Cut&Paste: Chapter 152 – The Clan House’s completion ceremony(1)

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This morning, there were quite a few people visiting my home.


……That’s right, the long awaited Clan House has finally been completed.


Which means, the Clan 「Eternal Sunflower」 is about to start its real purpose.


Even though it’s a newly created Clan, there are our two Princess Knights,  Sylphid, once the first Princess and a former B Rank Adventurer, and another, AIsha, that also holds the title of the Holy Bow. There wasn’t any reason for them not to be noticed by everyone.


What’s more was the building.

It was well informed that a considerable amount of money has been invested by the Royal Family.


However, it is obvious that taxes weren’t used at all from their treasury.

The money that was invested by the Royal Family is all money personally brought out by them.


It might be affiliated that because the former First Princess is under the clan, but that wasn’t the only reason why a huge sum of money was invested by the Royal Family.

Considering that you have invested that much money into something, it is without a doubt that someone like the Royal Family is hoping for the Clan to benefit for them in the future.


Therefore, although it is a newly formed Clan, it has already been recognized by many as being in line with other major clans.


…..Hence why there is a ceremony being held for the completion of the Clan House.


Even though I insisted till the very end that I did not want something like a ceremony, I was strongly persuaded by both King-sama and Brother-san, it became something that I must absolutely join no matter what.


But oh well, it is because of that that the Town of Lucas is being visited by nobles and powerful peoples from other towns, and even representatives of major clans were gathered here today.


Just so you know, it’s already obvious, but…..since the representative of the Royal Family, Brother Alto, has decided to participate in this ceremony, so even the representative of 「Clan: Alchemist Library」, Prince Lewis has come as well. It became an extraordinary ceremony as there were two Princes to come and join.


「What’s wrong Myne, making a face like that…..」


I was being asked by Brother-san about my troubled and listless expression.

Un, Brother-san…..You knew why I’m like that right? I can see your eyes, they’re laughing directly at me, you know that right?


「I’m sure that Myne Onii-sama is just being nervous, that’s all!」


Aah, that’s right, Airy was here too. It wasn’t just two Princes, but two Princesses (though one of them is a former) as well that are present……. I got a feeling something big is about to happen……


「……Ah no, I’m sure Brother-san would know the reason?」


「Aah, of course I know. Do you seriously hate the ceremony?」


「It was the same with the wedding… matter what others say that I’m now a noble, in my mind I’m but a commoner still? To have such a large scale ceremony in front of everybody, obviously I would hate it……」


While complaining to Brother-san, Amy-san called for my name.


「Myne-sa~n, where are you~? There’s a guest here waiting for you~」


Hm? A guest….I wonder who? As today I had to greet many guests, from nobles to powerful peoples, if anything, there were a lot of people that are interested in Sylphy……. Anyways I should go and have a look.

I told Brother-san and Airy to kill some time as I hurried over to the entrance.


「Sorry for the wait, Amy-san. About the guest that you said…..?」


As I went back to the living room and looked around. As before the ceremony starts, nobody is allowed inside the Clan House, so the guests were all waited at my living room. However, the guest that I was expecting isn’t around.


「Aah, Myne-san! I was looking for you, you know! The guest is waiting at the entrance!

Even though I insisted on him to come in, but he said that 「I’m fine waiting here」.」


…….I wonder who this person is? To me, it sounded like he wasn’t one of the nobles…..For now let’s hurry to the entrance! I can’t let a guest wait for me!


「……Sorry for the wait! I’m the owner of the Fortuna Family, Myne・Fortuna.」


After introducing myself, I walked over to the entrance…..and the person there was.


「Ou! Myne! As promised, I’m here for the Speed Shoes!!」


「It’s Cashew-san!」


The guest was surprisingly the leader of 「Clan: Soaring Dust」, an A Rank Adventurer named Cashew-san. I see, when they meant by a major clan representative to come, it was Cashew-san!

Now that I think about it, I did ask him to come and take the Speed Shoes, and since he’s coming to the ceremony anyways, what better time than now to come and get it.


「I was finally able to come……once again I give you my thanks. The offer you gave this time was really helpful.

Well, the Client was quite hard to catch, so it took quite some time out of me. However, we received more than the contract offered, which meant we are rewarded for an entire month.」


I remembered a month ago in the Dungeon of Strength. Cashew-san was grinning from left to right, and started talking.


「Well then, you think you can hand over the goods?」


「Yeah, no problem.」


I then took out the Speed Shoe from my storage back, and handed it to Cashew-san.

Immediately, Cashew-san observed the shoes from up and down, left and right.


「……This is, without a doubt, the Speed Shoes. So about the payment….」


「It’s alright, just take it.」




The one sentence I gave was too unexpected of an answer. After letting out a stupefied voice, he stared at me my face, stunned. Well honestly, the matter about the money was discussed with my family so we decided to give it to him.




「Well then, about the Speed Shoes… much should we sell to Cashew-san?」


While exchanging the newly acquired Ciel Soulier (TLN:I’m quoting this from the previous translator as even I have no idea what it is, it might be the Seven-League Boots from mythology?) with the Speed Shoes that Aisha had in the Dungeon of Strength, I asked Aisha and Sylphy about their input.


「Danna-sama, about that…..Why not give it for free?」


「For free? Why?」


I was struggling so much for it, so I’m sure I could sell it for a high price, but why give it for free.


「That’s not what I mean, it’s not truly free if you think about it. I thought that it would be a good idea to have Cashew owe us a favour. From what I know of Cashew, he is a former A Rank Adventurer and has a very high record of being reliable. If we have someone like him backing us up, honestly it’s the best deal.」


「…..However, I’m sure that Sylphy and Aisha are acquaintanced to him?」


「Yes, it’s true that we are acquainted to him. However, It’s different for Danna-sama? It’s better to gain connections for Danna-sama and someone like Cashew. And also Danna-sama is our leader too.」


After Sylphy said that, Aisha who was quiet this whole time started to speak as well.


「Myne-kun, I too agree with the Princess. If we’re short on cash, but we’re not right now, so have a connection with Cashew would be a great merit for Myne-kun.」


I see, since I’ve been poor for a long time, my mindset was immediately moved towards earning money, but at this moment, we aren’t troubled by money.

Hunting monsters, then selling it to the butcher and to the Clan of Prince Lewis, so things like worrying about money was long gone. I felt nostalgic hunting for rabbits and putting up traps.


It’s true that its necessary to have connections between various people.

The people that I have owed my life to, were definitely the people who Father and Mother left to take care of me.

Butcher Ojii-san, The weapon shop Ojii-san, the Armor Ojii-san, and the Alchemist Onii-san.

The town mayor, the craftsmanship-san, the gatekeeper Edgar-san……I cannot tell how much I’m grateful for them.


Therefore, I can understand what Sylphy and Aisha wanted.


「That’s right! Since it’s approaching let’s give it to Cashew-san as a gift then!」




「For the commemoration of getting to know Cashew-san!」


I smiled, and gazed at the Speed Shoes while bowing my head.


「Fuu, even your two brides are strange…..Is it true that married couples are said to resemble each other? Alright, I understand, I will receive it. You said that you’re working together with Prince Lewis’s Clan right. Why not be in good terms with us as well?」


「Yes! Certainly! I will happily cooperate with you!」


With that, it was decided that I have gained a reassuring friend.

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TLN Note:

Gosh, I just translated one of the chapters for cut&paste, and let me tell you I have someone I extremely hate in this novel.

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  1. Thanks for all of the chapters!

    Someone you hate, huh? It has to be the Prime Minister, Morc. He just seems so… corrupt (even though we’ve not seen/heard him do anything wrong).

    • Thanks for reading !

      And hmmm….maybe morc would be someone I hate. But its not him unfortunately ~ its someone you will meet probably next week 😉 look forward to it!

  2. TLN Note:

    Gosh, I just translated one of the chapters for cut&paste, and let me tell you I have someone I extremely hate in this novel.

    um who?

    • You’ll understand after another two more chapters? Or maybe 3? I kinda stock pile chapters so it’s probably like 4 chapters later than this chapter ><

    • Thanks for reading !

      And yeah, well I mean he did get it for free? And as long as he doesn’t know about it, its alright ? What he don’t know won’t hurt him XD

    • Welp, I kinda feel you as well. But here’s the thing, the reason why I chose this novel to translate was so I could get away with those really OP MC fighting against other monsters or demon king etc…. And I’m kinda tired from reading those.

      Hence why when I always translate it, I feel like its a slice of life feeling. Well I do get the point where they drag the King arc for a tad bit too long but I guess that’s fine in its own way

      • I mean, what else would he be doing? He’s kinda just doing what he wants. He does stuff on the side for the king because it makes his wives and father-in-law(the king) happy. Plus this way he’s helping out a high elf too.

    • Is he really a tool though? The MC is currently doing whatever he wants. No one in the kingdom is stronger than him other than having more experience in combat than him.
      Myne also have backing of several divine beast including the strongest one. Highly doubt anyone that knows myne would there to use him.
      The King seem to be relying on Myne more than using him anyways. Probably not to the public eyes… I guess

      • Exactly – They’re his family and family is #1 in his mind.

        If your mum asks you to take out the trash, are you suddenly her tool? He’s just ‘helping out the family’ and taking on some responsibilities as family of royalty.

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