Cut&Paste: Chapter 153 – The Clan House’s completion ceremony(2)

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After separating ways with Cashew-san, the guests came inside my house one after another.


「Hello, Myne-dono.」


The one who greeted me was Captain Franz.

And behind Captain Franz was a large older male Knight wearing a rugged armor and another one is a brown skinned…….female knight that is probably the same age as Sylphy. They’re probably the two people that I heard from Captain Franz who would be accompanying us.


Since they are to escort the only living elf, Amy-san around, I doubt that their personality would have any problems. I’m sure that the both of them are excellent people.


…..Eh? Now that I think about it, aren’t we missing another two more civil officials. Don’t tell me that they hated Lucas that much that they swore not to step foot to this town!?

Th, that would be disastrous! We can’t have Amy-san be in charge of the reception and also office work…..


I wonder if Captain Franz guessed what I was panicking about, as he continued speaking while smiling.

For now, let’s focus on what he’s gonna say. It’s bad if I don’t hear all the details.


「…..So, let me introduce them.」


With one word from the Captain, the two knights from behind stood forward.


Hmmm, the slightly older Knight-san… out such pressure when he stood closer to me…..It wasn’t because of the armor, it was the person himself that was emitting such pressure.

Anyways, he has a firm build with a white moustache which was his characteristics.


「My name is Gantz! Myne-dono, it’s a pleasure to meet you! Gahahahahaha.」


This elderly Knight-san…..Gantz-san does the same as Brother-san where he smacks my back repeatedly while energetically and loudly greeted me. From the looks of it, he seems to be a lively person.


「Hello, my name is Melissa. Please take care of me from now on.」


The brown skinned Knight-san is name Melissa-san.

To put it in one word, she’s beautiful…..It was a different beauty compared to Sylphy and Aisha, it’s as though she portrays a very active, or maybe a fierce appearance…..that was the sort of image I received.


From what Captain Franz has said before, both of them have amazing histories.


Let’s start of with Gantz-san first. It seems like he was once under the Konoe Knights Division. Even though his personality is very lively, I’m sure his fighting experience would follow the same traits.

The weapon that he uses are, Two-Handed Axes. Plus, without hiding his skills, he broadly told us that he has 【Two-Handed Axe・Holy】 and 【Frontal Breakthrough】.

Some time ago, he was fighting alongside with King-sama.

……Oh and also, since its after King-sama became a King, he wasn’t acquainted to my Father and Mother.


Name: Gantz・Forum

Race: Hume

LV: 51

Sex: Male

Age: 62 years old

Occupation: Ex-Captain of the Konoe Knights



Two-Handed Axe・Holy Lv8

Frontal Breakthrough Lv10

Handicraft Lv7


Hmm, I’m sure that he’d openly told us about his skills but……【Handicraft】?

What’s more, the LV is quite high…..It’s a skill that I would never have guessed he has based on his appearance…..


…..And then, we have Melissa-san. She herself has quite the amazing history too.


Seems like she’s the Vice Captain of the 2nd Konoe Knights. Both her personality and ability is at the top class, together with the Captains of the First・Second Konoe Divisions, even Captain Franz praised that she has outstanding talents when he first saw her.


Originally, Captain Franz wanted to leave from the First Order of the Konoe Division for her, but there was no way for Melissa-san, who is the Vice Captain of the Second Konoe Knights to be delegated to Captain Franz’s position as the Captain in charge of the Second Division would not like it.


As the Captain that belongs to the Second Knights Division loves innocent looking girls,it seems that he would frequently sexually harassed women such as Melissa-san.

So even if he had some personality problems, combat, talent and command wise, even the country has to admit that he is the real deal to be a Captain.


However, it seemed like Melissa-san have reached her limit of patience, and just the other day told Brother-san that she wanted to quit her job. Well, even if the reason for quitting the job was her higher up sexually harassing her, they can’t easily let such a talented person be fired…..


Thus, Brother-san who thought hard over how to keep her discussed with Captain Franz, and finally thought of inviting her over to become under my Konoe Knight unit.

To begin with, she looked up greatly towards Sylphy, and trusts Captain Franz, so she quickly decided to transfer over.


Name: Melissa・Virus

Race: Hume

LV: 34

Sex: Female

Age: 20 years old

Occupation: Ex-Vice Captain of the Second Konoe Knights



Two-handed Spear・Holy Lv5

One-handed Spear・Extreme Lv4

Support Magic・Speed Decrease Lv7


Wow! In terms of skills, she’s way superior than both Brother-san and Captain Franz together.

So she’s an expert with spears. She even has a support magic…..

It really is a waste if she were to leave.


Fumufumu, her age is…….older than Sylphy by one year.

Since she respects/looks up to Sylphy, perhaps she would be a good companion to talk with?


Alright, so these are the members that would be serving under the Fortuna family.


「It’s nice to meet you all as well! I’m still rather inexperienced as a person, and as you can see I’m from the countryside. So I may cause inconvenience to everybody. However, I will do my best to learn and grow variously from everyone!」


After saying that, I bowed my head down, and Gantz-san and Melissa-san had blank expressions on their face.

Aah, their faces reminded me of when I first introduced myself to Aisha and the Guild Leader.


「Gahahahahah! I see, I see. It’s just as Your Majesty said!」

「My, Myne-dono, please raise your head! We’re your subordinates, aren’t we…..」


They both of them showed me some interesting reactions, then Captain Franz let out a sigh before cutting into our conversation.


「…..Melissa, that’s just how Myne-dono is. And I see that Gantz-dono have heard about him from Your Majesty I suppose.」


「Hm? Something like that. That’s why this old body of mine who had retired came back to play apart in this lad’s stage…..What’s more, it’s a pleasure to see how our former Master grows from now onwards.」




The three Knights who were talking about me looked at me, then Sylphy who saw me walked away towards us while bringing over a man and a woman.


「Danna-sama, so you were here?…..Oh? If it isn’t Melissa, I see. If you’re the one who came here, then I’m relieved.」


「Nn? Ah if it isn’t Hime-sama, I’m also here too ya know?」


「Gantz Ji, you don’t have to say for me to know. you don’t think I could miss such a huge body within my sight?…..However, for Gantz Ji to return, I’m rather surprised.」


As I suspected, Sylphy not only knew Melissa-san, but Gantz-san as well.

Well, they are former Konoe Knights, so it’s not uncommon for her not to know.


「Sylphy, who are those two?」


I asked as I saw two nervous looking people standing behind Sylphy.


「Aah, I’m sorry for not saying anything. These two are the newly assigned civil officials for our 「Eternal Sunflower」.」


After Sylphy has introduced them, the two of them stepped forward awkwardly and bowed to me.


「 「 Nice to meet-syuuu! 」 」


…..Ah they bit their tongue. Or more like, how did the both of them bit their tongue at the exact same time…..

Eh?? The two of them looked oddly similar……Don’t tell me…..


「 「Ni, Nice to meet you! We are the civil officials from now on, please take care of me.」 」

「My name is Leon・Iczer.」

「My name is Mira・Iczer.」


Aah, if they have the same family names, then that means they’re brothers and sisters? Siblings?…..No maybe they’re twins.

…..Whatever it is, they really looked similar.


「As you can tell, they’re both twins. Leon is the brother and Mira is the sister.」


As Sylphy explained, they seemed to have lived in a town that was further north from the Kingdom called Brine.

Their house, the Iczer family are of middle-class aristocrats, and they have been getting high acclaim from the Royal Family which helped build a reputation. However, Leon-san and Mira-san were the third and fourth son and daughter of the family, so it wasn’t necessary for them to inherit the family, thus they were sent off to a relative of the Iczer family which are all merchants, so while the both of them were there, they studied seriously to help out as much as they could.


Occasionally, the wife of Captain Franz would go in and out of the merchant house, so she knows how hard those two works. Even if they were nobles, and based on their conversations, it seems like they were good people.


Captain Franz who heard of the story secretly confirmed the two of them, and after judged their personality and work efficiency, decided to scout them.


「Do they both know of Amy-san?」


No matter if they are sons of nobles, I’m pretty worried about sharing Amy-san’s secret.


「Yes, they know. Don’t worry, I’m sure they won’t tell anyone.」


From my question, Captain Franz replied with confidence.

I don’t think it’s a 100% that they wouldn’t tell…..


While I was thinking as such, Sylphy whispered to me.

The Craftsmanship-san has created a bracelet-type magic tool, which prohibits someone from being able to speak of a certain matter.


Whaat, I didn’t know such convenient magic tool could be created by Craftsmanship-san……

I really have to meet with them again.


Anyways, if such magic tools exist, then I have nothing to worry about.


「I understand, Leon-san, Mira-san! It’s a pleasure to meet the both of you!!」


With this, the initial members of 「Eternal Sunflower」 is officially decided.

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