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「Fuu, with that the greetings are done I suppose…..」


After exchanging greetings with the newly introduced people, Aisha and Amy-san brought over Waffle and Kuu over to where I originally was.


「With this, everyone from the 「Eternal Sunflower」 has gathered?」


Captain Franz, Gantz-san, and Melissa-san are under the Konoe Knights of Fortuna, so they aren’t really part of the Clan members. But of course, if situation arises in the Clan, they would come and help out, which basically means it’s sort of lending their powers for the Clan House whenever needed.

Regarding the civil officials, the Iczer siblings are to be registered as members under the 「Eternal Sunflower」……..Well, it’s just a front for the outside people.


In terms of results, we’ll just play by ear, so it’s something like 「Eternal Sunflower」 + 「Fortuna’s Konoe Knights」 working together as a team.


【Members of Eternal Sunflower】












【Fortuna’s Konoe Knights】





「Myne-kun, Prince Lewis has asked for you to gather in front of the Clan House as the ceremony is about to start.」


While hugging Waffle, Aisha turned to me and said.

Aah, it’s almost time…..I’m bummed out but I still have to do my best.


After talking to everyone on the spot, we started moving to the place.


…..However at that time, I did not realize it. There was a person that I did not greet yet. And while we moved to the open space, that person was staring at us, observing us in the shadows.




The ceremony has finally started. Right now, the person that was standing on top of the podium was the Village Chief.


「……In conclusion, the place that we’re living in right now, Lucas, has officially gave birth to a new Clan. The Eternal Sunflower, I’d love for everyone here today, to please remember this name. Just the other day, we had a wedding ceremony belonging to Sylphid-sama and the former Guild Receptionist, Aisha-dono which had its problems as well…..However, these are the things that we, as the residents of Lucas, need to know about.」


The speech of the Village Chief continued.


「Heed my words, everyone here today. The representative of this Clan isn’t actually Sylphid-sama. That’s right, the representative of the Clan is none other than the husband of Sylphid-sama and Aisha-dono, Myne-dono. Does everyone know about Myne-dono? To us, the residents of Lucas, he is a hero. The child that was left behind by Dyne-dono and Yukin-dono, that is Myne-dono. And that Myne-dono is the representative of this clan. Thus, let us bless him from the bottom of our hearts!!」


The citizens that heard the speech of the Village Chief, all cheered at once.

Then, various people started looking at our direction,……However, the gazes are by no means unpleasant. Feelings of appreciation and familiarity…..and the feeling of warmth from the gazes of the audiences were directed towards us.


Even though Father and Mother have passed away for more than 5 years…..However, I know for a fact that the citizens of Lucas all respected Father and Mother.


「Thank you for remembering my Father and Mother! They’re my pride and joy! ! I am really happy ! !」


Facing against the people that were gathered before me, I bowed down deeply to them.


And from the crowds that were looking at me, one man shouted.


「We as well are proud of Dyne-san and Yukin-san, being a hero for us! How can we possibly forget about them! Puff your chest up, Myne! To them, you were their pride and joy as well! And also Myne! To all the citizens of Lucas, you are also our proud son! Get it! So do your best! We’re all here for ya!」


The crowds that were cheering earlier gotten even louder. The people gathered here all smiled and called out to my name, rooting for me.


The man that voiced out his feelings. I’ve seen almost everyone here in the village, but I have not seen him before.

…..However, I received such warm words from him. I remembered as well, at that time when I went back home after the wedding ceremony, how lucky of a guy I was. Everyone in the Village of Lucas are all good people.


After that, the cheers continued until Brother-san went up the stage and continued. As expected of the King’s son, the moment he opened his mouth, everyone went quiet and listened. The royal family of this country really is liked by everyone.


「……As far as I can see, there is no need for me to say much. However, there is one thing I would like to address.」


Brother-san then slowly turned and looked at everyone.

The cheers so far has calm down, and the citizens have switched their attention to Brother-san.


Really, as I expect from the Prince, he is really used to giving speeches. I think no matter how hard I try, I do not think I can imitate what he just did.


Brother-san started out with some congratulatory addresses, then talked about how the royal family is expecting of the Clan before leaving the stage.


…..Next up, it was time for me to give my speech.


Uugh, I’m really nervous right now…..It was the same during the wedding ceremony, but this time I was to give a speech in front of a huge crowd, which I’m bad at.


「Hello everyone! Thank you so much for earlier! I am extremely happy with the words of encouragement. Once again, I’m the representative of the Clan, Myne. I really love the warm hearts of the citizens of Lucas. Hence why, I would love to work hard to make this a wonderful village with my Clan friends and my family, so if there’s anything else you want to say, please do so! So once again, please take care of me!」


With all my heart, I thanked them all.

During mid-sentence, I have completely forgotten what I had just said, but when I walked down the stage, both Sylphy and Aisha gave me a sweet smile, which meant that I have properly said what I have to say, so I comfort my chest in relief.


After that, a few nobles took the stage, similar to the royal family, they expect great accomplishments from our Clan, and with that the ceremony has ended without any troubles.


「……Fuu, I knew I am bad with this kind of stuff.」


Clan, together with the Konoe Knights, we were talking and relaxing inside the completed Clan House’s first floor,when a warrior-like man wearing a skin armor and a man with slightly bad eyesights with the similar skin armor entered the Clan House.


「I apologize but, there aren’t any clan activities for the day.」


One of the Konoe Knights, Melissa-san spoke to the guys that came in.


『 『 Wafu! (KyuKyu!)It’s them! !』 』


Waffle and Kuu suddenly shouted at those guys that just came in. Hm? Do the both of them know the two man??

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※There’s a side story about the king when he was young, but I won’t really dwell into that until I finally catch up with the latest chapter of this series(if even possible).



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