, is Chunsuke’s master, Kyu.』


Chunsuke? Master? What in heaven’s name are they even talking about…..

Even so, why are they here? I’m sure that only the guests can come into the Clan House.


「I’m sorry eh, we have business with this Clan…..pardon us.」


Ignoring Melissa-san’s words, the guys just walked towards where we were sitting.

…..Melissa-san can’t strongly impose on them as they might be guests. Especially when we do not know the identities of the other party, it’s best not to pursue them with strength for now.





Sylphy and Aisha unexpectedly let out their voices as they saw the guys faces. Hm? Do they know these two guys as well?…..However, it wasn’t my two wives that explained their identities, but Captain Franz that said it.


「Oh, what’s the matter? Tales-dono of the Clan: Demons of the Tamers Ring, what brings you here today?」


……「Demon of the Tamers Ring」 Aah, I see now. Among the top three Clans, they are famous, but in a different way.

Apparently they have tamed all kinds of rare monsters, and are collecting them?


It is true that 3 of the major Clans’ representatives are invited.


Clan: Alchemist Library, Prince Lewis. 「Clan: Soaring Dust」, Cashew-san.

And finally, the Demon of the Tamers Ring’s representative is this guy huh…..For some reason, he seemed to be the sort of guy I’m bad at dealing with…..


「Hou, if it isn’t the First Order Captain Franz, I see you have your misfortunes? To be degraded by the Royal Palace and living in such a broke ass village.」


The guy who’s called Tales, has been yapping away and making fun of Captain Franz for awhile now. Then, Captain Franz who was hearing his yapping slightly twitched his right eyebrow.


「I see you have not change much…..So, are you not gonna answer my question?」


……Aah, he’s definitely angry…..a pissed off Captain Franz…..Normally, someone as calm and collected as him, when they become angry, it’ll be really scary…..I wonder how could this guy spout such nonsense to Captain Franz, and it’s not like he’s been downgraded. He has been tasked by King-sama himself on an extremely important mission to escort and protect the Elf, Amy-san. If he doesn’t have a deep trust with King-sama, I’m sure he’ll never accept such a job to begin with.


From the outsiders standpoint, it might seem that way. But if you calm down and think about it for a second, you would know that that isn’t the case. For the King-to-be Brother-san and his brother, Prince Lewis to purposely make time and come to greet us in such a place. Obviously it’s not something as simple as being downgraded. For someone who can’t even see something as simple as this, hmm maybe he’s trying to provoke him…..


What’s more…..If I’m not mistaken…..From the capitals point of view, the village of Lucas does describe itself as a suburban area. So I can’t deny that.

However, I have confidence in myself. I will never allow anyone to degrade this village or have anyone call it one.


The village people are overflowing with kindness, and it is a fabulous village! Plus, Father…..and Mother risked their lives to protect this village, which allowed me to be raised here safely. He wasn’t just making fun of Captain Franz, but the village itself. I will absolutely not forgive this guy, and I think I will never be able to get along with him.


「Hehehe, ya don’t have to be so angry. Ya know, ain’t it great, to be transferred and all. It ain’t like you’re fired or anything? Or maybe? You want us to hire ya or something? Well, you don’t even have the tame skill, so all ya can do is make tea for us or something, uhyahyayhahya.」


…..How rude can this bastard be. How can such a person be the representative of a Clan?

If I’m not mistaken, the country would judge whether a person is suited to be positioned as a Clan leader.


「Coming over to someone else’s Clan, and saying whatever you want? I’ve never seen you for awhile, and you’ve got yourself in a fairly high position….Tales…..what are you here for?」


Sylphy then cut off the rude behaviour of Tales.

Without showing her killing intent, she talked to Tales.


「Ooh! If it isn’t the beautiful Sylphid-sama! I’ve heard about it! That you have been married…..While I’m still here, how could you! No wait, I understand! Yes, I completely understand!! Someone must’ve grabbed hold of your weakness right! It’s alright now! I’m here for you!」


……What the f-hell. This bastard…..can’t even establish a conversation with him, just blabbering away nonstop.

And what did he say! He wants to say something about our marriage.

…..This guy doesn’t even want to answer Captain Franz’s nor Sylphy’s question whatsoever, just saying whatever he wants. Seriously, what does this bastard even want?


「Even if you don’t answer my question, don’t you need to answer Syphid-sama’s question? If you remain as such any further, do not blame me for treating you as a suspicious person.」


While holding onto the sword on his waist, Captain Franz warned Tales.

However, even with the warning, Tales kept his cool and even laughed.


「……Tales-san, it’s them. The wolf and the one in pink that is floating around.」


The other visitor (The one where Kuu called him “Chunsuke’s Master”) was pointing at Waffle and Kuu while whispering to Tales.

After that, a disgustingly hated smile float on his face, as his eyes looked towards Waffle and Kuu’s direction.


「Ou, I see that your Clan has some rather rare tamed monsters huh? We, the Demons of the Tamer Ring will buy them at a high price, rejoice now.」


…..Now I get it, their goal was Waffle and Kuu huh. Their Clan’s main objective is collecting rare monsters to begin with. And they do not know that Waffle and Kuu are both Divine Beasts…..


「What kind of nonsense are you even saying? Aren’t you guys all “stupid” or something?」


As expected, I butted in. Wanting to buy my precious family with cash? Go to hell!


「Huuh?…..Ooh? So you’re that bastard Myne that’s running the show huh.」


……Well, seems like I was caught in some rather troublesome situation again.

Author’s Note:

Thanks for reading!


TLN Note:

If there’s a person I have not yet hate in this series, it’s definitely gonna be this Clan and their people. Gosh I wish I can strangle them right now. Sorry if I have to use some stronger language, can’t help it :3

TLN Note:

If there’s a person I have not yet hate in this series, it’s definitely gonna be this Clan and their people. Gosh I wish I can strangle them right now. Sorry if I have to use some stronger language, can’t help it :3 

P.S: See even I commented on it after translating this chapter.

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