Level 1 Guy: Chapter 174 – Black Hole

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After leaving the Chief’s office, I was walking alongside with Cell in the hallway.


[I have a request for Satou-sama.] (Cell)

[Yeah?] (Ryouta)

[I wonder if you could stay at this city for a few days?] (Cell)

[Stay? I don’t really mind…..But why?] (Ryouta)

[I will drive that guy into a corner right here.] (Cell)


Again huh.

Remembering the scared expression of Linus, I felt a bit sorry for pushing him so far.


[I will use every means of methods on him. So I’m planning to chase him down from inside out.] (Cell)

[Is there anything that I should help out with?] (Ryouta)

[Well.] (Cell)


Cell looked at me with a serious expression.


[It’s alright so as long as Satou-sama is here. As long as you’re here, it’s good enough to pressure our opponent.] (Cell)

[With my presence, I could pressure him…..Isn’t it a little too exaggerated?] (Ryouta)


Cell did not utter a single word, he just raised the corner of his mouth which made a smile.


[Anyways, you being with me is really a huge help.] (Cell)

[I see…..Would it be better to occasionally disappear once in a while?] (Ryouta)

[As I expect of Satou-sama’s brilliance.] (Cell)


His eyes were full of respect as he said that.


[It’s better if you do that, the opponent would arbitrarily get suspicious of your sudden disappearance.] (Cell)

[I got it. If that’s what you want, you can count on me.] (Ryouta)


Accepting Cell’s request, until the conclusion has been made, I would stay at this city for a few days.




Samechiren, a city which is flourished with 9 dungeons.

And one of the Dungeons that I went in, was a dungeon called Cobalt.


The first floor of Cobalt, the moment I stepped foot into the dungeon, I was greeted with surprise of how huge the inside was, it’s as if I was inside a jungle.

The trees were all thick and huge, even as I looked up to the sky(I’m not sure whether there is), the trees were covering it up.

Entering a dungeon at the edge of the prosperous city, I was greeted with a jungle, that gap was what makes it interesting.


However, inside the dungeon, there weren’t that many adventurers.

It felt so quiet that I could only hear the sounds of water splashing around.


It wasn’t as if there was a Magical Storm, and there weren’t any reduction in drops like the <Moon Day>.

Strangely, there were so little people.


I wonder why……I thought as I bumped into a monster mid-thought.


The monster was almost the size of a human, but it was slouching, and its arms were hanging down all the way to its feet.

Behind the monster were a pair of bat wings, and the body was covered in a purplish colour.

When I looked at it closely, it doesn’t have any eyes as its movements seemed like it was wondering around randomly.


[A Devil type huh.] (Ryouta)


That was the impression that it gave me.

Honestly, I didn’t receive any information at all.

I did ask around some adventurers from outside about the names of the dungeon and how many there are, other than that I didn’t ask for any details about the dungeons monsters.


So it’s either I win or lose.

I could use this as part of my training too.


To head inside an unknown dungeon would really test my strengths to respond flexibly to any kinds of situation.

Well, it does coincide with my decision I made awhile back.


I took out my revolvers—–Aah.


[Now that I see it, I lost one of my revolver. I wonder if there’s any supply of Tuna inside the city.] (Ryouta)


The lingering memories of the day where I fought with the Grand Eater and losing one of my revolver to it, anyways I loaded a Normal Bullet into my other revolver and fired at the bat-like monster.

Gun fire sound echoed throughout the dungeon, and the bullet flew right through what seems to be the head of the eyeless Devil.

A direct headshot, with just one blow to the head, the Devil died and an item dropped.


[So weak…..Well I guess it’s because I’m still at the first floor.] (Ryouta)


I felt betrayed that I didn’t even get any training whatsoever, but leaving that aside I went to where it died and picked up the drop.

This is something like a dull and rectangular bundle.


[This sensation and glossiness….. Are these iron bars? The weight…..might be around 1 Kilogram?] (Ryouta)


I tried stroking and knocking on the Devil’s drop with my second joint of my middle finger.

It’s probably iron if I’m not mistaken.


Inside Aurum Dungeon, once you defeat the Little Devil, it drops gold dusts.

Whereas for this Devil, it drops iron.


There is a clear trend between the type of drops and the types of monsters.

This Cobalt Dungeon, is a Devil-Type monsters, and maybe it has mineral type drops too. This is what I deducted so far.


I then took the 1 Kilogram Iron Bar and stored it into my pocket.

I didn’t know that I’ll be here for awhile so I did not consider taking my Magic Cart along with me, however since I have the Grand Eater’s Pocket it doesn’t really matter.


Walking around for awhile, I met another Devil.

Now that I look closely, the way it wanders around really resembles the zombies from Nihonium, and the skin colour was kinda similar to the zombies too.

Maybe it’s a Zombie Demon, or something along the lines of that name.


Again, I fired a normal bullet at its head and it dropped another iron bars.

As I thought, it was 1 Kilogram.

Picking it up I put it inside my pocket.


[…..Even with 2 kilos inside my pocket, I don’t feel anything.] (Ryouta)


It’s a talk that only men understands.

Whenever we placed a lot of things in our pockets, it would feel strangely heavy.

Not only would it be heavy, it’ll move about in a strange manner, plus it’ll expand and it’s seriously an annoying feeling whenever we walk around.


It’s kinda obvious, but that kinda feeling was not present.


Anyways, I continued to kill some Zombie Demons.

Headshotting them, sometimes defeating them without my revolver by grabbing the upper and lower part of its mouth and tearing it apart.

Defeating Cobalt Dungeon’s first floors monsters, I collected a huge amounts of iron bars.


I unintentionally went around the floor again, but I realized something.


The adventurers over here isn’t all that different from the adventurers over at Shikuro.

Moving around at the most efficient movement to defeat the monsters, and putting the iron bars inside the Magic Carts, then after the Magic Cart is almost full they’ll push it out.


Even though there’s some space left inside the Magic Cart, they decided to head outside.

Instead of worrying about the capacity, I guess they’re more worried over pushing the Magic Cart if it’s over the limit.


I see, the drops are iron bars after all.

Well, compared to the vegetables, iron would definitely be heavier.


With that sort of feelings, I went around defeating monsters inside a new dungeon, while also observing the adventurers here.




[So this is the trading shop.] (Ryouta)


After leaving Cobalt Dungeon, I went to a shop that people recommended in the streets.

The signboard on top of the shop wrote <Singing Lovebirds>. (TLN Note: I might be wrong with the word ??????, but the closes would be this because the shop at Shikuro was called the Swallow’s Repayment, which was a bird)

Seeing the adventurers pushing their Magic Carts inside, I too head inside the shop.


Different from the <Swallow’s Repayment>, the inside was uselessly big.

It wasn’t just a counter, but a supermarket cash register, and it was placed from one end to the other.

Thus, I went to one of the empty register.


[Welcome, is this your first time here?]


The guy clerk that was behind the register gave a working smile while asking me.


[Yeah. Is it alright to sell things even if it’s my first time?] (Ryouta)

[Definitely. If it’s the dungeon drops of this city, then we’ll buy them….However, it seems like you aren’t holding anything at all.]

[That’s not entirely true.] (Ryouta)


I put my hand into my pocket and took out one iron bar and placed it on top of the register table.

After placing it, the machine started showing number.


[I see, so it shows the weight once you placed it on top of it.] (Ryouta)

[Yes. However Dear Customer, there’s only 1 kilo of Iron——]

[Don’t worry I have more.]


I then took out even more Iron Bars from within my pocket.

The number rose as I continued putting them on top.

After doing it for a few more times, the register was filled with iron bars.




Midway the clerk showed an expression as if [Wow there’s quite a few you have there], but after taking out more than he thought,  his mouth did not close after opening wide for some time.


One kilo…..from there alone there’s like around 100 bars stacked.


[Pl, please wait for a minute, I wonder if Dear Customer has anymore?]

[Yeah, I still have more.] (Ryouta)


I continued taking out more.

I stacked the iron bars on top of the cash register that has taken a wide space area.


Midway I myself wondered how many more do I have?


[Oioi, what the hell is that?]

[Is that a new function for the Magic Cart?]

[Or is that Magic? Or is it some sort of Unique Skill?]


The clerk was dumbfounded, and I’ve attracted various adventurers.

While they were watching it, the final sum went over a thousand bars, and the surrounding adventurers cheered.


Iron bars exceeding 1 ton were inside my pocket.

TLN Note : 

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DMR · 7th October 2018 at 12:44 AM

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Thanks for the chapter XD

    Shiro · 7th October 2018 at 1:16 AM

    Ya know, I think it’s me with the translation error, because he has more than a thousand iron bars, so he says a ton, but then again one of the words the Author uses, he always mixes up “ton” and “kilo”, lemme just change that real quick. Sorry for the error, I did not notice it at all even ==

      DMR · 9th October 2018 at 1:49 AM

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MisleadingCowman · 7th October 2018 at 1:13 AM

Noticed an error here around this part.

[I see, so it shows the weight once you placed it on top of it.] (Ryouta)

[Yes. However Dear Customer, there’s only 1 ton of Iron——]

[Don’t worry I have more.]

I think it should be like this.

[I see, so it shows the weight once you placed it on top of it.] (Ryouta)

[Yes. However Dear Customer, there’s only 1 kg of Iron——]

[Don’t worry I have more.]

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