Level 1 Guy: Chapter 175 – Pocket Money

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Inside the trading shop <Singing Lovebirds>, I was waiting for my items to be assessed.

Since I’m here, I might as well take a look around the shop.


There were various bunches of adventurers here in the shop, but everyone of them were carrying masses of metals around.

They were in different tint and gloss, and even different sizes.


And were all being pushed by Magic Carts.

It’s the same with Shikuro but somehow it’s slightly different, so it was somewhat refreshing to see.


[St, stop it!]

[Hm?] (Ryouta)


Suddenly, a voice belonging to a guy shouted, so I looked towards where the voice came from.

Seems like there was an adventurer that just brought back a bunch of minerals to be sold, but was surrounded by what seems to be three bad guys.

Two of them were beside the adventurer, and the one in the middle was taking the gold from the adventurer’s hands.


What’s happening? I wonder as I look closer at it.


[Hi~fu~mi~……Seems like you work extra hard eh, I congratulate for your full payment.]


Seems like some debt collectors.

The debt collector took almost 10 thousand Piros from him, and gave the remaining changes back to the adventurer.

Seeing the distort, a sarcastic expression formed from the corner of his mouth.


[Thanks for the full payment, I’ll await for your company again.]

[ [We’ll meet again.] ]

[Wa, wait a second. If you take everything away——]

[So you can’t drink any beers at night, ‘s that what you’re trying to say?]



The adventurer was stuck for words.

Seems like this guy’s a drunkard, borrowing money from those debt collectors.


The adventurer was desperately pleading, but the debt collectors were only smiling while ignoring him.

Seems like he’s about to pay his next debt.


[Please borrow me some! 10 thousand……20 thousand, no 30 thousand Piros!]

[Well then, please sign here.]


Are you so desperate in wanting to drink? Even though this adventurer just paid off his loan, he wants to borrow more from them again.

I’ve seen these kinds of people in mangas only — can’t believe I’m actually seeing it in real life.


[Sorry for the wait.]


After that, the person in charge of the items came back.


[Aah.] (Ryouta)

[I have calculated everything, and the total came up to be 1198 Jin.]


It was the iron bars that I took out to sell.

And the word “Jin” that he said, is roughly the same as 1 kilogram.


[The market price for 1 Jin is approximately 19 Piros, so the total would be 22,762 Piro.]

[It’s that cheap huh.] (Ryouta)

[Well, iron is cheap.]

[So that’s how it is.] (Ryouta)

[Yes. Iron is the same as Cobalt. If you can afford to dive deeper into the dungeon, you can find copper or Aluminium which sells for a higher price. But it depends on what you want.]

[If it’s those, how much would you buy it for?] (Ryouta)

[For copper, the market price right now is 800 Piros per Jin.]


For comparison, I was told a rather rough figure.

Even though it’s a rough estimate, the difference is clearly there.


However…… iron sure is cheap huh.

If I’m not mistaken, Gold is roughly around 4000.

If compared to iron, it’s seriously lesser.


Well, whatever.

It’s fine as it is, so I received the cash of 22000 Piro as a means to drink.




After leaving the trading shop, I walked around the streets of Samechiren that was already night time.

Inside my pocket right now is today’s earnings of 22000 Piro.

It’s lesser than normal, but it’s enough for dinner and a place to stay.


Now that I think apbout it, the money that I usually earn would be written into my passbook which is inside a bank, so maybe I should put some cash inside the Grand Eater’s Pocket.


I think a hundred million Piros is roughly 10 Kilograms.

The notes that the monsters drop are roughly the same length and weight as Japan’s Yen.


If I could put in so much tonnes of Iron inside my pocket, I’m sure I could put in my entire savings inside as well.


Having my entire savings inside my pocket.


[It reminds me of when I was young.]


It wasn’t cash, but the medal games’ medal that I put inside my pocket in bulks, or when I shopped with a 500 yen coin and the number of change I received makes me feel like I’m rich.

I remember that I wished for a magic item that you can freely put in and take out coins, if I were to use that and endlessly placed coins in it, I would be rich! Was what I imagined before.


[…..I was quite a Zeni Geba when I was a child huh?] (Ryouta) (TLN Note: zeni geba just means someone who would do anything for money)


Somehow remembering such things, my memories of making money came out one after another.


Then, I found a store that can save money.

Going inside, I showed my passbook and identification card using magic and withdraw 10 Million Piro.

10 Million Piros, it was the same weight as 1 Iron Bar which weighs 1 Kilogram.

Placing it inside my pocket, as I expected, I felt nothing.

A 19 Piro worth of Iron Bars and 10 Million Piros of bank note.

Both having the same weight, and both was inside my pocket made it interesting.


Again I was walking around the streets, and stopped at a busy bar.

It felt lively, so I glanced through the prices from the menu. And the prices for the beers were quite reasonable, plus with the 22000 Piro that I earned today, I could afford to eat and drink in this bar till I was full.


Such a bar might calm me down, and I went inside without thinking too much.


[Welcome, are you by yourself?]

[Yeah.] (Ryouta)

[If that’s the case, please sit right there.]


The waitress leads me over to a seat.


[What would you like to order?]

[I would like some popular meat dishes, and also some sake. A sake that goes well with a lot of dishes.] (Ryouta)

[Alright, I have taken your order.]


After the waitress took my order, she went away and I looked around the bar.

Judging by the atmosphere, everyone here are all adventurers.


After being in this world for quite some time, it was easy to spot who’s an adventurer.

It was a kinda useless skill to be honest.

I wonder if I can hear some news about Samechiren? As I tried listening to the conversations around me.


[Isaac’s coming back tomorrow, so I’m gonna discuss with him. How bout you?]

[Isaac… You mean the guy from Aurum?]

[Yeah, apparently he went there to earn some cash. If it seems good I might head there as well.]

[I’ll pass, I’m already familiar with the floor for Aluminiums. I don’t wanna waste my efforts again.]


I heard a familiar word and a familiar name, so I sort of chuckled.

The adventurers here really care about their safety first.


[Please stop it!]


Someone suddenly shouted inside the busy shop.

Everyone turned to stare at what was happening.


[Isn’t that…..the debt collectors.] (Ryouta)


Plus it was the waitress that served me.

The 3 debt collectors had the same formation as earlier as they surrounded the waitress.


[Hey Onee-chan, don’t play around with me and return our money right now.]

[I’ll definitely pay the money back, so please give me a little——]

[A little more time? Don’t screw around with me!]


The guy in the middle was pissed, and the guys beside kicked the table at the same time, showing intimidation.

The waitress jumped in shock.


[I’m so sorry! Just a little….please just give me a little more time!]

[Then you better pay the interest.]

[Tomorrow, I’ll get my salary tomorrow. So please wait until tomorrow for the payment.]


The waitress was desperately pleading, and the guys were inching closer.

Is that something normal, or it’s just that nobody wants to get involved with it.

Half of the customers nearby all looked away as if saying, “Ain’t my business”.


[How about this, Onee-chan. I’ll wait for you if you’ll be my partner for one night. How bout it?]


After saying that, the guys all smiled cynically.

The smile had perverted feelings attached to it, which was the lowest of the low.




The waitress did not say anything, but she was holding onto her skirt tightly.

She was also biting her lower lips, to the point where blood was dripping out.




[Stop it.]


I stood up, and went towards the four of them.


[What do you want? And who the hell are you?]

[How much does this girl owe you?] (Ryouta)


[I’m asking, how much does this girl owe you?] (Ryouta)

[And what exactly does it have anything to do with you? Huh?]

[Aniki, I think I saw this guy at the trading shop just now.]

[It was the guy who took out a bunch of irons and sold it to the shop.]



After his subordinates answered, the guy that was called aniki looked at me as if he was looking down on me.


[Are you trying to be a hero or something?]

[Just say how much you want.] (Ryouta)

[It’s 10 Million Piros, even if you scrap every irons in the world, it’s impossible——]


I took out 10 Million Piros of bank notes from my pocket, and thrust it to the guy.



[Take this and get lost.] (Ryouta)

[What the?]

[A, Aniki, this is the real thing.]

[This guy who sold irons at the shop has……?]


The debt collectors were surprised and perplexed.

I further thrust the money to him.

The guy’s face turned bright red.


[I ain’t gon’ take it yo!]


Then he punched me.

I’m not sure whether he’s accustomed to hitting people, but it was a punch without hesitation. However, it was also weak compared to monsters.


I dodged it and countered by punching him in the face.



[You bastard……]


The two wanted to have a go as well.

The Aniki guy shouted to get me as well, and the two of them attacked. But again I dodged their weak punches and knocked them out.


The three of them fell down and were crawling on the ground. I threw the notes at the Aniki guy.


[Take it and disappear from my sight.] (Ryouta)

[D, damn it. I’ll remember this!]


They took the money and ran away while cursing me.


[Uh, uhmm…….I’m so sorry…..]


Looking behind me, the counter girl had an extremely apologetic face.


[Are you alright?] (Ryouta)

[Yes……thank you so much for saving me. I’ll do my best to pay you back the money.]

[Yeah. By the way, I’m still waiting on my food.] (Ryouta)

[Eeh…..Aah yes!]


The waitress hurriedly ran inside the kitchen.

Looking at that, there were some interesting eyes looking at me, as I walked back to my seat.


[You’re not bad, brother.]


There was someone sitting at my seat.


[Hey, that’s my seat.] (Ryouta)

[It’s alright, not like you can’t share a seat. Oii Nee-chan. Bring another dish for one person here. And also this shop’s strongest beer as well!]


This guy really has his own pace huh, and he’s loud too.

A middle aged man, he was wearing rough clothes which were probably tailor made.

He had a rather dangerous aura, like an adventurer who was used to his [strength].


I don’t feel like talking to him. I guess I should change my seat.


[My name’s Nicholas?Likefield.] (Nicholas)

[Ah yea okay…..] (Ryouta)

[I’ll treat you, so come drink together with me.] (Nicholas)

[No wait I’m…..] (Ryouta)

[Ryouta?Satou-san, right.] (Nicholas)

[——— !] (Ryouta)


How did this guy know my name? I was lost as to what I should do.

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